The school holidays are always a struggle – especially the summer holidays as they go on for  what feels like forever. Here are a few things I do to help me cope!

hi my love please I have tried to do
this video a few times which have my
children opposite me making loads of
noise my daughter wants me to hold this
sign up that she made my son wants me to
hold what is this mr. writing it's just
writing there we go I just let me be
called mm-hmm
today I'm actually it's not video
request paste something I'm seeing
coming up a lot in my messages from
people and that is the kids being off
school summer holidays when the children
are no longer at school for a few weeks
we do not have that urgency to jump up
get them breakfast and get them dressed
and get ourselves dressed and get them
out the door and we don't have that so
from the moment we wake up our routines
already different for me I often find
that I just take so long doing anything
I need routine in my life when I do not
have routine in my life up here suffers
when the house is untidy up here suffers
when I feel I don't have any time to
myself up here suffers weed and they're
doing boxing crafts and drawing and
whatnot behind behind the camera
um go on show them quickly listen
amazing right so as you can see I'm not
even in time to do a video I wanted to
have a nice peaceful bath okay I was
like lying back in the bath shampoo my
hair i sha and I set up there's like
these six eyes staring at me I the three
of them Justin and I said wherever you
come from I don't even I don't even have
time to bath in peace
hi I'm on my own I go towards my hair I
come up his eyes here what are you doing
leave mommy alone okay so I literally do
not get a moment um so I thought it
would be important to do a video on this
because I am sure loads of you are in
the same position as me and that is how
many kids they're constantly having no
routine having mess around us and it can
be really detrimental to our mental
health but the way we have to see it is
the holidays don't last by far they do
actually go by quick enough although it
doesn't always feel that way but it does
so what I have started doing is trying
to still have some routine still having
a set breakfast time that doesn't always
go to priority over a set lunch time set
in a time it's at bedtime
the bedtime routine I am keeping the
same it's like going up stairs washing
their teeth they have milk for a biscuit
before their 13th time reading a bedtime
story so I'm keeping that little bit the
same and I'm just trying to wing it in
all of all the other time basically and
kind of relax a bit and think okay you
don't have to completely fall apart
because there is no routine because
there is a small little routine I am
trying to have some time to myself when
they are asleep
this week it's not really happened
because I have been so unwell but I'm
feeling a bit better tonight and I'm
hoping tonight I can watch it from funny
film I really love I was texting
um messaging a lady on Instagram
yesterday I was saying like my go-to
funny film at moment is bad moms and
with Mila Kunis and I just I find it
hilarious I really like that film and so
it's possible yes darling bad mom Amaya
bad mom
yes how am i bad cuz I watched as mum
I'm a bad mom because I would like
feeling bad mom yeah makes sense yes so
I am gonna try and set aside that time
tonight for me just relax
kids hopefully feel sleep and take some
time for me because it does become more
difficult in the holidays I am also
trying to make a point of having fun
with the kids because I can very easily
get wrapped up in doing my videos
replying to messages doing work on the
black sheep project cleaning the house
cooking looking after the kids
for one cleaning the hopeful with the
Hoover when do you ever vacuum when do
you I don't think you've ever you Hoover
Duffus up finished
yeah that's a bit of a fib you've never
vacuumed I don't know time you vacuum
say um yeah I can get very wrapped up
and doing all this and then not actually
enjoy any time with the kids because I'm
trying to make everything around okay
when actually they're not on holiday all
the time and I should make a point so
we've got some games the five-second
rule for junior game where they're
basically you it might say name three K
three cakes is that one name three cakes
and you've got five seconds do it
name three jobs and that's what I got
the other day I could have said teacher
fireman policeman builder I could have
said nothing and it was my five seconds
it's name three jobs and I went oh and I
didn't get any and the kids found it
hilarious that Mommy completely lost but
it's kind of trying to make that time
for them it doesn't have to be all day
we can just take an hour out the day and
say like we're just gonna have some fun
by today I have said after I've done the
videos we're gonna go down the beach and
so they can have some from that my
little boy likes me playing but pull in
the garden and after not like what do I
there's no time it's very bad time it's
no time it's nearly bedtime I'm cooking
I'm cleaning don't know and that
frustrates him and so now we try to make
a point say okay let's have a little
kick about mommy's gonna kick your butt
no I do one time you one did you modem
say yeah it's kind of making that time
and actually having a laugh with them we
have now started doing movie night
wherever we get popcorn and snacks and
we say and we watch a film together and
it's so much fun and and then I go oh
sorry I'm right then I go to bed feeling
better that I've actually enjoyed some
time with my children Waldman just
trying to get everything right around
them actually forgetting about them
why find is when I give them that
special time they're happier they're
more content is this mom mom because
they feel they've got that time with me
and but it is actually actively setting
time aside to do that and thinking right
I'm gonna actually have some fun with
the kids and do something that we can
all enjoy um you know it like the
housework yeah it really does bother me
it's the community better at the moment
and it drives me like Barb's
I can do it later I can do it tomorrow I
can do it next week if I have to do
anything speak and it's really trying to
relax my attitude towards that and let
things go because if I don't let them
vote it's just gonna drive me completely
off the wall rounding modes insane yes
it is I I said to the kids what did I
say to you the other day about cleaning
do you remember who you were me clean up
your mess
and you never cleaned it up what's up
wobbly teeth don't wobble it I can't
bear it I got time to come and I can't
bash it what was the teeth in front of
me it completely freaks me out
okay so it's not mopping your teeth and
just appreciate that probably all the
mums at the school are feeling exactly
the same that we're feeling
obviously if we suffered a mental health
everything seemed so much more intense
and harder and possibly it is but I
think lot of mums
even though that don't suffer with their
mental health will struggle it's a long
time where we're out routine we are
expected to entertain the kids we don't
get time to ourself they are messing the
house constantly unless you have little
angels that don't but I do not have
little angel sir
and i spended toilet only longer so I
don't want my own toilet
oh dear guys so you're gonna have to put
up some of my videos with the kids this
holiday because I just won't get them
done otherwise so I kinda had to I don't
usually have them in the videos because
I'm able to film rather at school that's
not the case at the moment and so they
will be there some of them I'm afraid
but Fred you poor things having to
listen to my little monsters mommy some
monster try and take time for you try
and have fun with kids
don't lose contact with friends maybe
hammer friend round for a coffee or you
go to a friend's house for coffee like
my little boy's best friend nursery his
mum phoned yesterday I was like weed ki
and like to come round and he went round
his house and they had a lovely time
that's nice say it's like don't any
little car guys you will wander and if
you're a doctor down yes thank you for
okay um so yeah keeping you all kids
connected with their friends as well
that can be helpful and do you know what
it doesn't have to cost money to
entertain them you could go on a nature
walk I don't know I'm doing this a
nature walk see the decoration as we do
that at Christmas but you're not going
to see any Christmas decorations now are
you they don't ever put business
decorations up in June um nature walk so
you can just go out and collect lots of
different leaves or flowers or seeds or
or stones or shells or whatever and
collect lots of different things and
then you can come back and do some art
with the staff so you could like stick
some of the leaves down and do stuff
like that and it doesn't cost a lot of
money and your kids will have so much on
i.t can you find some Valentine from a
bone picture we live find a cuttlefish
bone cuttlefish bone yes and I've tried
a little bit he wants to be a
paleontologist when he's older he's
obsessed with darkness for mommy once
they go to this moon to the moon do I
you you said that and I'll cap you know
I iced over son I did I love space
science you want to be a astronaut and I
want to be a scientist I'm no up I'm a
toilet there you go so yeah it doesn't
have to cost some money to do things
that aren't cheap I mean you need paper
and glue but you love great father and
also the thing I find when I'm doing
arts and crafts for the kids it's really
therapeutic you can like really get into
it and and it's that whole mindfulness
thing so you can actually sit there and
have just as much fun with them and then
afterwards you'll kind of all feel
content like you had a nice afternoon
and you had some quality time together
so I'm gonna leave that there guys but I
will be back in the week because it's
actually Friday today I have just put
out another video but I thought I'd film
a few today because I don't want to let
you down next week and but I have
explained she was unwell this week the
kids ahead I've got their desire and and
we're going on holiday and just brought
week away in a couple of weeks and I'm
gonna hopefully be filming from there
and I'm hope
to get my mom and my brother stepdad in
the videos but we shall see they don't
know this yet I'm just gonna Surprise
oh if I thought it'd be really cool to
introduce you guys to them so relieved
that their have a wonderful week and I
love you all
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