In this video I discuss my views on medication for mental health illnesses.

hi-yah today I'm gonna talk about
medication and do we need it cause I
know a lot of people that they're really
either against taking medication they
think there's something wrong with them
if they take care men often see as a
sign of weakness
if you're part of a 12-step fellowship
you might have like I did have someone
within that fellowship tell you you're
not actually clean if you're having a
medication well I wouldn't say that's
bollocks if for me
I need my 12-step meetings but I also
need the help of medication I need to
help with psychological therapies etc
and if you and your doctor decide you
need air and that's between you and your
doctor and it certainly does not mean
you are not clean my view on taking
medication is if you have a headache you
take a pill if you're in pain you take a
pill mental health illnesses are often
an imbalance in the brain if you can
take applo that can spell answers
chemicals out why would you not do that
now I'm not a doctor and I can't tell
you if you need it it's only between you
and your doctor can decide that I'm kind
of just discussing in general giving you
my ideas on their medication has led
loads of people to lead fulfilling lives
you know I'm definitely not against it
but I also do not think by taking a
people you'll be fixed unfortunately I
wish it was that simple pill won't
change your thinking
a pebble won't change your environment a
pill won't change your past so I think
if you are on medication you did like
you definitely kind of need some
psychological therapies as well if
you're with an addiction as well do
something else like the 12 steps to
treat the addiction sides and you can do
all of them together and together
combined they can work much better
rather than just one thing
if you've had a death in the family it's
devastating and you can feel so low but
that is not the time to just think
straight away you need a pail it will
fix it because grieving is actually a
natural process and you do need to go
through that obviously if it's going on
a long long time then maybe it's time
you go and speak to your doctor
medication as well you need to think
about how you use it because so many
times I've taken medications thought
they're not they're not working but then
when I look at my lifestyle I was
drinking loads I was using
no wonder my medication wasn't working
so if you're in the same position you're
taking medication you're thinking it's
not working have a look at your
lifestyle and are you drinking those
because that will affect the way your
medication works last but not least if
you're on medication don't do it for a
week or two weeks and then decide on
your own it's not working and come off
it because you'll have built up like
your chemicals and then all of
something's just gonna crash and you're
gonna be left possibly feeling suicidal
oh and may I just add not all medicines
work the same for this peep different
people and don't think oh I'm on this
but my friends on this one I want to be
on that because I is kind of trial and
error I've tried lots of different
things some have really had all the bad
side effects I've had all of them and
then needed to change to something else
so do not just think like you know best
it is trial and error but don't like
again just stop you do need to do it
with what the doctor has to say I think
I've covered everything on medication
I'll see you later bye
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