All mental health has stigma attatched but for some reason BPD has a  bigger stigma attactched!

hi guys today I'm doing video request
from a life worth living who asked me to
talk about borderline personality
disorder and the stigma that's attached
to it because there is a huge stigma
attached to borderline personality
disorder now or anyone with mental
health kind of feels stigmatized and a
lot of the time this is justified there
is a stigma surrounding it but for some
reason borderline personality disorder
is possibly the most stigmatized and so
why is this and what can we do about it
I think the stigma is as bad as it is
regarding BPD because unfortunately a
lot of clinicians therapists don't want
to work with people with BPD now I know
that things are changing and there are
some people out there like clinicians
man therapists psychologists that are
doing everything they can they really
believe that people with BPD are not bad
people and they truly believe that they
can help them to get well and help them
on their way to recovery but there was
time where this wasn't the case and
clinicians didn't want to work with
people with BPD because they just felt
they couldn't help them but we now know
this isn't the case and it can it can be
helped and but I still get messages from
people that say oh my therapist said I
will never recover from this and and I
think that's really sad and this really
does not help the stigma at all and I
have faced stigma from various people
I've been quite fortunate
with the professionals that I have
worked with in fact they really
understood borderline and I never felt
they gave just gave up on me but I am
one of the lucky ones however I can
remember a time like when I had had I my
ex might say to me don't think you
should take your meds like just because
I was in bad mood
oh oh borderlines there is it and really
just make out write comments about my
mental health
what Oh harness I thought what is that
bang on the window myfarmers oh so yeah
there's this huge hoot stigma attached
and people don't help with mental health
we can't see it's not something you can
see so a lot of people don't understand
it they're afraid of it or they just
dismiss it as it's all in your head
and it's made up which we know that is
not the case and but we cannot change
people's opinion we cannot force people
to talk negatively about us I know as
someone that has borderline the way we
behave is pretty detrimental to everyone
around us whether is using drugs
reacting violently the way we can talk
to people and so because we can kind of
have these abusive relationships where
we are actually really really really
abusive husband we can have these really
really abusive relationships people then
have this really negative perception of
us because they they're seeing a really
horrid side of us and they don't
understand what is going on with our
head why would they they don't feel what
we feel
so why
they just understand unless they started
doing a lot of research and learning why
we behave the way we do a lot of the
time people wouldn't just think like
you're not very nice person and that is
horrible because I know that's not the
case we react the way we do because the
way we feel and they don't get how we
feel but how can we stop this how can we
like D stigmatize them and I think the
way we do that is one first of all yeah
one how like are we stigmatize in
ourselves do we think of a whole wave
that will never get well or dododododo
are we actually kind of putting that
stigma on ourselves because if that's
the case then how can other people stop
seeing us that way if that's how we even
see ourselves
secondly we kind of need to stand
together and I love it like I get all my
messages and you guys comment on each
other's comments and it's really good
and that's what we've got to do we've
got to come together and kind of make
our point heard like you know we are not
bad people we can recover from this
don't judge us and we stick together I
think there's so many like these other
people I've seen doing videos on
borderline on YouTube which is fantastic
and there are blogs out there websites
and this is good because it's raising
awareness and that is what we need to do
we kind of can't just expect other
people to do that for us we need to kind
of take into our own hands and be like
hello we're here I raise our own
awareness and I forgot what number I was
up to but whatever number I'll do this
we need to completely lost what I was
going to say another really valid point
I promise you
m-my stand together and now it's gone
that's really really annoying because
well everything I say is valid obviously
but I'm sure this was pretty much bit
more valid now I'm just waffling trying
to remember so it's not an awkward
silence between us & burna the Dada Dada
Dada stick mistake ah I'm there got it
okay we need to accept accept that we're
powerless so for other people's thoughts
we can't make someone feel a certain way
about us
yeah there's stigma out there and but
like I said we can raise awareness we
can stand together in this and but we
can't just say oh no basically we can't
let it get us down because why should we
let other people's views drag us down
and risk our chance at recovery you want
me to film you dancing like a fool
dancing like a fool in the background
right so I'm going to leave that there
but yeda sweet lies were powerless over
other people
that's okay they want to think that way
let them let them they might have their
reasons or whatever but certainly
certainly don't let it affect you to the
point where you start stigmatizing
yourself because like I said there is
nothing to be ashamed of hell I am here
doing videos that I put on YouTube
because I am Not sure
so if we were all like that we could all
stand together and say look this is me
this is who I am
take it or leave it I'm going to leave
it there guys have a great week ah
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