who's my best hi guys what you want
darling you like loads of these on there
and you want them for your birthday
my god isn't for week right I apologize
I didn't have a video out on Monday and
I apologize that this video is actually
gonna be about a minute long I basically
got my book back from the editors and I
have to read through it and in some part
they're like can you add to this can you
add a paragraph here and that's that's
what I've been doing so the design is
basically when does that daddy gets by
age darling so the designers got one
holiday in a week and a half I have to
get this book back today to get it to
the designers they do their designee
stuff and then it goes to the print it
goes to print and if I get it sent today
the book should be in my hands printed
in fishface four to five weeks and it
feels really really surreal
I put the school run to do now this one
only does half days until Monday don't
you how school going good are you doing
good listening hang on let me just do
I've just got a press end let me press
end so I'm gonna press send for you all
here with me because this book is very
much for all of you like I said on it
all feels really surreal actually though
I'm having a book published and I don't
think I'm gonna quite believe it until
it is in my hand but let's go click
press where wizard send my bird
oh he's excited all he wants to do is
look it's my convene tell me what he
wants for his birthday which is in a
year's time is
not even any times closer there Eason is
it right guys it's Thursday tomorrow so
I'm hoping I'll be able to our video
done for you because that's now sent
thank you for being with me while I
present and yeah I'll be back hopefully
tomorrow if not definitely back to
normal from Friday I love you all loads
none on that
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