We can read so many negative points to having BPD – it’s about time we started to look at the positives – and they are there! We need to focus more on them.

Heinemann lovelies today i'm gonna do a
video on the positives of having
borderline personality disorder because
living with BPD is so painful so
exhausting so miserable that we often
don't realize that there are any
positives to this disorder because when
it's not being managed more often than
or the negatives outweigh the positives
but the positives are there and for it
in a little list and I'm gonna read them
to you
number one is information and what I
mean by that is out of all the
personality disorders I'm pretty sure
borderline personality disorder is the
most well known it's the most written
about we can go online we can find out
so much information and the more we
learn about the disorder the more we
learn about ourselves we learn to
understand ourselves a bit and this
helps us on our road to recovery number
two we are empathetic we are
compassionate and we are kind I don't
know if it's down to the fact that we
have suffered so much internal and
external pain but we really can
empathize with others when they are
struggling we don't judge them we are
compassionate and kind towards them I
see on my channel as well and like if
someone has done something in their
recovery that they found really helpful
they're very quick to share that
information with others in the hope that
it will help them and I think the power
of one borderline helping another is
huge and I do I see it all the time we
try and help each other which is kind
which is compassionate and and is it's
always lovely to see number three is
passionate loving and fun and for some
reason people with borderline are able
to make people they love fear
on top of the world when we love we love
and we love with our whole heart
unfortunately due to our fear of
abandonment our love can manifest in
unhealthy ways and although we can love
someone with all our heart we can also
end up turning against them because of
that intense love because the fear is
there and we end up pushing them away
number four is talented
when I did back before I did DBT I used
to go to a therapeutic day unit and we'd
go in and with pain and do pottery and
write and do kukri cookery and gardening
and I'd literally never seen so many
talented people in one place and last
year I did a top up DBT course and again
there were loads before with borderline
so talented and someone was handing out
flyers that the mental health unit was
putting on an art exhibition and since
then I've seen them on different
charities web sites and that like art
exhibitions and the eyes produced by
people with borderline
so there's definitely something in that
people with borderline to do tend to
have there's so much talent number five
is the life and soul of the party we
seem to have so much energy and that
that doesn't just go when you come into
recovery we can still be the life and
the soul of the party and energetic just
without all the negative traits as well
number six
intuitive and sensitive for some reason
people with borderline
seem to be super sensitive
what part of super sensitive but also
super sensitive to other people's
emotions we seem to sense how someone
else is feeling which is wonderful
because it brings us to number two back
to number two empathetic compassionate
and kind so we can sense how someone is
feeling and then show them compassion
and kindness and help them we make such
supportive friends we can be really good
friend to someone number seven is we
tend to be extremely intelligent not
said number eight interesting maybe it's
because we are so deep maybe it's
because we are so animated maybe it's
because we've had such a colorful past I
don't know what it is but people tend to
find people with borderline very
interesting and we tend to draw people
to us number nine it can be managed
borderline personality disorder is not a
life sentence and the good thing is once
we learn to manage it
we can manage all the negative traits
and symptoms but we can they're all the
positives that I've just listed blossom
they're still there we can love we can
be compassionate
so if they note the positives don't go
but we can learn to manage the yucky
part and number 10 is strength I never
felt strong it's only up when I came
into recovery that I look back and think
wow you are so strong to have gone
through what you went through and still
be here now fighting and managing it
you're strong and I'm here to tell you
guys you're strong you might not feel
that but you are not many people can
live the lives we live with the on-going
internal external pain and still be
standing fighting fighting this disorder
and getting it under control but I'm
telling you one day you will look back
and realize wow I am strong and the
great thing is when we come into
recovery when we come out the other side
we even stronger than we were when we
started out so strength is definitely my
number 10 on the list and I was just the
kids they've gone upstairs now I just
said to them because I have month number
eleven actually and that was we can make
great parents we can be a great mom we
can be a great dad and I thought my son
was here so I said wow what would you
say is good about my mom about mommy and
she just said she's crazy then my little
girl said she's not just crazy she beats
I thought it's better not all the
cuddles the time to take you out all the
times even when my voice is going and I
feel so ill I still read you your
bedtime stories but no apparently I'm
crazy and I feed them so I will end up
there guys
I thought it's important to do this
video because we do focus a lot on our
negatives but there are a lot of
positives there and we need to embrace
those positives and focus on them and
realize that they're there and because
we have really low self-esteem and we
often don't see ourselves like this we
don't see ourselves as interest and we
don't see ourselves as intelligent we
don't see ourselves as kind often
because people tell us we're not because
our horrid traits come out and we
distance people from us so they're not
necessarily nice to us but it's
important we do remind ourselves that
these are awkward points they are there
they're there to stay not like the
negative points which can do one we'll
get rid of them we'll keep the positives
and we need to scroll I love you all why
bye guys
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