Today I discuss reincarnation. Could something that happened in a past life contribute to the issues that we have in this life? Could past life regression be the answer?

hi my lovelies today I'm gonna be
discussing reincarnation with you
reincarnation the word itself is Latin
meaning entering the flesh again and
what that means it's the belief that
when our physical body dies our soul can
then go and inhabit a new physical body
so basically our consciousness our soul
our spirit never dies and so not only
when we pass on a spirit can inhabit
another body
chances are our soul has inhabited many
bodies over there hundreds of years
prior to now now it's not a new belief
this has goes back all the way to
ancient times ancient Egypt ancient
Greeks Hinduism which is I believe one
of the oldest religions they believe in
reincarnation as well I didn't really
grow up believing or not believing I was
just I didn't know upon doing research
on air a few kind of stories have
released stood out to me and for me I
kind of think yes it is definitely a
possibility I say that because I can
never be a hundred percent sure how do I
know how does anyone know science cannot
prove it but neither can science
disprove it and what science does say is
energy never dies
so if that is the case I can't see how
reincarnation isn't possible now when I
was kind of looking into it first of all
I read a book by doctor
aleksander I mentioned it to you before
called proof of heaven and he was a
neurosurgeon and basically for years and
years working on people's brains and
doing surgery on them plenty of his
clients along the way had near-death
experiences or NDEs
and he didn't ever believe them because
as a scientist and as a brain scientist
he kind of thought consciousness is in
the brain if the brain is dead
unconscious not working it's not
possible for it to go on then you can't
have an experience until he fell into a
and he was told that no he was told his
family were told there was a very small
percentage that he would live and if he
did live he would be in a vegetative
state because his brain function was nil
but he had a near-death experience and
so that's what it's about in the book
now this is a doctor like a professional
he was well known in the field of
Neurology he had everything to lose by
disclosing the story but it completely
changed his view on things and so that
really found her like fascinated me
obviously a near-death experience isn't
the same as reincarnation having past
life but what it does say is that the
soul or consciousness is separate to our
physical body it's separate from our
brain and that's the same with
reincarnation like our soul can go on
when I started researching it I was
reading a lot about dr. Ian Stevenson he
was a head professor of psychiatry
at the University of Virginia Medical
School basically and he spent most of
his career studying reincarnation and
there he actually had over 3,000 pieces
of evidence that said pointed to
reincarnation being real what I really
liked about his methods was he didn't
just go into where I don't think he ever
actually stated that he believed in
reincarnation even if he studied it he
would go in really picking apart
everything like trying to disprove it
and it was only the cases that he had no
answers for that he would then say okay
that is evidence of reincarnation he
founded the division of the personality
studies at the University of Virginia
and I wrote it down because he said he
focused on examining children who had
memories of the past life near-death
experiences apparitions out-of-body
experiences and visions that people had
on their deathbed and he actually I
wrote data he actually called
reincarnation the survival of
personality after death and he kind of
believed that by looking at past lives
genetics environment it would then help
professionals like understand things
such as phobias personality traits in
people that um that couldn't really be
explained of any other way so it really
fascinated me I'm not going to go into
all the stories with you because all we
have to do is Google air and look up
like past life stories of children and
you can even type in doctor
Ian Stevenson and there's so much
information out there and some of these
stories are literally like wow so if we
have like if there is such a thing as
what about regression past life
regression because people claim that
they can be regressed to a past life
basically they will go to a special
therapist that deals with this who can
put them in this like hypnotized state
it's not the same kind of state as like
hypnotizing them so they've got power
and can make them do things it's I'm
just putting them to this very relaxed
state where they can go into their
subconscious mind now I've talked about
this if the conscious mind with you
before and just how much stuff's in
there but it's at a subconscious level
and we just don't access it so that's
what this therapists a therapist
regression Ultherapy will do is put you
into this state so you can go back and
they there's lots of reasons someone
might go to a therapist like this it
might be because you're suffering with
your mental health for example like if
it was me I often question like why why
did I have BPD like compared to say like
I ticked all nine traits and there are
other people out there that have far
worse like backgrounds and histories and
grew up in a follow environment that I
did there are also half BPD so I did
start questioning like could this be
something from the past life that has
carried over I mentioned about my eating
like I suffered with bulimia from the
age of 16
but as far back as I can remember I had
issues with food I just couldn't stop
eating like
just couldn't stop it was ridiculous I
was talking to my mum the other day when
I used to go over to Ireland to see my
dad I would literally buy a big bag of
twelve bags of crisps and I would eat
all of them I need a tub of ice cream
not like oh not to eat the whole tub and
say nothing was in moderation so I do
question could this have been something
like maybe I died of starvation maybe I
was really really poor and I just didn't
have any food in a past life and so
that's kind of carried over and so what
are my views on regression do I believe
it is possible and again like with
anything I talk about in this series I
don't have the answers I can tell you
what I know what I think but that is not
to say I am right at all I could be so
way off the market's unreal but I kind
of just want to open your mind up to
questions and things so with regression
I do believe that with regression we can
access our subconscious mind I
personally knew a girl who liked me
suffered with bulimia for years and
years and years and she was I think
40-something when she went to see a
therapist to regress her and she got
and they took her back to her childhood
in this life and she remembered like
when she was a young young girl being
locked under the stairs with rats and
stuff and it was really bizarre because
she had this memory come flooding back
and the bulimia just went away it was
like once she kind of realized what
trauma she'd gone through she then it
just stopped
I do know from my my own experience that
our mind has a very good way of blocking
out memories and I hadn't experienced
this where I'd completely blocked a
memory of something that happened with
an ex-boyfriend back when I was 14 and
it was a really horrific experience I
really really wasn't well at the time
and he basically abused his power over
me and I was young and I didn't remember
this for years just had no room like
recollection and I can remember driving
the car one day and all of a sudden it
just flooded me I don't know what
triggered it but the memory came back
and I had to pull the car over I feel my
mom so I know that at a subconscious
level we can hold information that we
just can't access but it's there do I
think a subconscious level we can hold
memories from a past life I don't know I
really don't know I know that people
claim they have been regressed and there
have been cases there was a case of this
woman and her story was so amazing that
they bought book out on it and
everything and it wasn't till years
later that like an investigator looked
into her story and basically picked her
and what she'd done her whole stuff like
past life was actually based on
characters of like neighbors that she'd
met when she was like two and three
years old their name and stuff and so
when I hear stuff like that I can see
like our imagination is amazing we can
create amazing things in a head is it
actually a past life regression that
we're remembering I don't know with
young children having said that when I
read about these young children that
have been
regress I'm not regressed they remember
they just they're very very young and
they have memories then it's obvious to
me yes those memories can be carried
over because how can these children know
this information so do believe it is
there so I suppose if it's there as a
child and we forget it as we grow up
it's perfectly possible that that
information can be there as subconscious
level that we're just not accessing it
so would I recommend past life
regression like I mentioned the lady
that I knew who got regress to me
completely cured her of bulimia
basically those of you watch my channel
a lot of you have suffered with
borderline personality disorder that's
annex like we've got really extremely
intense intense emotions for that reason
I would always say go very carefully I
personally don't think it would do me
any good to get regressed I think it
could trigger really strong emotion I I
kind of think we carry enough baggage in
this life like with relationships and
stuff that we don't need it from the
past life as well I kind of think
imagine you regressed and in a past life
the person you're going out with now was
also in your past life but maybe they
were a different character maybe they're
your partner in this life in your last
life they were your brother or your mom
or something and
you see how badly they treated you they
really they might have kept you as a
slave they might have beaten you they're
really awful and then you come back to
this life well we can then just forget
will we then start treating that person
differently and holding stuff against
them because in the past life they were
so awful to us because they they have no
recollection of it now we're in this
life well all of a sudden we've gone
back and we've seen a whole different
side of them and so I do think it can
open a can of worms I believe that like
like I said there's so much that we just
don't know that we just don't understand
I think just going up under hypnosis
itself to go back puts a puts us in
quite a vulnerable position so I would
always be very wary and like I said
particularly if you have borderline
personality disorder this is not
something that should be taken lightly
you would if you you were like adamant
that this is something you want to do
that's your choice but look for a
licensed professional who has
experienced maybe has experience of
regressing someone with BPD specifically
I certainly would not advise you on
advise you against going online and
looking up certain meditations to
regress yourself because I've seen those
online and don't get me wrong I've been
tempted but I also know this could be
extremely dangerous maybe there's a
reason we're not supposed to remember
this stuff maybe there's an actual
reason for it
and with past lives and reincarnation
comes the whole thing of karma always
karma and karma is basically cause and
effect and we see it as quite a bad
thing karmic so if someone does us
father like karma will get you home
yeah and it is basically saying if
actions for every action there is a
consequence so if you do something bad
at some point you will have bad come
back to you but if you do good at some
point good will come back to you I think
it's actually a lot more complex than
that and when we think a karma we can so
easily just think just in this lifetime
like so for boyfriend cheated welcome
will come and the thing is here's the
thing I've seen this in action myself
and I'm like karma will get them and
then something happens to them is that
karma and I think if we believe in past
lives then we might do something now
that actually might never affect us we
might go through this life fine but it
might in another life and I for me
I think of karma as the universe
basically teaching us lessons my next
video I'm going to talk about our sole
purpose what is our sole purpose how do
we discover our sole purpose and I think
our souls we are here for a reason and I
believe we are here to learn certain
lessons because
life can seem really unfair like you
look around and there are children that
are dying in the world of starvation
there are people that are sold into the
sex trade you hear about people being
kidnapped and used to slaves like
nowadays so we are not equal we are not
all born equal there are people that
born into a lot of money and there are
people that have nothing and might be
dumped on a doorstep somewhere so I kind
of think the reason for that is we all
have lessons to learn and just because
this is the kind of life we living now
it doesn't mean we didn't live a life
like someone else in a different life
what I'm trying to explain what I kind
of mean by the half I think sometimes if
we live our life and we do not learn the
lessons we need to live then in the next
life maybe our life will be very very
similar so again we have a chance to
learn those lessons and I think that's
why it's important for us to learn what
is our sole purpose why are we here if
you're someone that doesn't believe in
reincarnation doesn't leave in past
lives a regression or Karma that's cool
that's absolutely fine but I think all
of us want to think what's her purpose
why are we here why have we been through
what we've been through
so you don't have to believe in
reincarnation to ask those kind of
questions but like I said I'm gonna talk
about sole purpose in the video next
week so I think I'll leave that there
and leave it to you to ask your own
questions and do your own research if it
fascinates you like I said there was dr.
Ian Stevenson there was dr. Jim Tucker I
believe he took over from dr. evil Ian
Stevenson and he himself has worked with
thousands and thousands of children who
remember their past life so he's someone
else you can look into I believe both
these men had books out as well so yeah
I'm gonna leave that there have a
wonderful weekend and I'll see you next
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