hi my lovelies I'm getting really
frustrated over done three videos now
one I chatted absolute nonsense for ages
which I probably will touch you but I've
decided to save it for livestream then I
did a video where I talked about two
different subjects but I spent so long
on the first one it when I'm 13 minutes
and the other was 8 and I was like I
can't do that so then I've tried it
again but I just went off on a tangent
this is what my dad does was hi
it's like he'll be talking about
something and he goes off and then he
forgets what he's talking about and
that's exactly what we did
so I'm gonna try again I apologize for
being away my older two were other dads
they came back Monday we're trying to
get into some kind of reading no I'm
going off on a tangent this is what I
did before okay
so sticking to topic music basically
it's about music so I I'm not a frozen
fan I never have been I like it I love
the song let go but I was never a fan
but Lottie is really into phrasing so I
have literally watched frozen I watched
it five or six times I was just and then
I realized frozen tube was available on
the sky to buy so I bought it and then I
was not looking forward to it we've got
new neighbors next door or God on going
from detention again anyway you've got
new neighbors next door lovely
they're really nice they've got two
children and their daughter is Amelia's
age and then they're going to the same
school next year it's just it's worked
out perfectly
they're going to the same school they're
in the same year it's like brilliant but
I said to her Lexi I've got go I've got
go more frozen to
and so it oh my god it's amazing I
really shouldn't you love it okay so I
watched it you love it I love it I love
it so then when we came back was like
you've got what faizon - it's amazing
she was like I don't think so it's for
babies I'm like Lexie likes it
their friends oh I care or check
that was Monday we watched it Monday we
watched it last Monday we watched it
twice she wanted it on straight off but
we'd watched it the first time
Tuesday we watched they have instead
what but she's literally she's become a
frozen to you father and it's soundtrack
guys so I've got on her neck side that's
awfully quiet sometimes I saved the name
and it just wakes up but I am constantly
saying and play the frozen to soundtrack
and they're about there's four songs on
there that I'm completely in love with
probably more but there's one called
into the unknown I love that that's an
Elsa song lost in the woods which is
Hristov song and I was like oh my god
when I watch to figure out so why do I
love this fear like love this song so
much and then I realize it's an 80s
power ballad guys there's a palette
palette miss just amazing so that was my
favorite but then this one and it's Elsa
song could show yourself and it's very
much like the let it go song of this
film I think now the reason why I've
talked about this for a few minutes now
I was gonna say is that BPD thing that
because those of us with BPD have really
intense emotions like really intense
emotions and I am listening to this song
all day every day and I can't sing no
I'm tone-deaf
I just I'm completely out June I cannot
but I see with this song
is it a BPD thing like where you
literally the emotion you start singing
and you just say like singing your heart
out and you to the point like this part
I want to cry I actually want to farm
see the kids must think I'm mental
slightly true I I don't think I'm Elsa I
don't think I'm a queen with special
powers it's nothing to do with that
but it some songs have this power like
they can literally like tug on my
heartstrings oh my god that is the most
cringe thing I've ever they talk of my
heart speaks that is really cringe but
like they physically physically affect
me I want to cry I guess so
into them like so into them you you're
looking my camera's not on but anywho
it's like I've been thinking about it
and it was actually when I was just
filming the video cuz I didn't realize
and then all of sudden I was just
filming a video the one I've deleted and
I was like ah that's why it's because we
have our emotions so intense and they
build up and they build up and all sort
of music especially a powerful soul we
can express all those feelings by that
and we can let it out like we can
physically let it out through singing or
singing badly in my case but we can let
those emotions out and it
feels really really good
what do you think do you do you have
that I'm not just saying it's like this
right now for me frozen to is doing it
and that is helping me but I've had
other songs like I had it with the
greatest show man songs from there like
this is me and there are song this like
I can't even think anything of the top
of my head but like over the years
there's just certain songs that just
literally it's always like that the key
to so we've got all this emotion both
and it might not just be those of us
with BPD
maybe it's anyone with kind of
suppressed emotions that they just have
not that out and it's like a certain
song can come on and I don't know if
it's the tune if it's the voice of the
person singing it's the power behind it
it's the word I don't know but it's
almost like that song is a key and that
key I'm like unlocks our emotions and we
can just let them out and it's it's the
most amazing thing so we all know I have
a little crying moment the other week
but overall I don't cry I don't like I
said gee I don't know if it's because
I've cried so much in my past
now I'm kinda numb to a lot of things
someone mentioned is it the medication
it could be maybe but I was on a hell of
a lot more medication and I was crying
my eyes out so personally I don't think
so but who knows I don't have the answer
to everything
it just feels good to let emotion out in
a controlled way I suppose it's not me
kicking off it's not me smashing the
house up it's not me swearing and
screaming I'm singing badly and and it
feels good it's controlled isn't it it's
controlled that letting that emotion out
so guys let me know what you think down
in the comments is it just me if see now
some of you might just go and watch
reason 2 and then get mad didn't listen
it didn't for me the first time I
watched it and then I started listening
to the soundtrack now my favorite song
was into the woods now it is show
yourself it's a completely different
song I liked it when I watched it I
didn't feel feel feel it you listened to
it a few times trust me it will just you
let me know what you think and I'll be
back in the next couple of days I love
you guys
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