Quiet Borderlines express their intense emotions differently to someone who is a ‘normal’ BPDer!

hi my lovelies today I'm gonna talk
about quiet borderline personality
disorder now I didn't know loads and
loads about this actually I've done a
little bit of research and it's not
going to be the longest video in the
world but I now know what it is I've
spoken to my old therapist about it and
basically I first heard about it when
people started commenting and and asking
me about what's a quiet borderline I
think I might be a quiet borderline so
that is why I'm doing this video for
people that know me I was not quiet I
was a loud borderline personality
disorder and I let all those intense
emotions out outwardly that's how I
express them I would express them
Extreme Rage smashing up the house
crying tantrums ha ha ha basically a
quiet borderline does the opposite to
this they do not express those intense
emotions outwardly they still get the
really intense emotions but rather than
expressing it outwardly they act in they
let the resentments and the anger and
the self-loathing built and they're
likely to self-harm use drink or drugs
because they fight with their emotions
they they're not expressing it it's
building up they don't know what's wrong
and they're trying to control it and
that's how that's their coping mechanism
doing self-harm and that the thing with
a quiet borderline is it's a lot harder
for them to get a diagnosis for the
simple fact that because they get in
these attend solutions for their acting
in Wrigley they still get the highs and
lows they might be really come across as
really confident but then they might go
through a stage where they absolutely
hate the
selves there to press but they tend to
isolate and so people around them loved
ones friends they don't see like the
evidence say or them going they don't
see that something's wrong
and because the quiet borderline is
keeping it so well hidden so because
they've not got anyone around them
looking thinking something's not quite
right maybe they need to get help
they're less likely to go to a doctor to
get an assessment I think someone with
quiet borderline if they were to go
online and start looking up do I have
borderline they'll quickly start
thinking well no I don't do that I don't
do that because they don't it doesn't
mean they don't have it but they just
don't act outwardly that's it but they
can still get assessed and there is
still a diagnosis I don't know what
criteria you have to me but there is a
way working out if yes this person has
borderline personality disorder no they
don't go and screaming and showing that
but they still have it and so yes it can
still be diagnosed like I said it is
harder to diagnose someone with it
one of the reasons they less likely to
go and ask to get diagnosed because they
won't see there's a problem for me like
reading about em now I wouldn't with BPD
on anyone but I know for me those
intense intense emotions sometimes I
need it to be like wow I needed to let
it out and I kind of think how can
someone get those intense emotions and
not let it out and keep it in and build
and build and build and because they're
not letting out they're not getting the
help in there am I often struggle for
longer period of time before they get
the help they need but recovery for a
quiet board line it's exactly the same
it has like the same success rate it is
getting the right treatment basically a
combination medication right counseling
the right therapy everyone knows I love
dialectical behavioral therapy or DBT
and that works just as well for a quiet
borderline as it does for it's going to
say a normal borderline
I'll be normal or there's not something
isn't we normal that um yeah like if you
are at home and you get those extreme
emotions and you are taken out on
yourself it is a possibility maybe you
are a quiet board ride and if you're
watching this video go to a doctor and
speak about it and get assessed rather
than waiting and hiding it from everyone
because recovery is possible and you
will feel so much better
once you start getting the help that you
need and that you deserve all right guys
I'll leave that there lots of love to
all bye
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