In this video I discuss what spirituality means to me.

I have what is varied rarity I don't
actually have an answer for that but I
can tell you what it means to me um
right before I came into recovery and
heard of spirituality I wasn't
particularly spiritual person but I have
come into recovery and I've learned a
bit about it and what it means to me is
we are all human we made of the physical
form five senses I also believe we have
a spirit we have a song and we're all
kind of connected we all may look
different and there but we've all got a
spirit of Olga soul I believe there is a
higher power out there I'm not religious
I believe in like the law of attraction
if you put out could you get back good
when I think of spirituality I think of
kindness love peace gentle grateful and
all those nice nice work webs if
someone's unspiritual or say spiritually
unwell you think of all the opposite
they've got an ego and hate anger
dishonesty just an asshole basically
I don't want to be an asshole wanna be
nice so how have I changed nowadays I
look at myself if I do something wrong
in the day I try and write it I don't
have road range any more Jews have years
ago someone call me an asshole the other
day and I just went and I was fine
because one maybe I wasn't driving as
well as I usually do and to let them
have that shit I don't know what's going
on in their life I don't want their
negativity I want peace around me so
they're just wave I got on and I forgot
about it they've probably driven down
the road I don't want that and I believe
there's a higher power out there I
believe in the law of attraction you put
out good you better get that good and
I'm humble today I don't no longer have
my head up my ass I don't judge people
now because I believe we're all the same
and I don't think I'm better than anyone
it'll probably did when I was an
addiction I just try to be a good person
now and he's myself spirituality yeah as
they are trying to be a good person I
question my existence
yeah I'm not gonna stop talking so low I
la does believe load of crap and I don't
do the X I'm spiritual
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