Today I discuss gaining weight in the last lockdown and how this affects our mental health.

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hi my lovelies welcome back
to my channel uh today i'm going to be
something that i know has affected
people it affected me
uh it's affected people i've spoken to
i've read about it in the paper uh
that is weight gain in lockdown
i can understand now
why this happened
uh and the why was it was a really
stressful time uh maybe you were living
with a partner that you didn't get on
with particularly well
so you were stressed maybe you're a
stay-at-home mom
who had all the kids off school and it
was stressful
trust me um stresses about
work finances catching coverage someone
you love catching covered
it was a stressful time and often
when people are stressed they do
something to comfort
themselves and eating is something that
a lot of people do
they comfort eat uh secondly
we were home a lot uh
when you're at home a lot especially
when your whole routine has gone out
like as in
when lockdown we had no routine
we were here all the time uh when you
were just
sat around no routine you can get bored
when you're bored yay maybe you watch
loads more telly you binge watch netflix
i know when i used to like i don't get
to watch telly now but when i did
i would have to be eating while i
watched telly
just be sat there throwing chris at my
myself and the kids had loads of movie
nights which was
really really nice and they loved it but
movie nights with kids
includes crisps nachos
uh pizza sweets uh
not the healthiest and i would
join them in eating it
loads of people started drinking more
in lockdown uh because they didn't have
to get up in the morning
um or if they did they could just sit
around they didn't have to go to work
so people again and for comfort reasons
um a lot of people drank
alcohol equals calories
equals weight gain again
i know this i drank prosecco and it's
really high in calories um
maybe like like me i didn't
go to the big supermarkets i would just
shop at my little local just down the
so because i didn't want to be bringing
four kids around all the shops
so i'd literally just pull up outside
i'd leave the kids in the car so i could
see them and i'd just nip in
and just grab whatever i could and so
you've got less
choice it's not like you can say oh i'm
gonna make this big meal from scratch
it was just quick and easy food
i noticed in lockdown my physical health
deteriorated so rapidly
and so badly like i would be huffing and
walking up the stairs like
uh i the kids would run around the
and get in there exercise i would watch
i did not run around the garden i did
not exercise
i did notice in lockdown they're
contended to be
like those that threw themselves into
their health and fitness
and got super fair and then the rest of
i was the rest of us uh and
put on loads and loads of weight which
i'm now losing
so uh
two yeah average
like yeah i don't like to say normal but
okay your typical
your everyday person that doesn't suffer
with their mental health
maybe they went into lockdown they put
on a bit of weight
they come out locked down they lose that
weight they get back into routine
life goes on they're okay
for those of us that struggle with our
mental health
uh the weight gain
both after and whilst we were gaining it
was really
not like it did not help
with our mental health at all
firstly we often have i know
very low self-esteem and this weight
i know for me did not
boost my self-esteem at all it went
lower i felt worse
and because i felt worse
i just ate and drank more
really counter-intuitive
if you're someone that has um
like you or you used to have an
eating disorder lock down
you might have found you struggled with
i did because i was eating so much so
then i would binge
and the bulimia came back and
i just felt well they say like
for me like with the bulimia it was my
way of controlling things
and yet actually i felt so out of
control but i think that's possibly why
then it came back uh and bit me in the
which it did and
that again knocked my self-esteem
because i had been
years with not binging and purging
and then locked lockdown happened and
there you go
those of us with borderline personality
we have unstable emotions
now the food
that we ate i say we i'm just assuming
you were like me uh
the food we ate was not fruit and
veg it was sugar
and carbs and
all things bad for us all
things that actually
affect our mood so with sugar we know we
eat sugar
have a little spike and we feel good but
then we dip
so from what we're eating we're causing
our mood to do
this when already we have
problems regulating our emotions so
the food we ate would have very lightly
caused our emotions and the bpd
to play up
even more not least because it was a
stressful time and like i said you might
be having relationship problems you have
all these other stresses going on
so i think a lot of people with
borderline personality disorder all with
other mental health
issues would have found this a really
difficult time anyway um
but the food we were eating would not
it didn't help me trust me it did not
help me
i think it's important i do this video
because we've gone into lock down again
and i refuse to do this again i am i
am not doing it i am working hard
to be healthy and exercise and eat
right um and that is going well
and i really have to focus on that now
because i can't afford for my mood
to be all over the place i mean
i'm fortunate in the fact that the kids
still are at school
so it is different last time
uh so i'm i still have that routine
as well which is like i'm forced to have
that routine i have to get them to
school they have to do their homework
they have to be in bed at a reasonable
wow you know
i've got to do that so no movie nights
nachos and sweets
i am starting to fit back in my old
and i've got loads of clothes upstairs
and uh i haven't fit them
for so long like and it's a really nice
feeling and it's boosting my self-esteem
i'm feeling a little bit better
um i find i have more energy i can run
up and down the stairs multiple times
now and i'm not out of breath it's like
amazing uh
compared to only a few months ago
just doing one flight of stairs
so it is important
we know we we know
in dbt in the emotion
regulation part we look at
getting enough sleep exercise
eating the right foods
not eating or drinking uh
things that are not good for us we know
this this
is that this is how we
learn to regulate our emotions
so this weight gain
yes for some people it's a bit of an
bit of a pain in the butt but they can
just do what they do and that it'll be
for us it's really important we look at
this stuff
because it's not just oh i gained weight
it could be i gained weight i got
depressed the bpd
played up eating disorder came out i
suffer anxiety because i no longer want
to leave the house because my
is so low it's huge
and that's why i thought yeah i'm gonna
do this video
um because don't get me wrong guys i
i know what it's like i've been there
it's so easy to get stuck in that rut
um maybe you just live alone and so you
just want to
sit on your sofa and
binge watch television maybe you will do
maybe you're at a point where you're
and you're just like i don't know how to
get out of this
i would say well i'd love to say
just get out there and exercise but it's
not realistic
because someone could have said that to
me and i would not have just stopped
i would have just carried on and carried
on and carried on and i sunk
lower lower lower into a depression
and that's why i'm telling you as well
i was in such a painful place and i
don't want you guys to be going through
uh no you don't have to completely
change everything
make little changes to start with
just little changes um
and having a routine actually can help
with our diet because if you
have a set breakfast lunch and dinner
and maybe two snacks in between and
maybe you
plan for those snacks and maybe you've
just got some
like little bowl of nuts or just
fruit like easily available
you'll be more likely to guess it um and
if you have those set meals you won't be
skipping a meal getting really hungry
and eating 12 bags of crisps
and that that's i'm not even joking when
i say that i used to do that
i'd eat so many bags of crisps it was
but i would do it it's just what i do
um so little changes maybe just have a
routine maybe say and in the next shop
i'm not going to buy any crisps or
i'm not going to buy any chocolate don't
cut both out together
just say for one week just cut one out
um because the good thing is if you
don't buy
the stuff and you don't have it in the
house but you do
have a pack of olives
um some nuts some seat like
nuts and seeds um
loads of fruit
when you're hungry and you just want to
grab something
and you haven't got the junk in your
house you're not going to be able to eat
it so you will
pick up something healthily healthy
and know you're not alone
don't beat yourself up about it because
that won't
that won't get you out of the way you're
feeling you will only feel worse
but it is just baby steps and
it's important to know you're not alone
because you're not there's so many
people out there struggling
um they were in the last lockdown
they're likely now i suppose last time
it was a bit easier
we had nice weather we had long days for
here now it's getting dark by five
i mean and that'll just keep getting
our days will keep getting shorter now
maybe say i will get outside
you don't have to go far you can just
walk to the end of the road and back
little steps baby steps you don't you're
not gonna go
from sitting on the sofa eating rubbish
for months and months and feeling
to mr muscle
you know it's just not gonna happen
uh and for us it shouldn't be about i
want to
fit into this these jeans or this dress
or i want to be this muscly it's about
actually looking after our brain
and we can do that with the food we eat
um guys be taking vitamin d
make sure you're taking vitamin d i am
at the moment
in the winter months we don't get we
just don't have the sunshine to get
enough vitamin d
so need it if you need multi vitamins
take multi vitamins um
all these all these little changes will
help you
um i think
that's all i've got to say on the matter
but like i'm not judging
everyone's probably looking at the
screen thinking we're judging you we're
judging you 12 packs of
ah throwing them up my face uh i
wouldn't go to the freezer
and take out a tub of ice cream and take
some scoops out and put it in a bowl
i would bring the tub to me and i would
eat it out the tub
until it was all gone
but i'm not doing that now i'm being
healthy so
yeah don't be hard on yourself
no it's okay you can
get through this even if you're kind of
where i was you can still
what's on my neck why does my neck look
so red
wrinkly neck um i'll just do this
yeah you might be in a really really
dark place now
baby steps guys baby steps
um you do not have to completely you
just miraculously feel amazing the next
if you eat healthy for one day that was
like me i would eat healthy for one day
and i'd be looking in the mirror like is
there a change is there a change
and they unfortunately it doesn't work
like that
so i'm gonna leave that there
don't forget the sex series
starts thursday two days two days
also tomorrow is
for those into spirituality um
11 11 11 the 11th and they say
it's of an 11th year because the 2020 is
and that's 11 11 as well
so 11 11 11
so tomorrow 11 11 11 at
11 11 i will
be meditating raising my vibration
so there's lots of videos on youtube
about it if you look up 11 11
energy portal you'll find videos uh
so happy 11th 11th everyone for tomorrow
i'm gonna love you and leave you and
i look forward to seeing you in the sex
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