I use a chart to explain BPD. I have done a similar video ages ago but thought I would update and re-do it!

hi my lovelies today I'm going to give a
description of borderline personality
disorder but this isn't like living with
borderline personality disorder because
I have done that kind of video before
this is a little lesson I have done it
before but it's an old video that I did
ages ago
and I'm aware I'm getting a lot new
viewers and subs and I thought I would
redo it and even for people that have
seen it before I don't think it hurt
what again and I have a little recap so
I've done a little chance let's show you
here so at the bottom we've got
someone's age in years and here we've
got emotional intensity going up so this
is more intense more intense more
intense breaking point
breaking point is where someone attempt
suicide just had enough so what you'll
probably find when someone's at number
10 the extreme emotions this is where
the impulsive behaviors come in they're
using drugs drinking self-harm etc so
I'm going to use a blue pen to start
with I'm using my daughter's Sharpie pen
she'd kill me if she knew right to start
with I am going to show you what it's
like for someone that does not have
borderline personality disorder a normal
so they are born here and they're going
to go through life fine get bullied at
school up go to college fail their exams
get a job and get the sack get married
and get divorced and they hit breaking
point because
even normal people can hit breaking
point and attempt suicide it's not just
us people with borderline personality
disorder so you see every time something
happens the emotional intensity goes
right up I'm now going to use a red pen
to show you what happens with someone
with with borderline personality
disorder now my person with borderline
personality disorder is going to go
through exactly they're going to get
bullied at school they're going to fail
their exams at college they're gonna get
the sack and they're gonna get divorced
so they go exactly the same problems so
they are born already there is
difference therefore already we are born
with higher emotional intensity than
your normal average person so right
we're gonna go through life we're gonna
have the same problems go through life
well it's gonna be higher because we've
already started off higher
what you'll notice its where is the
normal person they had something happen
they were able to regulate the emotions
and come back to normal level we can we
cannot regulate our emotions so they
will go up get intense and we won't come
back down to here we're up here so it
grows the intensity doesn't come back
down and it gets more intense and more
intense and here this is multiple
suicide attempts when we're here so
we're we're using drugs with self
harming and then we're just all
attempting suicide
the drugs the self-harm
the sex the gambling whatever your
impulsive reckless behavior is that is
our coping skill we do those things they
will keep us alive unfortunately they're
just really negative coping skills but
we don't know how to deal with our
emotions our emotions are so intense and
so painful I actually heard it described
by someone online I cannot remember who
it was but basically they said
borderline personality disorder is the
emotional equivalent of a burns victim
where we feel everything the slightest
slightest thing it's like our emotions
are raw and the pain we feel is so
intense not only is it so intense the
fact is we can't regulate our emotions
they are in unstable they're all over
the place that's why one minute we're up
here and then we're crashing down just
wanting to die so the way we deal with
that is we drink we use drugs we have
sex we gamble we self-harm because
that's the only that's the only skill we
know how to use so
if we were to take away the self-harm
and take away the drugs and the alcohol
we'd probably just be attempting suicide
because we have got then nothing to grab
onto to try and cope and that is where
skills like DBT come in where they teach
us new healthy coping skills so we can
then eventually get rid of the old
negative coping skills and start using
these new healthy ones not only that
with DBT you learn emotional regulation
that is so important we need to learn
how to regulate our emotions if they
were more regular and they weren't so
life would be so much easier for us and
it would be easier that's for us to cope
so yes I'll let you have one more look
at my little chart there you go I think
that I learned that years ago that chart
and it really kind of helped me
understand what was going on for me
I completely agree with this that I was
born here I from a young young age did
not act the same will react the same as
other kids to certain things everything
I was so emotional and the slightest
thing could upset me so so much even
from a very young age and even my mum
says now looking back with hindsight now
she knows I have borderline personality
disorder it makes sense that's why I was
like that but obviously I didn't have
that diagnosis when I was like two and
three years old and she just she always
used to think why - Rena reacts like
this but now we know so yeah
I hope you enjoyed my lesson um yeah
lots of love to all guys ah bye
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