hi my lovelies so today I'm doing a
video because I got asked a question
from Michael hi Michael who asks me two
questions actually first of all does
that black-and-white thinking ever go
and secondly what happens now you're in
isolation if you're used to going to
group therapy seeing a therapist
obviously you'll feel like you've lost
all Direction you don't you you're
really really struggling because a lot
of people are they have a lot of things
and that about the future what do you do
so I'll go to the first question
black-and-white thinking yes I believe
we can stop thinking in black and white
but it's a it's a process that takes
we teach ourselves to start with to look
for the gray area because it doesn't
come naturally and it we we have to
constantly question our own thinking
when we're thinking something extreme
about someone or a situation question
could this be black and white thinking
what could the gray area be and in time
I found as time went on I stopped having
to consciously ask myself could there be
a Verya I just found that I'd
automatically start to look for it and
eventually I'd automatically start to
see the gray area and I wouldn't think
in black and white last year was a very
different year I had a difficult year
and I started thinking in black and
white again a lot of the time so I don't
want to say yes once you're cured your
cured forever because they say there's
no cure for BPD we know that what we do
know is that recovery is possible
I would say it's gonna be difficult
first of all like I know I had a meeting
with my therapist a week ago a couple of
weeks ago I couldn't go in because I was
in isolation but we did it on the phone
it was not the same as sat sitting there
but it was okay
secondly I don't know if you do group
therapy I don't know whether they offer
doing it online because you do like a
group chat again not the same but it
might be helpful at the same time if you
were still having to go to group often
without thinking we would then be
paranoid that we have picked up
coronavirus we were gonna die and we'd
cause a whole lotta load of problems for
ourselves guys we have a lot of time on
our hands right now we can literally
throw ourselves into our recovery we can
learn every skill out there you know
read every self-help book that we think
would benefit us and we have the time to
do it now is not the time to think ah I
don't know what I'm gonna do because I
did a video the other day saying get
yourself structure in your day
get yourself a routine and in that
routine have a wake up a bedtime
breakfast lunch dinner and then maybe an
hour's reading half hour practicing
skills half hour doing some mindfulness
you know when it comes to the
I love the professionals I think that
absolutely amazing but they are not the
ones to save us it's only us like only
we are the only ones that can save
ourselves it recovery depends on how
much work we put in our therapist
doesn't do the work for us they can
prescribe this medication which can help
us get into recovery they can guide us
but they can't do the work for us it's
only us that does that and if you are
someone that thinks oh my god my therapy
they're amazing they're the without them
I would not cope now at a time like this
when you can't see them and you're in
isolation you can very much feel like
you're drowning
and someone's taken the lifeboat from
you and it's like oh I can do but
actually you have the time you can
practice the skills you can do this and
no you're not the only one out there
and I know I say that and I know it
doesn't like stop the situation it's
good to know actually there's lots of
people feeling just how you're feeling
we got to kind of take a positive from
this and so often it's like all of my
days so hectic I can't practice my
skills I can't read a book well we can
now we have that time there's no excuses
so yeah that thing my advice I'm gonna
go in my lovely cuz I've got a meeting
five minutes ago to do with BPD five and
so yeah I'll update you and all that
soon I love you guys
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