Today I discuss the positives and negatives of the law of attraction.

hi me lovelies I'm back and I'm doing
another video in the spirituality series
today I'm gonna talk about law of
attraction now some of you might ask is
that really spiritual and I'd say yes
for sure it can be but I feel this is an
important video to do I feel it is
relevant to do especially because my
last video that I did on sole purpose as
having a purpose to life a reason for
being here Laure attraction I'm not
going to go into it in great great
detail that simple fact I will just be
repeating everything out there there's
so much information out there it's
absolutely huge at the moment the thing
is it's not actually a recent thing it's
a belief that's been around for years
and years and years the likes of
Beethoven Newton Emerson Shakespeare
they all believed in the law of
attraction today there's a lot of
well-known figures that also believe in
it including people like Oprah Winfrey
Jim Carrey so I'm not going to go into
all the details of how you make this
work for you because that information is
out there and I don't want to waste your
time but I do want to talk about it
because if you've suffered with your
mental health if you have suffered
trauma or abuse in your past or you've
suffered with addiction and you look
into law of attraction basically the law
of attraction says what you put out you
get back so if you put out positive
happy thoughts you will get good things
in your life and if you put out bad
negative thoughts you will get bad in
your life so for those of us who have
been through trauma
it's been very easy for us to think oh I
must have bought it all myself and I do
not believe this is the case I just
don't um I read a book by Esther and
Jerry Hicks a few years ago now Esther
and Jerry Hicks talked about law of
attraction their books were actually out
before the secret by Rhonda Byrne which
kind of bought law of attraction into
the mainframes day but Esther and Jerry
Hicks talked about basically we are
souls in a physical body and we all come
from a place you can call it source and
before we come here and we inhabit our
physical form we know the life we're
going to lead we know what kind of life
we're going to have and we've chosen to
have this life to go through certain
experiences and that's why we are not
all born equal there are people that are
born into extreme poverty there are
people are born that are then shipped
off into a sex trade there are people
that are born to parents that drug
addicts there children that have abused
their then the other side you have
people that are born into privilege or
born into royalty and it can seem really
unfair because we are not all equal but
according to Esther and Jerry Hicks we
actually chose this life and we chose it
for a reason because maybe these aren't
the experiences that we've had before
and we need to have them and I like that
way of thinking out like I always say I
know nothing so I can't say yeah this is
it we definitely come from source and we
definitely chose this life because I
don't know that none of us do and I will
say that in all my videos and I will
also say I'm not trying to sway you
either way I'm just having the
conversation but um yes oh I like that
because then we don't have to I mean we
blame ourselves for enough anyway we
don't like
ourselves enough anyway we have so much
self-hatred the last thing we then need
to do is look into law of attraction and
go this was all my own doing I bought
all this I bought all that form or all
that abuse on myself because I don't
believe that but in the same respect I
do believe that if we put out positive
thoughts we can bring that more positive
things into our lives
CBT which is cognitive behavioral
therapy is all about changing our
thoughts you change your thoughts you
change your feelings and then you can
change your life through doing this
affirmations standing there and saying
to ourselves every day
I am lovable I am a good person it's the
same thing as Law of Attraction we're
thinking something and with saying it as
if it has already come true and
eventually we start believing these
things and they do they become our truth
basically it's very difficult when we
have lived in hell like many of us have
for us to think how can I get get out of
this life with for example if we have
borderline personality disorder one of
the traits is we can get really
intrusive thoughts so how can we conquer
how could if these horrid thoughts are
gonna bring negativity to us and we need
to have positive thoughts how do we
change that because trust me I know it
is not as simple as I'm just gonna start
thinking positive things when you suffer
with your mental health is if only it
was that easy we would all be doing it
what we've got think is with law of
attraction there are three parts we ask
for what we want we believe it has
already come true and we can visualize
it and then we receive we could get it
back in our life when we ask what we
want and we set our intention whatever
it is we want we do it with our
conscious mind the conscious part of our
brain remember the conscious part of our
brain I have discussed it before it's
only like 5% of our brain at work 95% is
at a subconscious level and a lot of our
self hate and anger towards our self and
those negative core beliefs they are at
a subconscious level so when we are
asking we're asking with our conscious
brain so when then we're going to ask
for what we want and we want positive
things we do so at a conscious level and
like I said for things to go into our
subconscious we have to repeatedly do
them at a conscious level first so
consciously think of the positive things
you make yourself think don't get all
worried about all this negativity going
on at the back of our mind because that
will go in time but that is a process
and if all we do is focus on that and
worry about oh my god but I hate myself
nothing's going to go good we are going
to be strapped in that place where it's
richest full of negativity so
consciously we have to say okay even if
we just set some time aside everyday to
start doing it and eventually it will
become a habit so I said when we do like
when we practice the law of attraction
we are
we believe and we receive before we ask
now this is what I'm talking about like
with my last video how many of us when
we want law of attraction if we ask we
might ask for a lovely car nice sports
car we might ask for a big house with a
beautiful garden with a big swimming
pool and a waterfall we might ask for
loads and loads of money because we live
in a really materialistic world and so
much of our thoughts we think that is
what will make us happy but how many
times though I've read about someone who
has won the lottery years later couple
years later sometimes the marriage
breaks down none of their family are
talking to them and they say I wish I'd
never won the lottery and yet we jump
him we think you're attached and I want
this to work for me I'm going to ask for
buh-buh-buh-buh-buh but what we've got
to ask ourselves before we ask for what
we want before we start putting those
thoughts out of what we want is is this
app is this part of our purpose in life
are we supposed to just drive around in
a nice car because actually you might
get these things and these might
actually stop you fulfilling your
purpose in life because you're so
consumed with all this material stuff
going on and eventually you will again
just go back to feeling lost and what is
the point and unhappy and not content
because it's not that's not your purpose
now that's not to say like you should
never have any material things because I
also believe that if you follow your
purpose and do what you're supposed to
do you will manifest the nice things
into your life but you shouldn't focus
on manifesting them as opposed to what
you're here to do
and I think that's really really
important because so many of us just get
caught up with wanting just wanting
wanting wanting when actually maybe
that's not right for us
maybe that will actually cause us more
harm than good so I would just say if
you want to practice the law of
attraction and try it and start putting
out those things just be careful and
really think is this for me like will
this really make me happy now it's very
easy to think yeah that money will make
me happy but if you're not fulfilling
your purpose in life then I don't
believe it will and in fact like I said
it might actually stop you from
fulfilling your purpose so I suppose
that's all I wanted to say in law of
attraction I have personal experience I
told you that in another video
years ago before I had children before
I'd ever written a book I wrote a letter
to my therapist she asked me to write it
I didn't just like her letter and she
said right where you want to be in ten
years from now we'll have her for many
years and I wrote I have four children I
live by the sea I have a book that is
coming out and then you fast forward to
and I have all those things I have four
children and lived by the sea and I have
a book coming out so I do believe there
is something in it obviously I can never
say 100% but I think we just have to be
careful to not get caught up with all
the external things because happiness
comes from inside and external things
just won't satisfy us they just won't we
might think they will but they weren't
so that they're guys and I
back with another video in a few days
love you all
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