Hi my lovelies – if you are interested in pre-ordering my book which comes out at the end of the year you can now do so if you go to www.unhookedmedia.com . You can also sign up for notifications about any events I may be attending. Also… myself and my good friend (and publisher), Megan Hunter, are currently building a website focusing on recovery of BPD. This is being worked on now so as soon as we are bit closer to launch I will update you! Lots of love xxx

hello my lovely is today I have done a
video on bullying which will go out but
I'm also putting this little video out
because it's about my boot because you
can actually pre-order it now you can
pre-order it if you go to I'll see if
you can see it unhooked media and if you
click on this little line and go no
that's not right
so my subjects are sort by subject here
borderline personality yeah it's doing
it and go all the way down oh I'm at the
bottom say click on hats alright yeah
can you see oh it is coming up and you
can go down and there's all information
on a description about the birth details
contents happy to remove writing my book
and something about me and you can sign
up for any notices of events obviously
if I get like loads of people in one
country that has signed up chances are I
might be able to go there and meet some
of you guys so that would be lovely
so yeah you can pre-order now it says
October 18 but I think it will possibly
be November 18 I am still writing it I'm
nearly done I'm getting there I would
say by the end of the month it will be
finished it's got a table of contents in
there but actually I've added some extra
chapters in because I kept coming up
with new ideas and so yeah I'm hoping it
will be available on
so it would be like worldwide whether
you're in the UK somewhere in Europe
America obviously my publishers are in
America but it will be released at the
same time over in the UK as well I also
have some other news that I have been
working on with my dear friend Megan and
we have co-founded a website called the
BPD house the site has not launched yet
we are currently building it and but
it's kind of been like this thought that
I've had for so long and I kind of
talked to Megan about it and she is on
exactly the same page as me and it's
very much aimed at helping people
recover from a borderline personality
disorder I won't give too many details
away at the moment because it's but that
is what we are working on day and night
basically I'm absolutely exhausted but I
can't wait for it to launch because I
think you love it I hope you'll love it
I hope it really really helps lots of
people so I will have more news about
that as and when we get closer to the
launch date and I will keep you up to
date with the book as well like I said
it will be available on Amazon at some
point but it just hasn't gone on at the
moment I don't think maybe I should
check that okay I love you all loads and
hopefully hopefully I will start getting
to meet some of you guys because I love
that I would love that so much that
would be amazing so cool right I love
you or enjoyed the rest of your week nah
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