I got asked what my opinion is regarding self-diagnosis and I discuss that in this video.

hi guys today I'm going to do a video
request from family freak I completely
identify with that name I too was the
freak of the family the black sheep
family freak asked me my opinion on
self-diagnosis and I will be honest I am
I don't think self diagnosis is safe and
I don't think we should do it and my
reasons for it ok there are quite a few
I was reading an article on Psychology
Today called the dangers of self
diagnosis um and it was s Pillai s play
I think wrote it and they're basically
saying the problem is we diagnosed
ourselves we could actually miss
something so for example they said like
just say we think we're really anxious
and we go to our doctor we say we're
suffering with anxiety
well they might say ok how I'm really
shaky dadada and you've kind of put it
then in the doctors head it's an anxiety
issue and that's might be what you're
treated for when actually you might have
an irregular heartbeat so you might be
missing something physical because you
have led them to believe it is something
else likewise what we know like
borderline personality disorder bipolar
disorder they can get like muddled up
people can model them up and if you go
in and you read up on one and you think
yet that's what I've got but you don't
really know about anything the others
and you go and you say to doctor I have
this because da da da da da a you might
then get treated about having that and
it might be completely missing what's
actually wrong for example if you're
treated I've said it before like the
treatments for bipolar and borderline
are very different you cannot use
century more likes certain and is it
mood stabilizers or antidepressants used
in a borderline should not be
used someone with bipolar it can
actually have the opposite effect to
make it a lot worse so it's really easy
for us to go into a doctor and say my
doctor I have this because da da da da
da da and you get it in their head and
that's what you treat for and it's wrong
in that article on Psychology Today and
the person wrote that brain tumors can
cause changes in the personality so you
could go in and say oh they see I've got
this going on with my personality
disorder and so they kind of look down
the mental health side when actually all
along you have something physically
wrong with you and it gets overlooked
because you have self diagnosed I wrote
what did I write oh yeah
if just say you're struggling and you
come across the YouTube video or an
article online saying something that you
can relate to and you think that's me
okay I've got that
for example borderline personality
disorder you see load things you think
yeah i have borderline personality
disorder that's it you kind of then feel
like yeah now I know what's wrong with
me I can control this and but one you
might be wrong and - you can't just
control this on your own you need to get
proper medical help you need help but by
giving you that kind of feeling of I've
got this and you might not then go and
get the help that you do need and self
diagnosis can be so dangerous we are we
are like highly likely to overlook
things the assessments for various
personality disorders mental health
issues they are really extend
- in-depth assessments that we are not
trained to do a GP like a just a normal
general practitioner doctor cannot
diagnose you with borderline personality
disorder it has to be a specialist it
has to be someone who works in mental
health who's less I am psychiatrist a
psychologist you know it's it you can't
just have a doctor so if not even a
doctor can diagnose you how can we think
we can go and diagnose ourselves I
mentioned before that in person's
lifetime like people that don't have
mental health problems we can anyone can
take some of the borderline boxes like
for example if there was just to take a
girl no mental health programs she's got
a boyfriend love her life and she finds
out he's had an affair in our next
relationship she might then hold on to
that fear of abandonment the mistrust
she might get intrusive thoughts and
Michael's had a dream so then she ticks
those boxes but does it mean she has
borderline personality disorder no
because there's a set of circumstances
that have caused her to behave in a
certain way yes you might be saying some
of the symptoms but it doesn't mean she
has borderline and to have borderline
not only do you have to like take five
of the nine criteria you have to have
had them for a certain amount of time I
think it over in the UK I believe it's
two years and there's a reason for that
and the reason is what I have just said
is anyone can take some of the boxes you
take a guy who doesn't have mental
health problems going through life his
wife leaves here and safe he's just
starts drinking because he starts
drinking he loses his job everything's
crumbling around him he attempt suicide
so now you've got someone that's
actually impulsively drinking
of the fear of abandonment cause his
wife left him he's attempted suicide
does he have borderline personality
disorder no but yes he takes some of the
traits but again it's because certain
things have happened in his life and of
course this for a set amount of time I'm
really using my hands a lot today guys
aren't I um
so yes I do not think it is safe because
also the way we see ourselves isn't
necessarily how other people see us we
might think we're really insightful and
we see ourselves this way but actually
having said that also I read somewhere
people actually with a personality
disorder often think it's everyone
around them they don't even realize
issues with them so if someone does they
Olli she's very much with me and I da da
da da maybe it maybe it's not a
personality disorder but just like you
and well unless you're a doctor and I'm
not doctor I I cannot and what I say
isn't necessarily right I know I said by
my last videos covering my bad guys and
there is a reason for that
actually my mum
Mikey offering mom she's like my biggest
fan and I'm always singing my praises to
anyone who listening and she was singing
my praises to a guy a guy in my family
actually not my close close relative
I'm not like my immediate family but a
family member all the same and she was
singing my praises and he's just
basically saying she'll amount to
nothing what's the point I don't see the
point in her channel she'll probably
just get sued by loads of people just
for spouting off rubbish
that's like she's not qualified so I
thought I had better cover my back
I'm not doctor I'm not terrorists I'm
not qualified it did get me thinking
actually because I'm this family member
growing up when I was a child I adored
them for they're lovely and but
obviously life kind of takes over and
it's not like we live really really
close I might see them every three years
once every three years
I might might see them but from every
time I talked to my mom I can see
they've got a real problem with me I
said to my mom oh my god it's like they
really hate me I hope you've got this
real grudge and and I don't know why I
have no one I have no idea I never see
them really I I don't know what I'm
supposed to have done um but I can tell
there is a real issue there and it got
me thinking like wow if this was a few
years ago and I had heard that kind of
said this um I'd have been so hurt like
it would have devastated me and really
sent me going backwards basically that
clearly I am a much stronger person
today and the way I see it is well maybe
I have done something to upset them like
I don't know what it is and if I knew
what it was I could possibly say sorry
but I don't know
and rather than thinking how dare they
say that about me well why shouldn't
they say about me everyone is entitled
to their own opinion and if they feel
that way they have the right to feel
that way and I might not like it
but stuff basically because I can't
control how others feel and say you have
to like me you have to be positive about
me because that's not real life but
whereas before that would really not to
now I'm kinda like
I try and see it from the other person's
point of view and I think wow to be
obviously that they're holding a grudge
and that there really seems to be
bitterness there I'm very fortunate and
I don't think I don't think they watch
any of my videos but anyhow they
wouldn't know who I'm talking about so
and yeah they obviously have a real
bitterness there and I know what it's
like to hold on to that horrid bit of
feeling and resentment and feel it just
like get your horrid inside and it's not
a nice place to be and that's why
nowadays I kind of really let go of
things I will not hold on I will not
build a resentment what is the point it
will just affect me and so I kind of
feel sorry for them because obviously
they have things going on I don't know
what it is I can't fix them they can't
not hurt my feelings like you know it's
okay it's okay today I am okay with that
I her but from their comment she will
get sued I'm not doctor I'm not a
therapist I'm gonna cover my ass and I
thought I'd mention it and I actually
got asked before about holding grudges
I'm sure that's a video request
somewhere do you hold onto grudges and I
really did used to but um do you know I
talked about it in another video I'll do
another video on it and but yeah I'm
gonna leave that there guys like I said
self diagnosis don't do it
borderline personality disorder is
something that needs a specific
treatment and you can not just treat
yourself yes there are things there
self-help that we can do I'm not saying
we can't help ourselves but I certainly
wouldn't just leave anything well that's
what I've got
I'm not getting any kind of support
because you're only harming yourselves
by doing that so right my lovelies I am
very aware that it is 15 minutes before
I leave to get my kiddies from school
and so I will be back in the week and
that I hope you are all well and I love
you loads bye guys
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