In this video I explain what a 12 Stepfellowship is and does. I must point out I do not talk on behalf of any fellowship – these are my personal opinions.

hello and what is a 12-step fellowship
i'm doing this video because before i
went into treatment I had no idea i've
never heard of the 12 steps I've never
heard of a 12-step fellowship I had
heard of a hey but I didn't know his
anything to do with the 12 steps till I
went into treatment center and it was 12
set based right so I'm not going to go
into the individual steps in this video
but i will just talk about what is a
finish so a fellowship you've got a a
which was Alcoholics Anonymous is the
first 12-step fellowship they were the
ones that develop the 12 steps goes back
to nineteen thirty-five post-prohibition
back then alcoholics was seen as being
like morally defective and they were bad
people doctors didn't know what to do
with them chance I'll they'll just die
cuz no one helped them and they could
get these people clean but these people
couldn't stay clean so I'm not going to
go into the story they is fascinating
and like I highly recommend you looking
at art and basically two guys in America
and well it was more than two but
basically on talking about dr. Bob it
Wilson they realized the power in one
addict helping a lover and from then if
you just think how many thousands of
meetings there are every day all the way
across the globe it's pretty amazing
because I've heard 12-step fellowship
freaking cold before and all sorts of
things but they obviously work for the
thousandth of some thousands of people
have never been able to get clean before
and they do this stuff and they get
clean it was basically one addict giving
his experience what he did giving some
hope to the other person and saying you
do what I do and you will stay keen to
so it was so successful loads for the
12-step fellowships have come about
you've got na which is narcotics k-ci
which is cocaine ouais Overeaters GA
that's gamblers largely daddy defense
and so what do they do right a 12-step
fellowship you'll have meetings weekly
meetings and depending where you live
you might have only one near your week
where I live I'm there's meetings every
single day I'm very lucky in that
respect um so you go into a meeting and
the one thing I found I was really made
to feel welcome I didn't feel judged I
was among people for the first time in
my life where they understood me I
wasn't something talking to a doctor it
was giving me all this advice and I
thinking you don't know what fuck I'm
going through I'm with people that do
know what the fuck I'm going through and
that was really nice and so they don't
judge you they understand you kind of
the first time I felt part off before it
always kind of felt like a bit of an
outsider like something was wrong with
me and I didn't feel like that when I
went into this meeting so they recommend
you do meetings in the meeting you get a
sponsor now before when everyone heard
the word sponsor I kind of thought
sponsorship money involved it's I know
probably peop like what but that that's
my desmond ryder e so there's nothing to
do with money is basically someone
that's been through the work who has a
bit more clean time than you and they
can show you they're like people create
or and all the book na and they'll take
you through the steps 12 12 different
fellowships doing different amount of
times as well i know in CA you go
through the web quite quickly in na it
takes quite a bit longer but it is
whatever works for you
right you go to meeting get a sponsor
they also suggest you get a commitment
so a commitment is you have your
homegroup so it's the same meeting you
do every week say for example you do on
a thursday every Thursday the same time
you go to this meeting and you ever
commitment there it could be making tea
and coffee for someone not someone for
everyone on there and it could be
sweeping the floors putting the chairs
out you could be a Maori to meeting the
men female be and meeting the girls and
the me it definitely helped in one I got
humble I did not before having a head up
my ass there was no world we want to be
sweeping up after people or in front of
people and by did it and so it was a
humbling experience but not just that it
got me to the meeting because I didn't
want to kind of let people down and to
start with it was probably a bit of ego
not wanting them to be slagging me off
because I haven't bothered come in don't
venture I generally didn't want to let
people down so it got me to the meeting
which is good um and finally it's
growing through the work but you have
your sponsor that will show you how to
go through that work and and it's really
simple I know ever you hear a lot that
we complicate it we really really do
because it is simple and one of the
things that I find have put people off
and deep in me off a bitter start with
the work because I was like oh my god
they're all religious religious nuts I
can't do this I don't need this and it's
nothing like that it's not religious you
might hear the word God but it is God of
your understanding rather than saying
God you could say higher power and and
that's kind of a spirituality part
believing there's something out there it
doesn't have to be the big man in this
guy with a beard fuck if that's what
you've been brought up leaving it could
be the force of nature the powers of the
universe whatever works for
you to start with some people go in and
their high power is the fellowship
because they can't get clean on their
own but with the help of the fellowship
they care so for them that's working as
a higher power and eventually as your
spirituality rose you believe spy change
so definitely don't be put off by that
do not think they're all religious nuts
because it's not like that at all you
got all people of all different
religions in there and some people with
absolutely no religion and yeah I think
I've kind of said everything for me I
icon when I go to meetings it's so nice
because you see me people that have
tried everything before to get clean and
it's never worked and they've come here
and they have found something they have
a solution that has got them pain it
doesn't work for everyone I mean it's
free and you're not going to be judged
so why not try at least give it a go to
the best of your ability and and see
where it takes you because yeah I'd
highly recommend it I
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