I keep getting asked what meds I am on.  I decided to do a video on it to finally answer people BUT I must point out that what works for me might NOT work for you! Also, I am not a doctor!! I can not tell you what meds will work well for you!

hi guys today I'm gonna do a video on
medication I didn't really want to do
this video I have done other videos on
medication but I keep getting asked by
what medication you are Sherina what
medication have you been on what works
you so I thought I'd do this video I
don't know if you'll find it helpful and
I don't think you'll probably get the
answer but you want I will tell you
though what medications I've been on but
but but but I am NOT a doctor so I can't
tell you what medication you need to be
on also what works for me might be
horrible for you and you'll think oh my
god I hate these meds and trust me
because I've had friends with borderline
personality disorder and we've been on
the same meds and I've been like these
meds are great and they're like I want
to kill myself and vice versa the other
way around so what works for me might
not work for you also I have said in
another video as well and if you're on
medication you're thinking oh my meds
don't work are you drinking are you
using drugs because I say this because I
did this and I used to go back to my
doctor the drugs don't work the meds
don't work why didn't tell them I wasn't
telling them that I was drinking loads
of how cold everyday New Zealand drugs
drugs and alcohol will interfere with
your medication so if you want to know
if your medication works properly you
need to cut out the drugs and alcohol
hard I know yeah
right so I've said I'm not doctor I
can't tell you what you need to be on
but I will go through what I've been on
right so when I was back when I was 21 I
was in the mental health ward for months
living now and I was on I must have been
24 to 28 tablets a day and I was on a
right hold useful mixture and I I was on
an anti depressant I I'm pretty sure it
was citalopram I was on citalopram I
have been on that and I like to tell it
from but I'm pretty sure all the way
back there nothing I was on that one for
years I was on I've got my little list
here carbamazepine which i think is used
for epilepsy as well I think it's also a
mood stabilizer I was on something
called the spiral now I don't know if
these are the actual medical names or
the manufacturer of the medication these
are just what I'm remembering and the
bus Byron I sure X and zopiclone
zopiclone was for my sleep I think the
at relax was anxiety and perspire and I
think hang xiety as well and there's
opportune for my sleeve because I had it
really intrusive thoughts I just
couldn't sleep so that would help me
then I got pregnant with my daughter my
first child and you can't take
carbamazepine safely I don't think I
don't think it's entirely safe to have
in pregnancy so I came off a lot of my
medication I went completely loopy in
the pregnancy and they decided very
early on they needed me back on
something and they put me on an
anti-depressive because I've stopped all
these other meds I got pregnant and
actually I didn't listen to my doctor
that I just stopped everything myself so
no wonder I just went because I took no
doctors advice and I feel I've taken
into my own hands
yeah and it did not work out very well
for me so they put me on an
antidepressant and that antidepressant
was sertraline
I think sertraline is like the best
known to be okay in pregnancy okay for
breastfeeding and so yeah I started on
the app when my daughter was born my
daughter's seven now and that is the
still the antidepressant I'm on today
I'm on 200 milligrams of it which i
think is that the maximum amount I can
be on so after I'd had my children I
never went back on to that big mixture
of medication I was under a new doctor
and I got put on an antidepressant and I
was no longer a mood stabilizer I got
put on an anti-psychotic for me this
combination worked really well the
antipsychotic really helped with my
intrusive thoughts my anxiety and help
call me the antidepressant made me feel
all right lifted my mood a bit but I've
heard like I also know other people that
have been on the answer depressant
antipsychotic combination and it's
worked really well for them as well but
I have also met people in the medical
profession saying you shouldn't be on an
you're not psychotic and true but my
intrusive thoughts were becoming so real
maybe it was a kind of psychosis but to
be fair I don't think of a psychotic at
this point but they worked they did work
and I've seen them work for other people
not always the sertraline quetiapine
makes quetiapine was the antipsychotic I
was on and I was on 200 milligrams of
that as well so um yeah not always on
that someone might have been on to
citalopram and the lanza pain or you
know there's lots of lots of different
ones and again what works for some
doesn't work for another years ago I was
on surak's at
and I started attempting suicide I was
just so down and it turned out that lots
of people have this problem I think it's
a rock sound I'm pretty sure it was it
was a long time ago so if you are taking
a medication and you notice all of a
sudden your mood go crash get yourself
to a doctor don't just assume it is you
it could be the medication making you
worse so it isn't worth just leaving it
if you're feeling bad go back to your
doctor I am a big believer of medication
like I've said in my other videos
medication alone won't fix you you need
a combination but what medication will
do it can take the edge off so you're
then able to engage in therapy whereas
at one point when I say wasn't on
medication I'd be so anxious I couldn't
leave the house I was so depressed I
didn't want to get out bed so there was
no way I was going to engage in any kind
of therapy or go and see a counselor or
do anything but the medication actually
gave me the little kick up the butt I
needed to go to therapy and then the
combination of medication and the
therapy and the counseling together
worked there are people out there that
don't believe in mental health
medication and like my view is if you
have a headache you would take a
so why would you not take something that
can help you because often a lot like
depression that it is a chemical
imbalance in the brain if you can take a
medication that can kind of sort that
out why wouldn't you and but I suppose
like I said for mental health our sight
out of mind people forget about it don't
they but yeah so I hope I've answered
your questions people that have asked me
what medication are many out on
but-but-but-but like I keep saying you
might go to doctors they can try these
notifications like these meds and they
might be hideous because honestly they
all work in different ways for different
so but I have now told you so I hope
that helped
all right guys enjoy the rest of your
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