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hi my lovelies I got my camera sideways
cuz I'll suggested it so thank you
hopefully the pitch will be a bit better
as you can see little Lottie is poorly
she woke at 3 a.m. really high
temperature taken her to the doctors and
she's got um pumps lightest again and
she when she gets it it's always
bacterial so she needs antibiotics I
don't know if you remember a few months
ago she had a temperature and we ended
up being rushed to hospital in an
ambulance with her having febrile
convulsions and heart rate of over 200
so I have to be really careful so for
that reason I'm not going to do today's
video today I know this is a video that
this is just to check in because I
wanted to mention I did put a post on
community explaining I've got a new
series coming out with doctor one day
and basically what the series is we're
going to doing it together once a week
answering your questions on a different
topic each week so if you head on over
to his channel now it's dr. Todd grande
GRA MD e in his community section he put
post where where you can vote on what
topics you'd like to hear first so some
of you might fretting about relationship
some of you anger self-image etc um so
you can put in your vote and you can
also ask a question related to the topic
of your choice and so that's exactly
what we'll be doing we're new topic each
week and we will be answering your
questions so do head over and do that
guys now's your chance to get your
question in if you didn't get one in
before and yeah like I said hopefully
I'll be back with you guys tomorrow
love you all
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