Today I give an update on how close my book is to release date. I also give a list of the chapter titles so you have a better idea of what is included in the book. –

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hi my lovelies rived it arrived
yesterday and I've literally I was on
such a high last night it's really
surreal that's the back and the spine
and there are 389 pages and 30 chapters
so I'm gonna take a photo of the
chapters actually and I'll put them on
Instagram in case you're interested now
let me before I going up because I'm
gonna read you the name the names of
each of the chapters um before I jump
into that this is apparently called a
galley copy now I didn't know what a
galley copy was I had to go on google
and basically it's the copy that comes
out before the first edition which is
the book so this comes out and it's
going to be given to people that are
reviewing air those that are writing
testimonials which is all in the hands
of the publisher they're the ones that
are deciding who's writing testimonials
etc so this isn't the actual book that
will be coming out to you guys because
it is not fully complete until all the
testimonials are in it I don't have an
exact date like I really believe this
would be out in October and I'm really
like devastated that it's now near the
end of November and it's not but
unfortunately it's really out of my
hands and the reason we don't have an
exact date is we don't know how long
it's gonna be with each person so for
example there was this major setback
because the designer bless him his poor
mom passed away so he was off away so
then nothing could get done when it were
goes to the printers they have like goes
from the designer to the printer and
they put it all onto their computer and
my publisher was saying sometimes that
gets done in two days but with mine it
over a week so they just don't know how
long it will be at each place at the
moment the publisher is waiting for the
people that are writing the testimonials
to get back as soon as that's done it
can go back to the designer back to the
printer and then it will be out but
because that I don't have an exact date
and I'm really really sorry about that
I'm going to read you the title chapters
so I split it into sections and then
sections in chapters so you can see like
the part 1 part 2 etc so first of all I
have my introduction part 1 is the
basics and there are four chapters in
them chapter 1 for the newly diagnosed
to the personality and the brain 3
borderline personality disorder four
myths part two is the traits and the
coping skills for each individual trade
chapter 5 fear of abandonment sex
unstable relationships 7 unclear or
unstable self-image 8 impulsive
self-destructive behaviors 9 self-harm
and suicidal behavior 10 extreme mood
swings 11 chronic feelings of emptiness
12 explosive anger 13 feeling suspicious
or out of touch with reality part 3 is
recovering chapter 14 the recovery
process 15 the upsides of having BPD 16
the 10 steps of recovery and 17
treatment part 5 is called BPD and and
is chapter 18 BPD and parenting 19 BPD
and work 20 BPD and Men 21 BPD and
in 22 BPD and sex 23 BPD and teenagers
24 BPD and other disorders so in that
chapter is I think I wrote about bipolar
anxiety depression and drug and alcohol
addiction part 5 is called from
surviving to thriving and chapter 25 is
the power of balance and routine chapter
26 living life successfully with BPD and
chapter 27 coping in difficult times
because I know even when we're in
recovery if we can have certain times
that just absolute devastate us maybe
it's the breakup of a relationship maybe
it's the death of loved one it might be
Christmastime so that is all what I kind
of focus on in that and how to get
through difficult times basically and
I'd talk about the times to individually
and then part six is called other
perspectives and chapter 28 is a big
chapter that is called for families and
loved one so it's just lots of advice
basically for how family and loved ones
can cope when their loved one has BPD
chapter 29 is questions and answers
because I get so many questions all the
time and I did try to answer nearly all
of them within the book but sometimes
you just get questions that I just found
actually I can do a separate answer for
that specific question at the end and
chapter 30 is called Ben and Neville and
I've got my mum wrote in there
my brother wrote in there my best friend
who's known me for years and years and
years wrote in there but I also had like
the professionals that worked with me my
doctor like my psychologist I had
my mental health nurse my therapist so
they will contribute it and basically
written in their what I was like back
then and what I'm like now to give you
some hope and show you that actually you
can recover from this and you can get
through this so that's the book again
it's still available obviously for
pre-order on Amazon if you type in the
big book on borderline personality
disorder that's me people always spell
my name wrong
there it is there's a silent H here I
don't know why that H is in there like
shereena hello Sabrina so um yeah again
I apologize I can't give you an exact
date but I mean this is one step closer
I've got a galley copy in my hand now so
the next copies that will go to print
will be the first edition and they will
be sent out ASAP so yeah that's just a
quick catch-up about that I will put the
link into my book below and I will be
back in a week I actually have tonight
my collaboration with dr. Grande so I
will be doing that I'll be skyping with
him and asking him questions and he'll
be asking me questions and that video
will be out very soon too I think that's
all I can think of Minea yeah so I'll be
back in a week guys but as always I love
you all loads
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