This video is incomplete due to my children!

hi my lovelies so this room is now been
painted so up here it looks okay but
down there got the old
hitties patterns that need to go just a
random chair throwing their stuff no
fireplace I'm like but like my mama
keeps saying like it's gonna be lovely
in a few weeks I'm just living this
stuff like even done whore work always
just look at whether you serve a kitchen
obviously it's been expended this one
but from Monday this room is literally
getting gutted so this hideous wall pay
for all these hideous curtains
everything going so I thought I'd do a
quick video I might try and do a live
video I'd love to do it tonight
but I don't know if I'm getting it time
the kids are still trying to get to
sleep um I might go live tomorrow or
Sunday I might even tonight who knows I
might go live I've had loads of video
requests from you and they're all
amazing so one that like really picked
up on today was from someone on
Instagram hi who mentioned they'd
watched my priority video and how those
of us with BPD can like we we seek
approval from other people and we
desperately want other people to like
like us and I know
like from like say going back if I was
ever feeling insecure I would seek
reassurance from a guy that doesn't mean
I'd like just go out and sleep this
alone I'm not saying that but like I
would either Fleur or message I mean
this is actually gain back so when I'm
talking was back before there was like
loads of social media and it's so easy
to do that now
uh-uh-uh-uh-uh mommy's up doing a video
cute boy love you okay it says we up in
a second I'm gonna reach you know I'm
gonna clap yeah yeah I'm gonna come up
give me a second yes of course the past
two days okay complete young off subject
the past two days so you Monday five
Ignace of what from Wednesday night I
just got this rage I want you to kill
someone but I say to my mum I just lost
he's a proper tomboy hello
I say you princess you get me spider-man
you're shooting your web
the kids have taken over the video I'm
going to try and okay I'm just gonna
walk away because I was talking to you
guys I'm trying to do this video
mommy has to do this I'm coming to meet
you Gary great I'll be two minutes okay
about this weight loss since Wednesday
like the VPD rage just angry at the
eatin no no are you gonna have a
television ban no no upstairs get your
story I'm gonna come and read to you
no you're not watching mighty pucks no
no I just feel at the moment none of the
kids listen to me I saw I'm living in
chaos as I've just shown you and it's
been really hard
I took them swimming lessons um
Wednesday we got to the pool one of them
had jumped on the pool bag the shower
gel had gone over the towels the swimmer
staff and I've just literally
okay right so I'm gonna have to wrap
this video up for the simple reason I'm
640 three four five six seconds in and
I've only got seven 34 seconds left on
my memory because my phone is so
chock-full of photos that my kids just
take randomly or from the staff so I am
gonna go live with you I'm gonna talk
more about this thing about how we need
kind of validation from other people
when we're feeling insecure we need it
from other people and this is the video
I am going to discuss tonight very soon
let me get the young ones to bed and I
will be back with you to discuss I don't
I love you guys
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