My whole life I have been an open book and told everyone everything aboutmyself – this has caused me so much hurt in the past. Today I am selective (believe it or not considering I have a TY channel!) with who I share information with and what information I share.

hi guys little lady doesn't want me to
do a video today if you can hear
jingling its yes you order this now
aren't ya today I'm doing a video on
oversharing because I know I'm really
sorry I haven't been able to reply you
to all the message years I think it was
my last video what one was about females
was it a female great night I don't know
but anyway oh recent videos I like said
life has been really hectic is a nearly
the end of the school year and so I've
got open evenings parents evenings
sports days I've just had the kids
birthday and so everything's really
manic but I have been reading through
the messages like I always do and I
noticed one topic that kept coming up
was over sharing and I'm kind of like
I'm an oversharer
I have always been an oversharer
since I was a little girl now I remember
now my mom came from a Roman Catholic
family and my dad check I'm not covered
in sick Roman Catholic family and I was
raised Roman Catholic I have mentioned
before I don't follow any religion now
but that's for another video but I went
to a Roman Catholic school and occupy oh
my god this okay I went to a Roman
Catholic school and we would have mass
and my mom went to Mass every Sunday so
she knew the priest and at this school
once a year we would have the priest
come in and we would do confession and I
can never forget one time we did
confession and I sat down with the
priest and I confessed my mum sins
because I didn't think I'd done anything
and I talked all about the family really
like stuff that said between four rules
that aren't expected to leave those four
months and I told the priest everything
and so when my mom collected me I said
aw what we did confession she's like oh
did you say and when I told her she's
just like right because she knew him and
it was mortifying but I felt the need to
tell everyone everything when I was 11
years old I had started a new school it
was a girls school and there was a girl
that I've known like for years
previously we were in the same class so
we were friends and I just come back
from six weeks holiday to Ireland to see
my dad and I told this girl and a few
girls in my class
all about my boyfriend I didn't have a
but I told them about my boyfriend his
name was Shane and I remember that
because I used to watch Holman away at
the time and there was a guy called
Shane in it was the answer dito Brahma
oh my god I haven't some dates that name
for years and then basically I just got
to bribe to dieter Brahma and I had all
this story about this amazing holiday
romance with Shane and how he would
write to me and I want to go home and
write myself notes from Shane like
letters saying how amazing I was and
bring them in I've got nothing left from
Shane but sometimes I wish repaid like
some of my stories and I thought huh I
can't get found out I can't get found
out so I created a portfolio your folder
and on the top page first page Shane I
call a hair color personality type star
sign and all this page - Shane's brother
one name age
page three Shane's brother to death I
gave Shane 11 good-looking brothers and
they all liked me
I'm saying this and I'm realizing I have
never told anyone this before but anyway
and I wrote different stories our life
scenarios that happened and I would
memorize them so when I went into school
I wouldn't trip up for my life and what
got so caught me off yeah a gross and
yeah thinking about it maybe I should
have put that point energy into my
schoolwork but I didn't so I had this
folder anyway one day this friend came
around my house and I don't know why but
I felt I should share with her my
portfolio and say Shane's not real
look look I showed her everything and
then said don't tell anyone elses secret
oh and she was like of course I wouldn't
tell anyone and the next day at school
everyone knew and I was completely
stumped like that because I just over
shared my information certain things I
shouldn't I should have kept to myself
and as I got older I'd stop going to the
pub now anyone who has a drink tends to
talk more about stuff they wouldn't
necessarily talk about and I would drink
a lot and I would share my life story
with any it could be a stranger at the
bar I would share my life story not just
my life
story but my deepest darkest secrets and
and I used to always wonder why people
were talking about me how people knew
stuff when actually I would just offer
that information out all the time and I
could meet someone once and be like let
me tell you all about mental health
problems and go into everything and look
at how I don't exactly know why I did
this but I've been thinking
why why why would you do this and I
think for me I just wanted to be an open
book and I it's wrong because looking
back now my mental health was not a
dirty dog secret that had to be hidden
away but it wasn't something that
absolutely anyone was entitled to know
but I think I kind of felt like I should
tell everyone because otherwise I was
hiding it and I wanted people to know
everything and then they could choose
whether they like me or not and
hopefully don't eat my hair hopefully
because I've been honest and told them
everything they would realize that I am
an open book and they should like me and
a lot of the time they do people were
nice but people also talk and so they
might then talk to someone and say oh
did you know this about shereena
da-da-da-da-da and then someone else
might say oh mm-hmm and then that person
might go from liking me to actually I
don't like her and let's talk about her
behind her back and I did I wanted to
people please I wanted people to like me
and I think maybe maybe that's why I
would over share everything absolutely
everything about myself
now looking back I realized it left me
really vulnerable because my mental
health really wasn't good and I was
giving people this personal information
about myself and people can be cruel and
it's not like I'd built up any kind of
trust with these people half the time I
did not know them and I would tell them
everything and so there was there was no
trust to be built or I hadn't built any
trust um but I would end up her feeling
that they had broken my trust and really
not trusting people until the next time
I met someone who just happened to smile
or say hi and be nice and then I would
again over share don't eat my hair not
nice grumpy foot oh you ain't my face
what are you doing and but yeah looking
right now I was very vulnerable and I do
not over share today here I laugh
because I'm just sharing all my stuff
but the stuff I am sharing is stuff that
is in my past for example if myself and
my partner have a big round sometimes I
feel like I'm gonna to a video and tell
everyone what is my age but I stopped
myself doing that because chances are we
love kissed and made up the next day and
I will regret doing it I can share about
my mental health and that now because
I'm in recovery and I mean I'm a lot
stronger than I was but to people that
say still really struggling with them
or health I'm not saying don't tell
anyone anything because communication is
actually really good talking is really
good but be selective who you talk to be
careful who you decide to trust I said
in the other video you build up trust it
doesn't happen straight away it
certainly does not happen walking into a
bar sitting down saying hi to someone
and oh I've got their trust I'll tell
them everything like I used to do
because I got hurt so many times and
looking back with hindsight it's my own
doing what was I thinking telling
everyone everything but I do think it
was I just wanted no secrets I want
everyone to know everything about me and
decide straightaway whether you like me
or don't like me but please like me
because I just want you to add me
needlessly didn't work out like that
because some people could act like they
did like me and go and talk about me
behind my back and I can't even really
blame them because some people are just
like that and it was me they offered up
the information it's not like they stole
some secret information I just gave it
free I have this information about me
do with it as real so nowadays I am more
careful I am not such an open book I
actually that's a bit of a lie I am
quite an open book bar I am in recovery
and I am able to handle it when people
don't like me nowadays I do
I don't just trust everyone with
everything and like I said or II don't
necessarily share every day-to-day
happenings in my life like I said at
rouse with the partner my partner by the
way this is going completely off subject
it's a Capricorn now I say that because
in my other video
I said I went out with three capricorns
never but it didn't say it was one of
them's my partner and I don't mean
either a rapport or that's big for me
crowd laughter and what I mean is I'm a
Libra normal cap becomes a horrible it's
just because I'm a Libra and
compatibility is not great - lot but
that is for a whole other video oh I saw
a few people put um actually like is
this oversharing BPD thing maybe I
didn't ever think that before but when I
read it I was like oh my god yeah that's
me well it must be and maybe it's
something to do with our emotions and
she's driving me nuts
she's just wiggling a bone she's just
wiggling her bra say hi say hi Lottie oh
oh I must point out I am gonna finish
this video now because she is getting
rare to this child goes from laughing to
crying to laughing light within seconds
like us like me missed it and I've
noticed that now I can put love comment
ha I can love it and I haven't been
doing this and the reason I haven't been
doing this is because I felt oh my God
if I love this person's comment then all
the other comments that I haven't loved
they might take personally and I don't
want to hurt anyone's feelings so every
time it comes off from like I want to
love it but then I've got to make sure I
love every single comment because if I
don't I risk hurting someone and I don't
want to hurt on and I'm just like oh do
I let my what do I do
do I love it and I so are you laughing
so I think well I won't love it but I do
love it just because I don't love it
love it
Oh what are you doing are you long
thing are you crying what are you doing
yep I do love it I'm gonna start loving
the comments and if I don't love it on
the computer just know I still love it
yeah um also I might have a few extra
videos coming out because I'm gonna be
doing I'm gonna be doing some you've got
hair in your mouth
Oh God step videos of the 12 steps and
so I appreciate a lot of my viewers
watch for the board line side but then I
do have my viewers that watch the drug
and addiction drug addiction and
alcoholism side so rather than doing it
like a step 9 video on my Monday
Wednesday or Friday
I'm just gonna add it in on a Tuesday or
a Thursday so some weeks there might be
an extra video if it's kind of related
to that shall we stop the video now so
we stop the video now we've actually got
parents evening in 45 minutes for my
daughter to see how good she's being we
say bye-bye right guys I love you all
and I will be back is Wednesday today
usually I have videos that I've done
previous I can put app I didn't have any
cuz I'm literally so this videos going
out today and I'm doing it today okay
you love tea right I love you bye
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