hi my lovelies so I hadn't planned on
doing video today but I got this it's
from Nathan hi Nathan
last night saying have you thought about
valentine's day because it's actually
really difficult for all people and I
thought this is an amazing idea actually
yeah I don't know why I didn't think
about it I wish if I had all done this
video yesterday instead of today happy
Valentine's Day guys Valentine's Day is
a tough day now when we think of it oh
it's a tough day we think of people that
are single and don't have anyone and
everything's on social media all the
people going out for meals and flowers
and chocolates and gauge mints and all
the little little and for those people
that don't have that special someone but
want that special someone it's kind of
like rubbing their nose in it
now I'm not blaming people that are in a
genuinely happy relationship posting
something you can do what you want it's
it's not anyone's fault but it can leave
people really feeling like they're
seeing something that they're really
missing out on one thing I would say to
that is social media who posts the
negative I mean when someone say oh one
circle if they want to be horrid about
someone no post-it where he'll say oh
it's a really naphthalene times day he
forgot to get me a card or oh she forgot
and she didn't get me nothing and I got
her flowers and we don't see that but
actually that's probably the majority of
the people I would say it's we only see
the good stuff now I've talked to you
guys before about my birthday I always
used to cry on my birthday because it
meet my expectations and New Year's Eve
I was the same I'm crying because it
didn't meet my expectations and trust me
guys I had enough Valentine's Days where
I would cry when it did not meet my
expectations even though I was with
someone now I'd like to fling Disney 6fo
because we grow up and we watch The
Prince Prince Ariel meeting her prince
Prince Eric Oh Sleeping Beauty meeting
her prince
I'll Snow White meeting happens and we
get this like ideal in our head and this
is how romance should be and then we get
older and there's films that we love
like Sleepless in Seattle you've got
mail the proposal you know real romantic
films where people come together and
everything works out and it's amazing we
we can get kind of confused this isn't
real life this is what makes a good
story it's not real real life is not
always like that
so chances are this plenty of men and
women out there today on Valentine's Day
feeling like it's not just single people
it's it's too commercialized it's like
oh you've got get flour with some
chocolates and wine and do this it's not
real it's not real life yeah some people
I I've hit my friend Nicola I saw her
last night and she was really giggling
she said you know how many guys I saw in
the local co-op tonight
it was literally the night before
Valentine's Day they will just pop down
the local shop to get their cards and I
thought oh what a slap in the face but
it's not at the forefront of everyone's
mind us I say us ladies because I
suppose I think I imagine it's us nerds
but maybe this guys like it as well but
we kind of imagine our guy has been
planning for weeks and weeks Alan times
days in two weeks
I'd better get good cards and I bet you
yes I'm gonna do it's not real it's not
until like they don't think about it
it's like until Valentine's Day and
people like their work might say did you
get a card I forgot to cut go to my
local shop tonight and get the card and
that's all they'll go and do doesn't
matter not really it's just another day
it's just another day I suppose those of
us that on a mom on Mother's Day we
don't go oh such a crappy day all these
mothers getting cards and I'm not mom or
on Father's Day yeah I mean but come
Valentine's Day all this and it's like
big deal big deal and it shouldn't be
so tonight I'm really tired today as
well I'm so tired today I've had the
kids home all day they're on the
halftime holiday which is lovely but
it's been really hectic and we've
actually had today doing housework
which they did not enjoy but tonight
I've got me younger to Tibet and I'm
going to have a movie night with my
older - yes it's Valentine's Day and I
am spending it with the people I love
more than anyone in the world which is
my children and I love my young food
just as much but there they wouldn't
last staying up it would
refers them there we really won't be
tomorrow but I've spent the day with my
children and it's amazing now there
might be they see you out there that
don't have children you think okay well
what about me I'm still on my own and
this is something guys that I try to
tell you lot all the time you've got to
love yourself you have to and those of
us with BPD we don't we pick apart
everything about our character we do
we're not happy with ourselves we have
such low self-esteem but how can we
expect anyone to like us if we don't
like us how can we expect someone to
love us if we don't love us so if you
are out there and you're on your own and
I'd swear to you I would do this if I
didn't have to this is what I do if all
four and one were too young they were in
bed this is what I would do I would say
tonight's about me I'm gonna show love
to myself I will get myself a takeaway
I'm not to get myself if I didn't have
the money I might just make myself
something that I really like and make it
Jim I would put on a film I like I'm I
drink some coca-cola
and eat popcorn I might have a nice bath
with loads of bubbles and candles I
would just literally just make the
evening about myself it's a day of love
it doesn't specifically say it has to be
man and a woman or a woman and a woman
and a man and a man it's it's not about
couples this it's a day of love who'd
you love might be a mom there might be a
it might be a niece and nephew a friend
if you go nope there's no one then what
about you and chances are you'll say no
I don't love myself well today is the
day you show yourself some love whether
you like it or not
make it about you put on a film you want
to watch do what you want to do and
really pamper yourself because we get
caught up in other people's lives and
looking at all they flip this or they
thought that who cares what other people
have we don't know the whole story we
might be seeing literally like someone
might post picture of them out having a
romantic meal with their partner and we
look at Inger Oh couple goals but we
don't know what's going on behind closed
doors maybe one of them's cheated on the
other recently and they're doing all
that to try and make it up we do not
know I'm not saying that has happened if
your partner has been really nice to you
do not think maybe they're nice because
they're cheating on me yeah yes I am oh
she's coming she's got makeup on she's
been doing makeup you always look
amazing this is my valentine date I love
more than anyone in the world except
your sibling yes I love them too like
the second yes thank you guys I'm gonna
wrap it up because I'm gonna get on what
your film with smash that subscribe
button and believe it or not if you
press it it changes color try it out for
yourself oh my god I've got Nate Lee
with technology I'm so old no clue and
I'm not saying that I am NOT saying that
for me that's cringe sorry but go and
shoot yourself some self-love don't why
jewel what are you doing why are you
Oh filming Jasmin's you making you are
my Valentine don't get caught up about
today if you're like I was saying if
you're in a relationship with someone
and they really really split you don't
go oh well maybe maybe they're only
spoiling me for this reason because we
don't know who knows it's just another
day tomorrow it's not Valentine's Day
Guys I love millions and I will be back
next week loads are you giving me loads
of ideas just one asking me questions
I'm like I'm doing this as a video
request so keep them coming and yeah
happy Valentine's Day
bye bye
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