There are some channels on BPD out there that paint us in a really negative light. Here is my advise on this subject.

hi guys today i am doing not a video
request but something that is brought up
to me quite a lot and I thought well
I'll just answer it via video and that
is about other people's channels and
that are talking about borderline but in
a really negative way the anti
borderline this basically they don't
like us and their comments will be full
of people that are hurt by borderlines
saying how awful we are like I got all
borderlines are epic slaps the other day
and so I thought I would do a video on
it I am laughing but actually some of
the comments aren't nice they can be
verging on pretty abusive but here is my
advice to you the people that do these
websites have obviously had a really
negative experience with someone with
bordel and so they're not gonna be nice
about us they've been hurt so they're
not gonna be nice it's kind of like if a
girl is goes out with a guy and she gets
cheated on and her last boyfriend
cheated on her and the boyfriend before
cheated on her and she just says I hate
men men can't be trusted because she has
been really really hurt and that's that
is her view obviously her view isn't
actually rational not all men are the
same it doesn't mean all men are liars
or minute cheese but she feels like this
because she has been her say
this Web these websites I'm thinking one
in particular
Gouri that does it
naming new names but I'm sure some of
you have come across him these channels
are not meant for us they believe it or
not are meant as like a support group
for people who have been hurt by someone
with borderland
so we cannot go in there and expect to
see nice things about us saying actually
they're really laughing because these
people have been really hurt by someone
with borderline now you and I know we
are not all epic slots borderline
disorder is an illness we are not all
bad people just like people with
outboard line you get something that
might cheat some that don't some nice
some that haunt
it's the same with borderline we're all
different and we cannot all be tarred
with the same brush and told you're all
this huh then that girl that got cheated
on by a guy she shouldn't say all men
but that's how she feels at the time
because she has been really her and my
advice to you would be avoid these
channels just avoid them they are not
meant for us they are not meant for us
to view if these people have been really
really her they've been in a
relationship they have really been hurt
badly they need to vent their anger and
so they have found a little community
where they can vent it to each other and
oh it might not be nice I was thinking
they're all saying bad things about us
but we cannot take it personally they
have been hurt that's their way you're
dealing with it let them get on with it
we will stick to
the channels that are meant for us and
the channels that are meant to help us I
believe I touched on this subject when I
talked about do we contribute to the
Sigma and I kind of mentioned that often
we'll come across these sites we will be
so offended and so we will start typing
our messages about how how awful and how
abusive they are and I kind of sit in
that video and to them they're just like
see you think you're just abusing you're
coming here you're following us and
abusing us now we know that is not the
case and it's not the case at all but I
tried to think these are people that
have issues of their own because I have
met people that have been really really
hurt by someone with borderline how I
have hurt people and or if you have
borderline I've really really hurt
people and and I think we can sometimes
hurt people to the point that see they
can suffer with their mental health they
can start feeling depressed they can
start feeling low and surely they should
be able to get help
just like we should be able to get help
but just like we can't help them they
can't help us we need to really separate
and just avoid just avoid it don't take
it personally
whatever you do do not take it
personally do not think they said all
border lines are that must be
treated that means what we know that's
not the case we know that but like I
said it's their way of venting their
anger and we're best just ignoring it
and there are loads of wonderful sites
channels that talk about borderline
and it's kind of sticking to those
channels and hearing the positive
message and realizing actually we're not
bad people we are really suffering we
are hurting yes so I thought I would
touch on that episode briefly today I
highly recommend you do stay away from
those channels for the simple fact they
could trigger you if you read something
that's really upsetting it could trick
you and why would we do that to
ourselves so we may as well just stay
away the content there is not meant for
us it is just people up in her and their
editing that is it do not take it
personally and all we need to focus on
is us that our recovery so I'll leave
that there guys have a wonderful week
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