hi my lovely today in the UK the kids
schools all closed except for children
that have key workers as parents or
vulnerable children so the kids workers
and sent home and one mum kindly went
and got it and dropped it my doorstep
now my son Eason Isom is 5 he's in year
one and all the kids at the beginning of
the year did a self-portrait which went
up on the walls all this wasn't had the
love they some of them was so nice and
they were so good and they put so much
effort in and it they just look amazing
I got Easons back today and he is
literally super proud of his
self-portrait so proud he stuck it to
his face and we crown with it I'm going
to show you it now this is Eason is that
potato or does this look like the
monster from the Goonies look at those
teeth the ëismí is it's like mommy
you're gonna put it up yes
so anyway mr. Potato Head I'm going to
try and do more regular videos obviously
I've got time and I've got time I'm not
like don't usually but I'm deaf like I
know right now a lot of people are
struggling and I want to be there with
you don't get me wrong it's a struggle
for us too but you know we are in it
together so I am gonna do more regular
videos and I'm gonna try and focus on
something different yes I'm still going
to at least at least once a week do a
video request still because there's
still a lot of topics and subjects and
requests that I haven't done that I am
going to do but for today I want to do
something like give you something that
will help you give you some information
my wisdom as you will and I today I'm
going to focus on routine now our kids
if you have children
they feel like their world's been turned
upside down I explained yesterday about
Kieran and he's chewing in the zoo
switching and he's got a lot of fear the
kids are used to getting up at a certain
time going to school they have structure
to their day now there is none now this
includes me by the way guys because I've
been going to bed so much later than I
usually do
I'm exhausted in the morning I'm lying
in later than I usually do today I spent
most of it in my pajamas so like I know
I need routine for those of us as family
the children need routine children need
routine if you struggle with your mental
health you need routine
I need routine but I can't tell you what
routine is right for you I said to the
kids today we're all going to sit down
and we are going to go through and work
out routine that suits us all some of it
is gonna be stay boss study they're not
gonna like that
but it's going to give and take and
here's the thing one everyone like you
choose what works for you two you can
make it as intricate or as basic as you
want so the most basic routine I would
say is have a wake-up time and have a
bedtime making sure that between that
you get enough sleep so you don't want
to say I'm gonna go to bed at 3 a.m. and
wake up at 7 a.m. because that is not
gonna leave you good in the day so I
would suggest no I won't suggest because
like I said I could say to go to bed at
10 but for some of you that's just gonna
be like ridiculously early do what works
for you that's the basic get up time
where you set your alarm and you
actually get off and then you add to it
and you can be lying once I got up and
have my coffee well
have brought you my breakfast my brush
teeth he my back to ring getting dressed
because you don't want to do what I did
today and saying your pajamas all day so
choose that choose like choose a time to
wake up
she's our time to be dressed by and then
going on
slightly adding to your team routine
choose the breakfast time a lunch time
and it's in a time and that's it that is
like the most basic things and if you
stick to that you're gonna find things
more manageable easier to that's alright
I just had a message life will seem that
bit easier for you now at the moment
everything seems doom and gloom and
rightly so because what's going on isn't
exactly good but it's good to be
realistic but I think so many of us we
can we got all this bedtime we might
spend more time on social media and I
know going on my social media scrolling
through it's depression depression
depression it's like the world is gonna
end and it's just and then people say
you're scare mongering and I'm like not
to me I've like two other people you
stand mine for him it's like are they
aware are they being realistic because
it is quite scary and here's the thing
if people just took advice to start with
an isolated to start with places
wouldn't be put on lockdown
now the quicker we realize okay we need
to isolate the quicker this will all be
over but there are people that don't
want to isolate still and it just drags
it on I think really but anyway we are
where we are
we know that coronaviruses out there
people in isolation we can't get bread
we can't get you know right over here I
can I went to get bread today can't get
it shops didn't have any it's not the
end of the world and there was um there
was a meme eyesore and it was like your
grandparents were called to war you're
being called to sit on the sofa you can
do this
yes we can you know that's it this is
not a war we are not at war we not what
risks of like get bombed in that I know
that it's still fear there I get that
but if the mom who we're reading up on
it the more we're feeding that fear I
did there I was constantly reading up
typing it in and then typing something
like is it the end of the world you know
because I'm a catastrophize er and
that's what I was doing and it did not
make me feel good it just didn't
today I had a read up of what Boris
Johnson's latest thing was I've read it
we've got the pubs restaurants and that
closing tomorrow other than that I
haven't read up on anything because I
know I'm just feeding that fear and it's
not helpful and there's so much doom and
gloom going on but then you see like
satellite picture of the earth and how
pollution has like it's just seeming to
go we like pictures of the river in
Italy where they can finally see the
fish now people aren't about wrecking
the planet and and I think you know we
can just get depressed and go
everything's rubbish we're not free or
we can say in a way we are free how how
often in our lives do we get like this
time just to ourselves free time we
don't have to do anything how often we
don't and there's so much that we can do
and that is what I'm going to be talking
about in the week the things that we can
be doing because there's so much but for
now I wanted to leave you with the
routine just get routine you don't have
to do it tonight it's quite I don't know
what time it is over here but like in
the next few days think okay maybe
starting on Monday what am I gonna do
different am I gonna get up or am I just
gonna literally sit there in my pajamas
all day scrolling on Facebook feeding
the fear
and or I could do something different
and like I said there's lots we can do
so I'll be back to my I love you
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