hi my lovelies my face looks really
shiny also this is my room my ceiling
everything is being prepped to be
plastered so excuse the hideous red
everywhere I'm really not shiny today
okay I hope it all good today's gonna be
I'm really actually for what we do am I
going to do I've had a few few video
requests recently someone was asked me
about when family members just don't
accept this disorder and I have talked
about this before like whether it's
addiction or any kinda mental health
really there are people out there that
do not believe there is such a thing as
mental health in that's it we cannot
force other people to believe what we
want them what we want me to believe we
can try and hear to keep them on there
and explain things but don't we can't
force them to if you around someone
constantly that's telling you it's in
your head it's made up it's not real
thing that's not good for you and I
would suggest distancing yourself from
people like that
if you can't necessarily cut them out
and like distance yourself completely
then I would just suggest surround
yourself with people that do understand
your illness they are there to support
they understand that actually really
struggling and so that's what I would do
other than that there's like not much
else like I said we can't literally
force someone to believe that we have a
but it is hard and it does it can like
obviously it makes recovery harder
obviously because if you have a family
around you that understands your
disorder and is willing to support you
that will make life easier but
unfortunately there are so many people
out there that just don't have that is
recovery still possible how we have
courses of course it is it is it gonna
be harder yeah a little bit of course by
the end of the day we're the ones that
have to put in the work again whether
it's to do with addiction whether it's
to do with borderline personality
disorder depression anxiety or whatever
we are the only ones that can help
ourselves so yeah having family members
help like support us is great and it's
amazing but that still won't get us well
we have to put in the work to do that no
one else can do the work for us
they can try they won't get very far
because we're the ones that need to do
it so okay that was kind of that
question answered I can't even remember
all of them I was kind of thinking today
about borderline personality disorder
and the intense emotions we have intense
anger like crazy anger intense
depression we miss sad oh my god it
feels like the world's come to an end
but when we're happy it's amazing and
we're literally up here and we're
buzzing and everything just feels
amazing but what I was thinking was
considering we have like this scale of
emotions and the scale of emotion well
the variation of emotions they're all
intense so you get sadness naught to 10
not being not very sad 10 being oh my
god I am so sad I couldn't be sadder
the same zero not happy 10 it's so happy
you're jumping through the roof but we
also this is the thing like we can have
these intense emotions or we have no
I believe that's like one of the traits
chronic feelings of emptiness where all
of a sudden it's almost like your
emotions have gone numb and you just you
feel nothing nothing makes you happy
nothing makes you sad and I suppose when
we like that we just stuck on zero like
we've got nothing probably less than
zero things aren't good they're not the
worst in the well but it's not very nice
place to live because you just kind of
feel for me it felt like boredom just
bored bored with life bored with friends
bored with partners bored with just
everything boring what would I prefer
would I prefer just that know nothing or
would I prefer the intense emotions I
would actually have to say I'd prefer
the intense emotions because it's nice
to feel I know it's not when if we're
having a meltdown and we're crying with
sad or we're angry but when we're happy
it's so amazing and I suppose that's
what recovery does for us recovery
enables us to learn some kind of control
over our relations and that is so
important learning to have that bitter
control and recognizing when they're
going to go up too high and be able to
bring them back down but the good thing
is we're still feeling and I think
that's one of the positives I think
we're right loads of you gonna be like
we're not lucky to have BPD maybe we're
not but how amazing is it that we can
feel so intensity we feel more than
other people
feel and I think that is an amazing
thing obviously it gets us into trouble
when we are unable to control it at all
and that's why recovery is really really
important for us
my face is sooo shiny it looks like I've
dunked my face in Vaseline look at the
mess behind me guys right so I'm gonna
leave that there
I will be back next week complete my
roof and everywhere will not be red then
I'm hoping my plaster come plaster comes
back soon he's not here that's had the
fireplace ripped out it was a hideous
just get in there still got my ugly
curtain and say guys I love you all have
a great weekend and I'll be back next
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