A quick vid today guys as Lottie is refusing to let me film!

hi guys happy Monday Lottie is literally
refusing to let me do a video today so
I'm going your sisters gonna go mad if
she sees her little rabbit is on you cat
is this is gonna be a quick video so
check in because I did want to do my
Monday video and hopefully I'll get it
zo done Wednesday when she's asleep
okay so ever so quickly in my book the
big book on borderline personality
disorder which comes out in October I've
developed ten steps that I believe
anyone can take to recover borderline
personality disorder now in my next few
videos I really want to start focusing
on these and talking about them with you
so that's possibly Wednesdays or
Friday's video I also wanted to just
quickly touch on something I go in my
last video in the comment section I had
a couple of comments from people that
been really hurt by people with BPD now
I don't have an issue with that because
I understand that we can really hurt
people the issue I kind of do have is
that people when they're hurt or someone
with BPD they automatically assume that
we're all the same and this bothers me
because we are not the same there are
nine traits to BPD five six seven eight
nine the amount of combinations hundreds
now even if you had two people
with the same traits they could be so
different because two people are the
same now there's a guy hi John who's
been really hurt by his mum she was
awful to him he had an awful childhood
and he messaged that his mum actually
killed his dog now I have BPD I take
nine of the 9 trays even at the height
of my BPD I would never have hurt an
animal so to say we're all psychopaths
will bad bad people bothers me because
that's just not the case there was a
lovely young lady who's very kindly and
bravely shared her story in the comments
of her very abusive childhood and it
just shows that like so many people with
BPD I know not everyone but most people
BPD have suffered some kind of trauma
abuse and neglect lost some thing in
their life and yet they grow up with
these unhelpful I suppose survival
skills because that's the thing our
behaviors or our way of surviving and
then we told Mia monsters and all the
people we hurt are the victims now I'm
not saying we don't hurt people because
I appreciate that we can but to people
that don't have BPD they don't know why
our thoughts are they don't know how we
feel and what's going on internally and
why we behave the way we do now I really
did just want to touch on this ever so
quickly because I'm not Pro BPD haha
because no one likes living with BPD but
I am here to defend those that do have
it because we're not all bad people yeah
we might do bad things but inside we are
still that child that is really hurting
and he's just trying to find their way
and survive in
world now I don't think that we can just
sit back and say yeah this is how we
behave we've got BBD and do nothing
about it
we have to take responsibility because
if we don't nothing will change and we
carry on hurting others and it's
important that we can try and like
damage limitation we try and stop it as
much as we can and the first step in
that is recognizing our behaviors and
then taking action to do something about
it because like I said this disorder
does not have to ruin your life forever
I know how painful it is I've lived with
it I've been there but you can be free
of it and go on and have a happy life
a life that you do truly truly deserve
so I'm just touching on that ever so
quickly today but I will be back on
Wednesday I'm really sorry but I mean
this is actually the quietest she's
being taken every other video you've
been so loud I will be back on Wednesday
and I love you all load
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