Even if you do not believe that we have a soul, you can still have a purpose – even if you choose one and give it to yourself. Today we discuss the positives of having a purpose in life and how we discover what that purpose is.

hi guys today I'm back with another
video in the spirituality series for
those of you who are new most of my
videos are based on borderline
personality disorder living with it
overcoming it I talk about addiction
alcoholism other mental health things
basically my own personal experiences
and how I overcame them I decided to do
a spirituality series because I realized
just how beneficial spirituality can be
when it comes to overcoming a mental
health problems or addiction but I must
apologize because I really feel I dived
in the deep end in my last video which
was on reincarnation that video should
have possibly come lost as opposed
coming first but I live and learn and
the last thing I want this series to do
is to put people off and think like they
can't benefit from this because maybe
you don't believe that we have a spirit
because even if you think that that's
absolutely fine you can still benefit
from these videos I am NOT here to sway
you either way I am literally just kind
of starting a conversation about it
getting us thinking about a few things I
am the first to admit I know nothing no
one does there are people that can claim
that they do but no one has all these
answers and that's why some people call
it pseudoscience
but I am fascinated with metaphysics I
am I metaphysics spirituality it really
interests me until I believe it I'd like
to say that yeah I can see that things
are a possibility but I can never be
100% sure because we don't know so I
really want to put that out there
because I just don't want you thinking
you're not going to benefit anything
from this series because that is not the
case so today I'm going to talk about
soul urge or soul purpose
now for those of you who believe that we
have a soul a soul purpose is the belief
that we have come into this physical
body onto earth to live this life time
for a reason there is a reason we are
here it is our sole purpose we have
something to do something to achieve
within this lifetime for those of you
who don't believe that we have a spirit
or soul that does not mean you do not
have a purpose or you cannot have a
purpose as human beings we like to feel
like we belong and be a part of
something we like to feel we have a
purpose for those of us who kind of go
through life with no purpose that's when
we can start thinking like what's the
point by we are just living the same day
day and day again like Groundhog Day and
we can begin to feel lost we can begin
to feel like this just new point like
what's the point in life it's miserable
but when you have a purpose that kind of
changes the way we look at things we
have a reason to get up and do something
and get out there in the morning and it
can give us a new lease for life it can
also help us look back on our past
experiences and see that maybe we went
through those for a reason so maybe the
abuse or the neglect or the trauma we
went through I know it's bad but maybe
there was a reason we had to go through
that and maybe it is to do with our sole
purpose or just our purpose and what I
mean by that is if you don't believe
that we have a song there is nothing to
stop you from giving yourself a purpose
like we don't we can choose what our
is not many people just go through life
just knowing it we always question and
there's nothing wrong with thinking okay
so what is like what would I like my
purpose to be so for example just say as
a child you're you had parents that were
physically abusive to you and you've
grown up and you've had your issues and
you've got to a point where you're
trying to get well well you can use that
awful awful experience to not only your
benefit but to the benefit of others
because there are still children out
there that were going through like
having abusive parents or having some
kind of abuse or neglect you can make
that your sole purpose to either educate
people on that to directly try and help
the children to try and prevent this
happening and you you have the
experience to do that maybe you can
guide like older people like maybe
teenagers who were abused when they were
really young and now they've got all
these issues and maybe they need someone
like you in their life because you have
been there and you can guide them maybe
so that's that could be like one purpose
taking something from that bad
experience and making something positive
positive come out of it and another
thing might be you might have had an
abusive childhood and then you go on and
you get married you have children maybe
your purpose is to be the parent that
you never had because you've seen the
real bad way of doing things like I know
you didn't like I don't want that for my
children my purpose is to raise my
children and let them have a wonderful
childhood the childhood I didn't have
so again it's a different purpose but
it's coming because the same experience
from what you've went through you can
take from that and use it to make
something positive so like I said it
sole purpose isn't just something that
we necessarily know if you're looking
like what could my purpose be what what
is it one thing like I said is we can
use past experiences another way of
finding water coming our purpose be is
to look at warm makes us feel passionate
inside what drug like drives us makes us
feel like good inside and sometimes if
you've like just been through hell and
back is really really difficult to work
out what that is because often we just
not finding any joy at anything but then
you can look back and think okay like
when I was younger what did I love doing
and maybe as a child you had an aunt or
uncle who used to say you're so funny
you should be a comedian and maybe that
is your talent and it's it was there as
a youngster but somehow it got lost as
you grew up
maybe it's singing it might be music it
might be some kind of ours it might not
be it might be academic you might be
wonderful with numbers and be a
mathematician or maybe you are
fascinated with engineering so the way I
see it is we have a choice on how we're
going to live our life we can choose to
just give up and just do what we do in
stay in the same mundane draw doing the
same old thing and if nothing changes
nothing changes that's our life or we
can make changes happen
I'm not saying go out and quit your job
because it doesn't make you happy I'm
not saying that because at the end of
the day I also know that we need money
we need to survive but we need to buy
food we need to pay rent etc I get that
but it doesn't stop you trying to
incorporate something like that you're
passionate about in your life and try
and do it every single day even if it's
just for 20 minutes to start with and
then build on that a lot of us can be
kind of misguided and start thinking
well money will make me happy having
loads of money will make me happy but
actually money isn't a purpose that's
not purpose it might be an added benefit
along the way but I would say don't ever
just focus on that you hear stories
about the richest people in the world
how miserable they are so kind of take
money out the equation and think okay
for money we were all exactly the same
amount of money in the whole world what
would make me happy what would I do I
have real joy in doing so have a think
about it have have a think dude like can
I use my past experiences as a benefit
how could I do that because it's very
good me saying I'll use that we could
but you might not like working with
children you might not like public
speaking you might not like writing so
it's finding something that you do like
and incorporating that into your life
and I like I personally believe like if
you do that
you will be so much happier for it you
will feel more in control you will wake
up happier with a spring in your step
wanting to get up as opposed to wanting
to hide under the pillow and thinking
I'm just I can't do this anymore yeah so
whether you believe is so purpose or
just a purpose that you are giving
yourself do give yourself a purpose
because we do only have like we have
this lifetime whether you believe that
actually our soul goes on and we have
others actually this is just one
lifetime and we deserve to be happy and
I think we deserve to make other people
and talking about other people look at
those around you and see are we holding
on to toxic people because that's gonna
do the opposite of bringing us joy if we
keeping toxic I've done videos on it
before but I just wanted to mention
again that that is like literally taking
away sapping away at our energy and we
don't need that so yeah that's something
to consider I'll be back again with
another video see love you all
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