When I broke up with someone I could be devestated one minute only to have completely moved on the next. Why do we do this?

hi guys today I'm going to do with a
video request it doesn't say who it's
from it was talking about people with
BPD borderline personality disorder and
why do when we break up
do we just move on so quickly from an ex
I think I have touched on this subject
before but I will touch on it again now
for me I know that I did do this pretty
much all the time it wasn't that I
didn't care about my ex it's not that I
hadn't been in love with my ex but
sometimes just say the relationship
broke down I would get so upset I was
self-harm I would drink I would use
drugs I've attempted to the side like
the pain I felt with a breakup was so
intense it was almost like my body
saying whoa nah you're not doing this
this is too hard and then I just go numb
and I'll just get on and I would move on
and I would meet someone else and I real
happy and in love and all those painful
horrible horrid feelings that I have
been feeling would then be completely
replaced with my calling with someone
else and they're so wonderful to her and
I'm not saying that wasn't true when I
had someone else actually it probably
wasn't to start with then time I then
get close to that person I might learn
to at least like that person I don't
know if it was love really a lot of the
time but I would then get close to that
person and it was like I just completely
cut off completely cut off from
that sounds really cold-hearted and I
would say that if I didn't have all the
line personality disorder and I had done
that then yet that's quite cold but I
think it was my body's way of kind of
protecting myself because I couldn't
carry on up because the initial feelings
was so intense and so painful that way I
just couldn't do it
so I would Li just cut off feel numb
move on and that would come across as
really really cold now sometimes that
would happen I know like for me I often
would in the relationship saying myself
but I would do that because over the
last few months saved the relationship I
was starting to get those painful
feelings so it was almost like I was
cutting off before the actual breakup
happened I was cutting off cutting off
cutting off and then I would see someone
sound so terrible I'd like see someone
else I liked um I didn't ever cheat
there wasn't an overlap but by having
someone else to focus on that made me
feel nice I could then easily cut off
emotionally from the person that I was
supposed to be with and I was supposed
to be in love with and I for them like
the person that I've been with I'd just
break up have a week on my own
oh she's met someone else and it would
seem like it just all happened so
suddenly when actually for me it had
been like a build-up over a period of
time or feeding her feeling not love
feeling you know those negative negative
feelings and then I would meet someone
or not not meet someone just like see
someone that give me the butterflies in
the stomach
and I feel good so it was it didn't just
happen like that but to the person that
I've broken up with it definitely
probably did seem like she's just ended
out nowhere and moved on but it wasn't
like I went through no hurt or no pain
and I just give a damn about them
because that was that just wasn't the
case I do think I was often I was scared
in my own feelings because I know how
intense they were I knew how they made
me behave and so I'd kind of just cut
them off like just go numb and then I
just didn't care it's not I didn't care
but I feel like I think here so I hit
that answer the question my lovelies bye
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