I have personal experience with this as I have been asked by my children what are the scars on my arms. Obviously I can not tell you exactly what to say or even if how I deal with it the right way but this video explains how I tackle this subject.

hi I'm gonna squeeze in another video
I've got 11 minutes and then I've got to
correct the kids today I'm gonna talk
about self harm scars and when you've
got children telling children like what
do you tell children now I have some
scars on my arms mine and nowhere new is
bad one as they used to be they have
faded but I was bad as some people have
seen people with lot worse but mine are
noticeable to the point that I have been
asked them by my kids and it's it's out
what do you tell them now I would say it
one it depends on the child - it depends
on the child's age what is
age-appropriate all of mine at the
moment I'm in my daughter's seven I
don't think it would be appropriate for
me to tell tell them that mummy used to
cut her arms but I'm not saying I would
not ever tell them that because already
with my kids I've touched on mental
health and what it is and how you can't
see air and how people's emotions you
know I've talked a little bit about
borderline personality disorder again
keeping it age-appropriate um
because I want my kids to grow up with
an understanding of it because I think
there is such a stigma attached and a
lot of people just keep it hush-hush
I don't think it should be that I think
if they should be able to talk quite
freely about it obviously because I've
done this website all it takes is for
them to get to their teens anyway and
hear all about it and I'd rather they
come from me than them find out that way
so I will talk about it with them I'll
talk about addiction to them as well and
I'll kind of very lightly touched on the
subject already but again it depends one
how mature they are mean you might have
a ten year old girl that's really mature
and a 12 year old boy that's not and
just wouldn't cope with it so
yeah it's just being aware what your
child is like uh what do I tell them my
children have asked me I told them I got
scratched by a cat on one of the scars
and I did the other gardening and they
didn't really ask any more questions I
just and I know that's like lying and
but if I just sit I'm not telling you
that just leave them with loads of
questions they want to know so it kind
of just stopped the conversation they're
obviously my two-year-old hasn't asked
yet but I'm sure at some point he will
but yeah like if only you know what your
child is like and you know how much or
they are how old they are but I would
the thing is they are going to ask and
as they get older the chances are
they'll know like when they get to
fifteen or sixteen if they see lots of
like lines and they're going to know and
so I do think it's probably better
coming from us sitting them down and
explaining no I tell them that mummy was
really sick mummy was not well and
that's how I explain it tell her that I
had an illness and I couldn't look after
them properly and I couldn't be the best
mom that I wanted to be and I take
medication to help me and so they kind
of have an idea and a bit of an
understanding about it so yeah I don't
know how much more I can say about it
and then yeah if they're young I would
certainly wouldn't be saying like I know
I wouldn't say to my seven-year-old
mommy used to get no knife and cut her
arms because I think that might give her
nightmares and she's just not old enough
I don't think to process it all in her
brain at the moment but that's the thing
with mental health we need to talk about
it we do we I think need to raise
awareness with our children about it as
grow up and hopefully their and future
generations there won't be such a stigma
attached because more people will have a
better understanding of it and
understand it a bit more all right my
lovelies what time is it oh my god I've
got six minutes I might try and squeeze
in one more video all right but I have a
great week
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