hi my lovelies so today's video is gonna
be a bit shorter than usual because it's
late in the day and believe it or not I
still have things to do I have behind
the scenes I am still trying to work on
a BPD drive the lovely lady I'm working
on that with lives in America so meeting
times tend to be quite late for me
because there are so many hours behind
and like she could do it earlier but
that's at the time we're getting the
kids to bed so I sat at the table today
with my little munchkins and uh we were
like planning a routine together now we
discussed routine the other day it said
how important is so I looks like to the
guys look I want to involve you we've
all got to do this together so at some
point no one could go I didn't agree to
any of this you've made all the
decisions for me it's something we've
discussed and we all agree on so we sat
there and we were filming it for the
family channel that has not launched and
I'll explain Oh
explain why so what's up there and we're
coming up with ideas and it was all gray
except for my five-year-old who kept
shoving his face in front of the camera
and shouting Peter Pizza I want pizza no
and then would say like okay so alright
everyone agreed on the tenet all right
let's move on to what are we doing at
live pizza and then it was like what are
we doing it he was shoving his face at
the camera so I literally couldn't put
that out
it was um it was so manic and it would
have irritated everyone watching they
were talking over each other and so I'm
like how is this gonna work because this
could be really good but I am gonna sit
down with them tomorrow try again I
might oh is it bad if I do it without my
five-year-old that I could like leave
him in another room do the video and
listen II can give you a little little
look at him but he literally just
completely took over and no one was
heard and so yeah it wasn't for that I
say difficult times we're in difficult
times I keep saying that but I don't
want this video to be doom and gloom
because it doesn't happen we have to we
have to think of the positive and there
is positive we might not see it at the
moment we definitely won't feel it but
there are positives so I mentioned the
other day like the environment how it's
literally pollution has gone down just
from us humans nor destroying the planet
basically so the environments one but
how can it be good for us
look guys how many times do we say I'd
love to do this I just don't have time
I'd love to have a new hobby I don't
have time I'd love to read a book or I'd
loved to do this but I don't have time
for the first time guys we we've got
time we have a lot of time now those of
you with borderline personality that
disorder this could be literally the
making of you you have time
you can be practicing your skills every
day you don't need people around you to
practice skills you don't need to be
completely on your own to Brussels so
whether you live with people or you live
on your own they're still doable I have
a playlist I believe who DBT where I
talk about the DBT skills have a look
lit just have a look at it I am a huge
believer in self-help reading books any
books you have self-help books get them
down get them off that bookcase blow the
dust off and read them because we have
the time is there a hobby you wanted to
start are you gonna art paint a picture
draw a picture do you have you wanted to
write a book why don't you start writing
a book we don't just have to sit and
focus on all the negative because
actually if like we gave back to before
all this happened so many of us would
say I just wish I had time but I'm itchy
I'm doing this I'm doing that and I'd
love just to have free time
hello the universe has given us free
time let's do something with it let's
not just sit around and be like mmm this
is all doom and gloom it doesn't have to
be you want to get fit how many of us
have fun I wish I could just disappear
for a month and come out and I look
amazing I look so fit and healthy and
everyone thought whoa look at him look
at her now it's your time get the
unhealthy you're isolated no one's gonna
see you you're gonna come out like watch
ah look at me
and we have to look at the good in this
and there is good anything that's
out of our control like the virus itself
or like the fact we're being told to
isolate that's not that control we
there's nothing we can do about that
taking control of our fitness taking
control of that if we want to start a
new hobby we want to write a book we
want to learn computer programming look
whatever you want to do now is your time
to shine because we have the time so
that's what I kind of want to leave you
guys with today what you want to do well
if you always thought oh I'd love to do
I love to learn that because I'm sure
like it could be as simple as I want to
build on my vocabulary and learn really
long words now's your time learn those
long words come out you know take
something positive from this I know for
me usually I'm doing the school run I'm
coming home I'm cooking dinner I'm doing
I'm barfing the children I'm doing
clothes I'm doing all this the clothes I
haven't actually done as much recently
aha the city is going on longer than I
thought sorry I haven't because there's
been days when they've stayed in their
pajamas but hey ho I don't care I don't
care it's not the end of the world that
they stayed in their pajamas but I'm
usually so busy and my son's like mom
can you play football I'm just cooking
dinner mom will you play this card game
with me sorry I've just got to do your
lunchbox and now I have time and I'm
gonna make that time see last night I
sat and I watched a film with the kids
I'm sitting down on the floor and doing
puzzles with little lottery and eason
and doing things
that I usually just say I don't have the
time for but now I do hopefully like
people out there rather than this
destroying relationships hopefully can
make people stronger for me we've been
in isolation for two weeks and I'm kind
of getting used to it there the
pressures off school one the lunchboxes
there's a whole new pressure they
destroy my house every single day they
make such a mess but in my routine with
the money including housework because it
has to be fair they need to help me
because my samtcy really matters if I'm
gonna be a good mum so yeah guys I
really want you to have things what have
you always wanted to do that you've not
been able to do because you haven't had
the time just have a think about it let
me know in the comments and let me know
what you can resume about it because we
have time I love you
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