Just like BPD manifests itself in different ways eg. extrovert, quiet bpd etc. there are also different levels of BPD which I discuss in this video.

hi my lovelies today I am doing a video
request from Leanne talking about mild
borderline personality disorder
medium personality disorder and high
personality disorder and the differences
now I have done a video before about the
quiet borderline basically there's two
people just because we might all have
borderline personality disorder it does
not mean it manifests itself in the same
way for example you have the extrovert
borderline who lets everyone know that
what's going on like outwardly
self-harming not caring if people see
and major anger issues getting into
fights but you also have the quiet
borderline who still has borderline
still has fear of abandonment still has
the hot low and high mood swings they
play exactly the same but instead of
releasing it externally so they
internalize it and they might take
themselves to a quiet place and self
harm and not tell people and it the way
it manifests is just different and there
is also different types in fact that
some people might have a more mild case
they still tick all the boxes but
someone with mild borderline personality
disorder chances are their BPD is my old
they themselves high functioning they
can keep a job and they can have a
relationship yes there might be argument
and ups and downs but not to the point
that every relationship they has falls
apart and they just move on they can
kind work through often is the case they
have a supportive partner and and so
although they have the traits they are
maybe not strong so the way manifests is
a lot less than someone who has medium
or high borderline personality disorder
and someone with mild they might have
that fear of abandonment and have a big
route that they might not necessarily
storm out the house go and sleep with
someone going self-harm go and use loads
of drugs
it does not affect their life to the
point that they can't function basically
because they can and for this reason a
lot of people might have BPD and never
get diagnosed because they are not
really they don't really make themselves
known they don't end up in a hospital
every week I think it might be it's more
picked up more and from if they are
working with a doctor or their loved
ones noticing that they go through
stakes of being depressed the mood
swings and because they can still have
the mood swings but it just I suppose it
won't they won't have the outburst with
it the crisis point on if they do they
will stay in and cry and so they're
close loved ones might notice
and say you need to see a doctor you
seem depressed and from speaking to a
doctor and it might kind of come out
that the relationships a bit like this
and they feel down and also so sometimes
it comes to the attention when they say
maybe they had abuse as a child neglect
as a child because we do know although
this isn't something you have to have
had to have borderline it is quite
common in border liners so a doctor
might think we'll hang on you've had
this kind of past you're feeling
depressed to relationships I'm stable I
mean it's not they can't keep it but
it's a bit right and that's why it would
then come to the doctor's attention but
other than that it might never they
might never get diagnosis because it
just doesn't come to anyone's attention
someone with medium is they might be
able to hold down a job for a certain
amount of time but it won't last
same with relationships they might be
able to hold down a relationship for a
bit but it's still up and down and the
medium board liner will self-harm they
might attempt suicide but this is
probably few and far between and and
it's possible that all the times that
they do try that is when it then comes
to the doctor's attention they come to
the doctor's attention and they may get
a diagnosis and when talking with the
doctor whereas someone with high BPD
they are the opposite someone with mild
complete opposite they are not
functioning at all they cannot function
their life they can not hold down a job
they cannot work they cannot hold down a
relationship eh to go from one to one to
one to one regular suicide attempts
regular self harming and and yeah they
just cannot function
all the BPD is completely out of control
completely takes over their life so
obviously someone with high borderline
they're usually the ones that get the
diagnosis because we are where if we
kind like we just show ourselves by
turning for hospitals regularly either
self harming and either attempting
suicide so we get their attention we can
have therapy we can get our diagnosis
whereas there are others out there that
have it but maybe not the extent and if
they can function a bit they're less
likely to get diagnosis and recovery in
all three cases is still possible and
actually it's probably it doesn't really
make sense but it's probably more likely
in the person that is high BPD for the
simple fact that they get the diagnosis
quicker they get off a therapy quicker
and so they can start working on their
recovery but that is just entirely my
opinion I think I haven't read that it's
more likely because maybe someone with
low BPD has little way to go but I just
think if they're less likely to get
diagnosis they're less likely to know
what they're suffering with so they
won't go down the recovery route that is
my thinking but it might be false it
might be wrong and it probably is so
yeah that is the three different
different ones I was reading somewhere
that like you get the extrovert BPD you
get the introvert the quiet BPD and if
something is it transparent BPD and I
was reading somewhere in there saying
basically there's LA
lots of different types and maybe
they're actually different illnesses but
they're all kinda being put together as
BPD and maybe they are different for
that's for another video and actually I
can't do that video cuz I don't know
enough about it
no nothing about it absolutist what I
said that is all I know and I didn't
even know if it was transparent or
translucent actually just ignore that
last bit ignore it right I'm gonna go
bye guys
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