It can be really hurtful when someone doesn’t like us, especially if they have no valid reason for not liking us! So what should we do when in this situation?

hi guys I apologize I've been away again
I'm in chaos at the moment as you can
see I'm having like the house we've lost
herbs so there is stuff everywhere
just stuff just stop
so basically I had Amelia and Easton's
birthday and it was like this big
birthday weekend of celebration one-on
one day the other one the other day and
it was hectic and those of you that
follow me on instagram know that Lottie
got chickenpox and it was such a bad
case like I took her to the doctor and
even the doctor said I've heard about
cases like this I've never seen one this
bad before so we then had that and then
it's the end of the school term over
here I had sports days for three of them
I had to some affairs
I had three parents evening and it's
just been manic and then they've broken
up for school and I do not know if I'm
coming or going at the moment and living
in chaos as you can see like this just
stuff there's just stuff so I will be
doing videos over the next few weeks but
I can't guarantee what day or time
because obviously I haven't begins and I
suppose that it's just the Tories have
being a mum for but I'm doing a video
request today for Natalie hi Natalie
and um I'm fuzzy fuzzy back
I've been eating chopped up right video
so Natalie off me to talk about when
you're with a partner and their family
just doesn't like you I have now it's
really hard I think it'd be hard for
absolutely anyone to know though
of someone and that their partners
family doesn't like them anyone it's not
gonna be a nice feeling is it but
obviously if we have BPD we're gonna be
super sensitive to that we will find it
really hurtful
we will question if it is there
something wrong with us it might like
bring make us weak angry and it's it's
not a nice experience now going back a
few years ago if I had a partner and
their family didn't like me I would talk
badly about their family to my partner
what's their problem
oh then all that anyway and I would like
because I would want to persuade my
partner that his family are horrible and
I am the nice one I basically want him
to take a side there's two sides take my
side and if he didn't you'd lead to
rouse if I felt he didn't defend me it
would lead to rouse now I was pretty
fortunate in the fact that like most of
my exes I think I got on quite well with
their families my my first boyfriend
he had a Nam who was like really poor
and I'm going around she didn't like me
she was a commoner
I must point out she probably had like
when I was a teenager you have this real
habit embarrassing habit I would just
say in it all the time at the end of any
sentence okay young gang shops in it
yeah just gonna out my mates in it and I
said so I do get it she was like really
thought and I would go around for dinner
and she'd get oh dear you're not allowed
to control elbows on the table it's rude
huh but she she would purposefully do
this thing to wind me up I'm sure it's
on purpose should say hey
sucks and such have you seen such some
such like his ex-girlfriend basically
she hurries out oh she's such a lovely
girl how is she doing it's a shame you
two didn't work out I should be saying
that well a saddle a table um and I
suppose family members can do that if
they don't like you they're gonna say
things that will irritate you and
bringing up next his name is pretty sure
way to do that the thing is if you're
with someone and they have an ex and the
family really like the ex and then they
break up and you're the new person
you're gonna get compared and if the
family we're close with the ex and maybe
they still are they're gonna kind of see
you is like oh you swooped in and took
him and then have all those like horrid
feelings towards us when actually we're
just the new person just like us but we
cannot force people to like us even if
we want to the world is a big place
there's lots of people in it
not everyone is gonna like everyone and
that is okay but we have to learn not to
take it so personally we have to stop
like letting it completely take over our
thinking and our thoughts because that
it's really not worth wasting that time
thinking about stuff like that because
we have we are powerless over at the
people we have no control over them we
cannot force them to like us obviously
like I said a few years ago it was me a
few years ago I would have wanted my ex
to take sides or my products um to take
sides and be like really defending me
and I'd be really hurt if I thought they
didn't do that but now I really see
actually that's like the worst thing we
can do because if we start if my mum is
annoying me hi mom yes I know she'll
watch this if she's annoying me I can
say my mum's been really
irritating today she's getting on my
nerves I can say that if someone else
said your mum's really irritating she's
getting on my nerves I would really get
annoyed with that because it's my mum
I can say what I want by my own you
can't that sort of thing so actually if
we're saying to our partner or your
family mmmm and then there it's just
gonna make them angry at us rather than
because it's their family that's the
thing they have for history they've
known them all their lives and we come
so for us to try and make a partner take
sides that's the way we would do it is
like I said we'd probably badmouth the
family we'd only just push them away and
then the side they'll take their
families anyway so what I would say is
don't say anything about the family and
affect the family are saying bad things
about you too partner
well they're just gonna push your
partner into you so and it's their loss
and they they will be pushing them away
in doing like talking bad about you so
I forgot what I was just saying I wasn't
such a role as well I was getting right
into that awkward oh my god my mind has
just gotten completely blank boy I was
like yeah what was I even saying now I'm
just watching the time thinking I'm in
my hair don't saying say something
though unfroze it's like see that's me
right now just say something uh families
families families
that's what I was gonna say I thought
what you can do is sit down with your
partner and explain how you feel and say
I don't know what I've done
like do you know why they don't like me
like them and I can do to help us like
build a relationship or but do that
without pointing the finger at them like
that you're fine like your family don't
like me why don't they like me hmm
it's getting me down because again that
will get your partner's back up because
you're kinda like blaming the family for
how you feel and yes it might be because
they're being horrible to you and that's
why you feel that what you do but your
partner doesn't need to hear that but
you can talk to them about it and then
you do kind of have to let it go and be
supportive of your partner and I
understand actually they're in a horrid
situation because they obviously love
you but they do love their family and
it's not gonna be nice for them either
they're not gonna be enjoying this and
that's why I say to you like you don't
have to do anything just kind of just
leave it and just be yourself don't let
it bother you
not everyone's gonna like you I know
it's hurtful base just how the world
works not everyone likes everyone I did
do this video a minute ago and then my
ex Hadley just phoned and it cut my
video off so I've had to redo it and I'm
sure the first video I talked in more
right I'm gonna leave it there my
lovelies I do apologize again for
disappearing for a few weeks but like I
said I will be back but chances are the
kids are all gonna be about there on
their summer holidays right I love you
all loads and I'll be back next week
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