In this video I talk about not comparing yourself to others and be the best you, rather than trying to be someone else.

hey I'm gonna really talk quickly on
something that helped with my
self-esteem now all my life I've kind of
to other people compared myself to
others and wanted to be other people
wanted to have their jobs their house
their family life their hair their
clothes their car on and look like them
and I was doing this my whole life
negative talking myself and then wishing
as other people and I read somewhere
that don't try and be someone else be
the best you can be
now that helped me so much because I've
always tried to be other people now if I
look at say Elle McPherson and I think
wanna be like her well that's impossible
I'm not six-foot I've not got her figure
and I never will have I will never be
successful I'm built differently so I
realize so me got so often I was trying
to be something that was actually
impossible for me to even be and so I
started looking at myself right okay I
can't be that person how can I make me
better and I started focusing working on
myself and thinking I'd be the best I
can be I can be the best mom I can be I
can be the healthiest that I commit all
I can do is focus on myself and by doing
this my self-esteem has gone up I don't
compare myself now to other people I
don't try and be someone that I'm not I
am trying to be myself so very quick
video I did just want to kind of say
that like yeah don't don't try and be
someone that it's gonna be impossible
for you to be just be the best
you that you can be see you later guys
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