In this video I explain what would happen to me physically when I was anxious.

hi today I'm going to talk very quickly
about the physical effects of anxiety
when I first had a panic attack I was in
my teens I did not know I was having a
panic attack
I thought maybe I was having an asthma
attack maybe I was dying maybe I was
having a heart attack
I just didn't know basically what
I went really hot all of a sudden to the
point I thought I was sweating my hands
were literally like completely shaking
and I could hear my heartbeat but bum
ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum it seemed to be
going so fast and it was so loud and my
breathing went really fast with it to
the point I could was like struggling to
catch my breath I actually ended up a
crumpled heap on the floor thinking I
was gonna have to somehow call an
it took a few panic attacks over the
years someone said you're having a panic
attack I no idea what it was before that
I used to get exactly the same feelings
for most ago and so like a shopping
center I'd come over first of all that's
the first thing I'd start thinking I'm
getting hot because my mind would start
going like doing whatever crazy thinking
it was doing and I would start coming
over really hot and then I feel think
everyone's seeing that I'm going red oh
my god I was sweating in front of
everyone and and sure enough the
heartbeat shades the fast breathing and
but even when I knew it was a panic
attack I still had to kind of get out
the situation go and sit in a car or sit
somewhere on my own we uh we try and
breathe and try and calm myself down so
yeah really quick video today just
testing the physical things around so I
do really
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