In this video I briefly explain what DBT is  and what the four sections are that make it up.  I don’t yet go i n to teaching you any of the skills I have learnt through DBT – those videos will be coming over the next few weeks.

hi today I am going to do DBT
do my first DBT video it's going to be
quite short I'm just explaining
basically what DBT is and the next few
videos I'll do will be teaching you the
skills that I learn when I did it so DB
T stands for dialect to dialect and
behavioral therapy it was it came about
a lady of called Martha Lynam in America
realized that CBT itself wasn't working
with a lot people with borderline
personality disorder
CBT which cognitive behavioral therapy
is all about change you should change
you should change a way of thinking and
a lot of people with borderline
personality disorder had trouble with
this they found it very in validating
especially if they've had bad things
happen movement in their past you'd be
like why should I change um so she
developed this other method which is
dialectal behavioral therapy dialectal
is basically like two opposites so yes
it incorporates change but there's also
acceptance and accepting things so it's
obviously it you can change but you can
accept as well um it is not just used
for borderline personality disorder
they've used it for substance misuse
people with suicidal tendencies
teenagers with suicidal tendencies
eating disorders self-harm and it's
really successful and I loved it I did
it for two years I worked with a
therapist I did group therapy I would do
my homework not all the time but a lot
the time um and I found it so helpful in
my recovery there was like you don't
have to take everything from it there is
a lot to it and me doing video is on air
I can't possibly teach everything I know
and I'm not about to try I'm not
DBT certified in any way all I can tell
you is my experience and little things
that help me along the way personally I
think things like DBT should be taught
in schools because it's so amazing and a
lot of it's like oh yeah but you don't
even think about it
and and the amount of youngsters now
young young children with mental health
problems depression self-harm from a
young age body dysmorphia and i think
yeah teaching that get taught in schools
I thought it'd be brilliant really there
okay I'm with my lesson it's not a
lesson right so it's going to be broken
up into four areas you have emotional
regulation will have distress tolerance
I think I'm possibly gonna start with
distress tolerance um because that was
huge when I was in a really really bad
place literally I could not handle my
emotions I was just go mad about
everything smashing the place up just it
just wasn't I just wasn't right
basically and and that would that rip
distress tolerance the skills I taught
and that really really did help call me
because their actual skills that you can
put into action you can put them into
action today so what did I say emotional
regulation is just Horan's interpersonal
relationships or interpersonal skills we
will do that and finally mindfulness the
fourth one fourth section is mindfulness
and taken from Buddhism maybe I think
so my mind is not working right
today people so I'm there the sections
I'm going to do I'm not going to do them
today because what time is it
I got going to get the kids in like four
minutes from the school run but yeah I'm
gonna be doing them over the next few
weeks on each of these sections
I recommend DBT to anyone it is
something that you're better actually
doing it properly going and doing
one-on-one with a therapist going
somewhere where DBT certified and having
the group therapy all the ideas thrown
about for different people and their
experiences is like you won't get from
my videos what you'd get if you did it
properly basically but I can tell you
the skills I've learnt and I hope you
get something from it alright guys I'll
be doing a video probably in about a
week's time nah love ya I
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2 thoughts on “An Introduction to DBT

  1. Hey huni spoke to your mum today and told her I completed the ten week complex needs mentalizin course and am now waiting to see some one who then puts me on another path I think that they mentioned three things but cbt and dbt were mentioned this is all new to me and haven’t got a clue what is going on tbh I just want to start feeling happy again and have control of my life and my kids as I feel I have failed them and me and just don’t know what or where to go really xxx

    • Hey hun – I’m sorry for the late reply. For some reason I didn’t spot your message. Don’t ever feel you have lett your kids or yourself down. Sometimes life can just be a bitch! DBT is really good. I’m actually starting to do some videos on it so if you want to know a little bit about it have a watch. You will start to feel happy again just have a little faith. Also – when you come out the other side you are going to feel so much stronger. Just hang on in there and accept whatever help the offer you. Thinking of you hun xxxxxx

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