Today I give the names of the 5 winners of the giveaway. I also discuss how I get a lot of messages from people, either top students, amazing athletes, musicians etc who are so depressed and on the verge of quitting.

I my lovelies so today I have exciting
news because the five winners of the
giveaway have been chosen and they have
been emailed but I have their names here
repeats paper before I read out the
names I'm gonna tell you how they would
chase him because I've entered giveaways
before and I'm kind of like yeah you say
random how how do you do it and so I
thought I'd tell you and basically as
each of you signed up you had a number
so one two or three four five all the
way down to however many there were and
Jennifer the lovely marketing lady from
my publisher she um asked her daughter
to choose five numbers between one and
however many there were and so her
teenage daughter just randomly picked
five numbers and then Jennifer went back
to the computer and looked up the
numbers of course the main and that's
how you guys have chosen so if your
names are
Steph dent Rossum 81 I knew that's not
named Ross on 81 Chiara aching head
Leanne McGowen and Ellie two months
congratulations guys I'm really really
tough for you
so those of you who didn't win I want
you to know we are probably gonna do
this again it has been really fun yeah
so we will be having another giveaway
coming up very shortly you don't have to
sign up all again those of you who have
already signed up your names lost
nothing to go in so yeah we will do
something like that again see I say it's
quite late here it is gone half 10:00 at
night the kids are asleep
I've had a really hectic week I'm not
gonna go into it but it's just been a
bit manic but today I thought I'd touch
from a subject because I get a lot of
that like emails not emails like
Facebook messages Instagram messages and
unfortunately like I just can't reply to
everyone anymore I used to
like reply to everyone but it's kind of
got to the point I just can't now and
that was one of the reasons I wrote the
book was because I wish I could him this
way I thought well I can just bet
everything into a book um but I used to
be surprised at how many people I would
get messaged me saying how depressed
they were how anxious they were and how
they just felt like giving up on
everything they'd had enough and these
weren't people that didn't have a job
you know were under a mental health team
or had some kind of diagnosis these were
normal people whatever
yeah there were people that run under
mental health teams there were people
that were top students maybe there are
at university by really good
universities going for a master's degree
sometimes they were like amazing
athletes like either an amazing hockey
player tennis player swimmer
Ronna you name it sometimes they were
amazing at like playing musical
instrument piano violin whatever it may
be and they weren't just good they were
really really good and they just weren't
happy they're saying to me I just feel
like just giving it all up and to start
with haste to think like you've got it
all like you've caught it got it oh
you've got it made you're at the best
university you could have the best job
you could have me best life actually
when I think about it that's not what
life's about it's their life some about
being happy and that's the one thing
these people they
of what they did they got to a point
where they were no longer happy and I
think there are a number of reasons of
this firstly there are in a competitive
environment whether they're a musician
whether they're a student reports men
they're in a competitive environment
they're competing against others others
that want to be better than them they
want to be better than the other people
but also they want to be better than
themselves they're constantly pushing
themselves a bit more that bit more and
putting pressure on themselves and it
gets to a point where it becomes painful
and it's a struggle and it can come out
in many different ways anxiety can be
one I have quite a few people telling me
I've just turned to drink I've turned to
drugs I'm turned to shopping whatever
whatever is it's those kind of real
self-destructive behaviors because
they're trying to fix themselves to make
themselves a little better and I was
thinking like I saw but not all of them
not all the messages I got but certainly
some of them from what they said they've
really been pushed from a young age from
parents like you've got to be the best
you've got work heart and so when their
friends were out playing they were at
home studying or training or playing
their musical instrument or every as
they did and that pressure was on them
from externally everyone around them
thinking like they're amazing they're
gonna be the best and they got to the
point where they were so scared of
failing because their to think they'd be
so worried what everyone would think
about them like they were such a failure
sometimes if they feared failure because
they just feared failure they didn't
want to be that failure it had nothing
to do with other people it was the
expectations and stuff they put on
became too much and it's very easy for
me to say you know just have no
expectations guys like okay with me sat
here on my safer no I'd top university
not in this top sports team well he's
full steam I play piano I can't read
music I wouldn't call myself a pianist
but it's very easy for me to say but I
would say first of all like life isn't
actually all about being the best it's
not now having the best job or the best
car or being the top sports person
winning everything because these are big
things and I think a lot of people when
they get into old age they look back and
they think well those things we thought
were big actually a minor and it's all
the small things that we realize are the
big things friendships just been happy
going seeing people relationships that
we build experiences life experiences
and so I would just say like really try
and hold that on your mind
and ask yourself are you happy because
maybe this for this musical instrument
or this course will make you happy and
you can be eventually but you need to be
happy now as well because you're kind of
getting to a point that you're at
breaking point and you're gonna go one
way or the other now and so you've
really really got to look after yourself
and another way of doing that is having
balance in your life life is not about
doing your sport from morning to noon to
the point that you have no time for you
no time to just switch off and relax no
time to see friends no time to have any
other hobbies
like you're gonna be miserable so you've
got to have some kind of balance it
doesn't mean quitting University it
doesn't mean giving up your sport but is
kind of just relax a bit and know okay
so what's the worst that can happen okay
I don't get top grade I still play us
and I'm happy or I don't win anything so
what there's other games to play you
know try and let go of other people's
judgements yourself other pressure from
outside because you know it's not fair
it's not fair on you and it's important
that you're happy and sometimes like I
think like loved ones they push like a
child to do well because actually it's
something that they wish they had done
and they put all this pressure on the
child and they they'd not even
consciously aware of why they're doing
it they just do it and so maybe it will
take you to sit down and say look this
is how it's making me feel because in a
lot of the cases your loved ones would
want you to be happy
they might just not be aware of how
they're making you feel yeah I'm trying
to think of what like what other advice
I'd give really it would just be like
don't put pressure on yourself don't
take pressure from other people in the
grand scheme of things your happiness is
more important and and you can be happy
and you can have a balanced life and you
can have the best of both worlds you can
you can still do the thing you love
whilst still being happy but if you'll
just put in all the pressure on and
doing the same thing day and day out
nothing else you're gonna get to a point
where it just becomes too much so I'm
gonna leave that there it's really late
tonight and I'm quite tired but I will
be back Monday congratulations again to
the winners and to those that didn't win
remember we are gonna do another
giveaway since they have a wonderful
weekend guys and I will be back with you
on Monday
love your legs
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