Some people just do not believe in Mental Health unfortunately and this video discusses your options if one of those people include a family member.

hi guys I am going to try and quickly do
a video I have got the kids running
around you'll see my daughter poking her
little face through the window and I
want to do it without them
disturbing me others down there watching
ting a cartoon say right right I'm going
to do a facebook request um I was asked
about how do you tell your family that
you have BPD when they don't believe in
mental health so they don't believe in
BPD they think it's not a thing and it's
a difficult one because we cannot make
people believe something if they don't
believe it unfortunately I hear it all
the time of people with borderline
personality disorder with other mental
health illnesses and they say to me my
family don't accept it they don't
believe in mental health and
unfortunately there are small-minded
people out there that don't believe in
mental health and for me it's obvious we
have our physical health and we have our
mental health but like I said there are
people out there that just don't get it
I don't know if they're ignorant or what
or if they've just been brought up in
such a way it goes against all their
beliefs so they just don't leave it but
it is it's unfortunately quite common to
what do you do the thing is I hear I
heard a while back from a young lad he
was only a teenager and he wanted to get
help desperately
for his mental health but he have with
his dad and his dad didn't believe it
and his dad said no I am not paying for
you to see a shrink oh you know a mental
health doctor you're not doing it and I
felt so sorry for him and now I just
felt so sorry for him because he was
desperate for help him he knew something
wasn't right but he healed he said I
have to wait till I'm 18 and then I can
do it myself
so what do you do what do you do like I
said we can't force people to believe um
I was quite fortunate in the fact that
my mum tried to learn as much as she
could about it
my dad likewise so my family were more
accepting and when you have a family
that are accepting I want to understand
it and learn about it and realize you're
not a horrible person it is a lot easier
because of people who have borderline or
other mental health illnesses when their
families don't believe in mental health
they then think that the person with the
mental health problem it's just them
it's just who they are as a person they
have a bad personality they're not very
nice person
when actually that's not the case they
are actually really suffering they are
unwell mentally and they need support
so what do you do when your family don't
live here and they think you're evil and
you're horrible and it's all your fault
and you choose to be like this but we
know we don't choose to be like this
deep down we know we're not bad people
but it's not nice when you have family
that think you are a bad person
I would if you can obviously like I said
we can't force people to believe things
but if you can your family member with
you to your doctor to your psychiatrist
or psychologist or therapist or whoever
it is you see and see if they can
explain it to them because often someone
might say I don't believe in mental
health illness but when they're sat with
the doctor saying to them about mental
health there might be more inclined to
listen because all of a sudden they have
a professional talking to them as
opposed to just you and me not
professional so you might find that
helpful but like I said the thing is is
getting them to go how do you make them
go you can't drag your family along that
maybe you could say could you come to a
doctor's appointment with me don't even
say what it's about
but maybe talk to your doctor beforehand
to say I want you to explain it can you
explain what is wrong to my family
members so that they can understand it
another option is showing them videos
like I've got my videos online there's
lots of girls and guys that out there
that do videos on BPD get them to see
some of the videos and maybe if they are
seeing it from someone else's point of
view they might then start to realize
actually maybe it's not you or they'll
think we're all nuts so like I said it's
really difficult one because we can't
force them unfortunately
you could print off some information ask
them to read it again can't force them
to so
I really do feel for people whose
families just refused refused to
acknowledge it refused to believe in any
of it because when they're like that
they the person that is suffering their
mental health isn't getting the support
they need and they deserve but that's
also not to say my little boys coming
over I know it's them that's not to say
you can't find recovery and you can't
get well obviously like I said is
helpful if you've got the support there
but unfortunately there's millions and
millions of people out there that do not
have that support and that is not a
reason to say well they all think I'm
evil so I must be actually I'm not doing
anything because you can recover you can
learn to manage this you don't need them
to believe you don't need their approval
you know as long as you know what's
wrong and you know that it's not you
that's a bad person that is all that you
need oh baby starting to cry now and
I've got my little girls swimming lesson
and then I've got a concert for her
later on and I busy busy busy so yeah
lots of running man to do so I'm gonna
leave it there and have a fantastic
weekend and it's nearly bees dollar days
so maybe I will get more videos on but I
won't promise like I said I'm sticking
Monday Wednesday Friday but yeah have a
great weekend guys love you all
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