Today I discuss law of attraction. I discuss it in religious, spiritual and scientific terms. I personally have experienced law of attraction and today I share that with you.

hi guys happy Friday today I'm doing a
video that's a bit different to the
usual videos that I do because one I've
wanted to do for a really really long
time and that's Law of Attraction and
mental health I want to take you back to
when I was 24 and I was told by my
doctors that I was infertile and that I
wouldn't have children I cannot even
explain the devastation I felt I'd
always dreamt of being a mom and all of
a sudden having that taken away from me
I was left so distraught I actually
attempted suicide now it was about a
week after my attempt that my therapist
sat me down and she said to me
shereena I want you to write me a letter
of how life is for you today but don't
write it as in today write it as if it's
in ten years from now
so I'd forgotten all about this letter
but I'm still in contact with my old
therapist and we talked about it the
other day I thought oh yeah so basically
it was probably quite a long letter I'm
gonna really shorten it and I basically
per dear Yolanda life is really really
good I have four children two boys and
two girls and I live by the sea and I
have just been signed by a publisher and
I have a book coming out fast forward 12
years and all those things have
manifested in my life that is my reality
now bearing in mind I've just been told
I was infertile if I still wrote I have
four children I have no way of knowing
the sexes of my children I wrote two
boys and two girls which is what I have
I lived
two hours from the nearest sea and I've
never written a book before so what is
that how did those things manifest in my
life and that's what I want to talk
about today I'm the sort of person that
likes to know the science behind things
I for those of you who know me you know
I do not follow any really
but I am spiritual I believe we are more
than just a physical being I have a
higher power there will be some of you
out there that are spiritual because you
can be spiritual with no religion
religious people tend to be spiritual so
maybe you're religious maybe you follow
a religion maybe you're not you maybe
you're just into the science so I kind
in this video I'm going to touch on
spirituality religion and also the
science I will start with the science
because it's the more complex bit I
suppose law of attraction says that our
thoughts give out vibration remotion
give out a vibration science tells us
that everything in our universe is in a
constant state of vibration the Stars
the planets you me the cat the sand
outside the ground this check things
that we look at and we see a solid are
actually in a constancy of vibration our
thoughts give off the vibration our
emotions give off a vibration colors
seem different colors they're just
different variations of vibration
there's an experiment done called the
double slit experiment
I won't go right into it here but
basically in a lamp they realized just
by observing sub-atomic particles these
particles changed just by us observing
them so surely if we're just looking at
something as something we can make
something change we are no longer just
observers we are creators I'm gonna read
you a quote because the thing is law of
attraction is really popular at the
moment and people like Esther and Jerry
Hicks and have written about it there's
the secret the book the secret film the
secret and it's really gained popularity
but it is not new me all the religions
actually talk about law of attraction I
like I said I don't follow a religion
but I'm gonna read a quote it's from the
Christian Bible and it's proverbs 23
point 7 as a man thinks in his heart so
is he
thinks in his heart surely you'd think
thinking would come from him now here's
the interesting thing
I don't listen it down the heart's
neural circuitry enables it to act
independently of the brain there is
basically a network and intricate
network in our heart that is the same as
our brain it's now known that our heart
can sense it can feel it can learn it
can remember we used to think that the
brain was the one sending all the
signals to the heart telling the heart
what to do we now know this isn't the
case the car sends probably more signals
to the brain and not only that the brain
of baize what the heart says what do you
think has the largest magnetic field in
our body what organ in our body has the
largest electrical field in our body see
I thought it was our brain but it's not
it's a heart
scientists have actually measured and we
have an electric magnetic field from our
heart that's generated from a heart that
goes out a few feet around us it's also
now shown that if two people stand in
close proximity those fields mean and
energy is transferred from one person to
another so this got me thinking about
shamanic healing is this how healing
happens it's that feeling from the heart
and if we have a magnetic field around
because when you see spiritual healers
they all I put their hands near
someone's body but don't actually touch
them so is it this field now I've been
looking into shamanic healing because
those you know
now my brother was diagnosed with
spinocerebellar ataxia basically the
cerebellum the part of the back of his
brain that's responsible for motor
skills like movement talking etc is
degenerating so he's in a wheelchair a
lot at the time now is very difficult to
understand what he's saying so I have
been kind of looking other methods of a
cure because science says there is no
cure there's nothing they can do so I've
been looking into semantics healing and
seeing that miracles actually happen
people that have been diagnosed with
incurable cancer have been cured of
cancer I'm going to go back to the Bible
quickly like I said not religious so I
hope you're not thinking I'm just
bashing it with the Bible but the thing
is I'm not I'm interested in all old
texts from all different religions
because the fact is they're really
really old and someone did write them
all that time ago where they you believe
what they wrote or you don't believe
what they wrote you're into religion or
you're not someone wrote them and it was
a long time ago
so this isn't a Christian Bible again
mark 9:23 if thou can believe all things
are possible to him that believeth
Matthew 21:22 and all things whatsoever
you shall ask in prayer believe that you
riptile receive it and it will be yours
I'd rent down a crow it says it's quote
from Buddha what we are today comes from
our thoughts of yesterday and our
present thoughts build our life of
tomorrow our life is the creation of our
mind science quantum quantum mechanics
says reality is what we choose it to be
I've always wondered cuz I have friends
that have religious different religions
I also have a friend
I say witchcraft and people got a cult
bad but she's a white witch and she
believes that she can cast spells out
she will like handles and do things at
certain times of the lunar month and
I've always been amazed at how things
seem to happen for her the same with my
friends that are really into their
religion things can happen for them how
is this what how with some people they
can seem to manifest things and others
just calm they all seem different one
thing that whether someone is religious
or spiritual believes in the law of
attraction one thing they have in common
is belief they believe they believe it
and it got me thinking about me all
those years ago I believed that I would
have the life that I have today I did
not know how to get there I was not in
recovery at this point I was in a really
dark place but I just had this belief in
me that everything would be okay and
that's why I think people that pray they
believe it it says in the quote I just
read if thou can't believe all things
are possible to him that believeth the
other quote and all things whatsoever
you shall ask in prayer believe that you
shall receive it and it will be yours
it's the same as Law of Attraction they
say if you believe you can't just think
of them you've got to believe it cuz if
you don't you can't manifest it now it's
no surprise to me that marsha linehan
when she developed DBT dialectical
behavioral therapy for borderline
personality disorder that she included
mindfulness which is a spiritual
mindfulness is a core skill taught
whether it's in distress tolerance
whether it's interpersonal effectiveness
whether it's managing your emotions
mindfulness is taught it is a core skill
of DBT 12-step fellowships they first
came round with the big book of
Alcoholics Anonymous
it's a spiritual program the house ins
possibly millions of people all over the
world have recovered from alcoholism
drug addiction gambling eating disorders
through going through the 12 steps and
that's all the 12 steps are a spiritual
way of living it's taking responsibility
when we've done something wrong and
making amends for it saying sorry
helping others because here's the thing
I don't believe that we can just sit
there and think yeah I'm gonna have the
best car and I'm gonna have a wonderful
house but I'm not going to do anything I
believe we have to put in the action we
can't just sit around I think everything
we want will come to us we have to we
have to do something back then when I
wrote that letter I didn't just sit
there and think yeah I got our four kids
I'm gonna go there from there I went on
medication to help me with the facility
I go into recovery it took a while but I
did it and so I didn't just sit around
and do nothing now when we think of the
law of attraction and mental health
the law of attraction says if we're
putting out negative thoughts we feel
negative negatives going to come back to
us but if this why we constantly
struggle because our self-talk is tends
to be pretty negative and because our
self-talk is negative we feel negative
and then we have this horrible life
where we just feel like we're in hell
and we have no way out it doesn't help
them not only do we have these negative
thoughts and feelings they are extremely
intense and so we have this roller
coaster ride of a negative life not
knowing how to stop it in mental health
you see all the time positive
affirmations say positive affirmations
isn't this law of attraction again I am
a happy person I am a good person
I am successful we're saying these
positive things over time we begin to
feel these positive things and
eventually that becomes our reality we
are happy we are successful and it's no
different and so I think the law of
attraction can work whether it is you
are religious and you pray or you
purposefully write down your intention
and practice the law of attraction right
Daniel intention and believe it's come
true when it comes true I don't think it
matters what method is it's having that
belief that it can work and it can work
for you did you know I never knew this
but we can actually have negative
beliefs about ourselves and negative
thoughts passed down to us
biologically from our pair
so old generations that have had these
strong negative beliefs they can
actually get passed down genetically so
even though we've never experienced
whatever is this negative thing it's
passed down to us and we believe it and
I think this is why it's so important
that we do start questioning our beliefs
quest like these core beliefs that we've
grown up with and for example it might
be I shouldn't show emotion or all men
or women are going to cheat whatever it
is we've got to start becoming
consciously aware of it mindfulness
teaches us to become consciously aware
of the present moment and to look at
things non-judgmental e-naught this is
good this is bad just feel it let it go
and I think this is key for our mental
health because we don't like feeling
like this who wants to be severely
depressed who wants to have problems in
all their relationships we don't want
that we don't choose to have that and
yeah our thoughts continue to kind of
keep us in that cycle our thoughts and
therefore our feelings so I kind of
wanted to share with you that yeah you
can create your own reality but you
can't do it from doing nothing one
believe in it believe that you can
science has shown us like I said at the
beginning just from scientists in a lab
observing a subatomic particle that
particle changed they didn't do anything
to it they just looked at it so science
tells us that quantum mechanics tells us
reality is what we choose it fear what
are we created
so I kind of really wanted to share this
with you and I wanted to say just to
believe please that you can recover from
this I've been there and I got through
it you can - I can't tell you how to do
that but I can tell you believe that you
can don't sit around thinking it would
just happen put in the action if that's
learning new skills to help us manage
our emotions do it that's why tit
practice positive affirmations no you
won't believe them to start with I
didn't as I used to feel like a complete
idiot saying positive things about
myself because I didn't believe it but
the more I said it eventually over time
it became not a subconscious thought it
was just there in my brain I wasn't
consciously thinking of it's
subconscious and then I started feeling
it and then it became my reality if any
of you want me to do another video maybe
going into more detail on a different
aspect of this I'm more than happy to do
that now but I wanted to put it out
there and see what you guys think I hope
you all have a wonderful weekend
and I love you all those
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