In this video I explain the first component of DBT – Core Mindfulness.

hi guys today I'm going to talk about
core mindfulness in DBT core it's called
core because it is kind of the core of
what DBT is mindfulness is like the
foundation base basically and you'll
find is scattered throughout all the
other segments throughout distress
tolerance trout interpersonal
effectiveness track emotional regulation
it in DBT it comes from Zen Buddhism but
it has been altered for people with
personality disorders mental health
issues so what is mindfulness and the
easy ways to describe it if you take the
word mindful and you take the opposite
mind less that is how I live my life
mindlessly just wasn't I didn't do
things consciously everything was like a
subconscious decision
I didn't mindfully think oh consciously
I'm going to go and cut my wrists and
take load of pills and get loads of how
cold down me and then do loads of drugs
it was just something unconsciously I
would do um and it kind of took over my
life that ran my life really so in order
to get that back and take control of my
mind I need to learn how to be mindful
dr. Marshall Island the lady that
developed DBT and States there's three
there's three primary states of mind you
have your reasonable mind now when you
are in reasonable mind you are thinking
logically facts for example if you're
doing a mathematical sum or some science
experiment you're looking at the facts
you're looking at it logically another
state of mind we have the second state
of mind is emotional mind hahaha now it
was this mind that got me into all kinds
of trouble because when in
mind you act on feelings and I did that
all the time
basically I've got a drawing for you
that talked about being the artist that
I am as you can see right so you've got
reasonable mind you've got emotional
mind emotional mind if I was in that
just say there's a man and he's abusive
he's a drug dealer he's known for
domestic abuse but I don't see in that
I'm sure I'll of him I love him
that is me being in emotional mind I am
not thinking through things logically if
I was I'd be like whoa hang on you're an
ex-addict do you really want to be going
with the dealer journal be going with
someone that's known for beating women
bloody daddy does but instead I'm being
me oh so you've got your emotional large
but reasonable mind obviously also in
reasonable mind for example you don't
need your emotional mind if I am doing
the maths um I don't need to think right
one at one oh my got a loved one at one
my emotions don't come into it I just
logically think as you can see in the
middle mmm their wise mind that is
basically a fusion shall we say it's a
mix of peace of mind imagine my mind so
if I was in wise mind I would think
logically about things but I would take
into consideration my feelings I would
look at my emotional mind and I would
use my reasonable mind as well that is
where we want to be we want to be in
wise mind that is the goal
but how like when I first learned this I
was like how do I get to do I have no
idea because when I act I just I'm off
I'm like emotional and I'm I I just did
not know how to get there
that's where mindfulness comes in first
thing I was kind talk was when you're
being mindful let go of all judgments
see the world as it is I thought this
would be easy I did not think I was
judgmental um but it was a lot harder
than I thought and I actually found out
people a judgmental for example if I was
walking down the road and I saw a man
and a woman holding arms or linked arms
and the woman's got a black eye
automated me think he did that not once
all she could have banged into a wall
this girl half of that immediately I
would judge if I saw a young guy
driving a nice car I'd immediately think
wow I bet he's got well nice house I
must have loads and money not it
wouldn't come into my mind it could be a
company car he could be borrowing out of
his mom and dad so it's all these little
judgments constantly and when you're
being mindful you kind have to let all
that go and you have to drop the
judgment now to do that I used to that's
where you practice doing mindfulness
exercises in the video I did last week I
think I did a mindfulness video I can't
talk about and exercise there that you
can do basically in mindfulness there's
three components there is observe and
that is kind of what I talked about in
the other video just look it is what it
is this is a pen it is black out and it
feels like this it makes this sound I'm
just saying what it is I'm not saying oh
I don't like that black oh I don't like
that feel I am literally just observing
the second component of um mindfulness
is to describe
and that you kind of you describe things
how you're feeling if you have a thought
come in notice that thought
notice that judgment and then let it go
usual five senses what feels like
describe what you're feeling describe
yeah feeling like that feeling inside
thoughts and and the third component is
to participate now that doesn't mean
just do it what it doesn't and basically
because the way we've lived life we've
lived life mindlessly to participate is
to actually do things consciously so
your everyday thing so I could be
washing the dishes to participate and do
it mindfully
I will wash the dishes I'll notice the
feel of the water on my hands the warmth
the bubbles or notice things and I'll do
the observe they're described and I am
NOT doing it consciously you can do it
with going for a walk driving a car and
because I know when I Drive it is
mindlessly I don't think I'm going to do
this I'm going to say just I just do and
yes observe describe and participate and
mindfulness gets easier with practice it
is practicing different skills I mean we
used to do it as a group and at the
beginning of everything we would do a
mindfulness exercise for like ten
sometimes it was looking at photograph
and it can be quite hard because
something you can really make judgments
and it's just noticing that you have and
letting it go letting it go what we want
to do basically with mindfulness do it
so much to it so regularly that these
skills become ingrained they become so
ingrained that we stop acting mindlessly
we stop about and making all
these decisions and we are in wise mind
we look at things logically we think for
how we feel and we make decisions based
on that rather than then just doing it I
leave that lets say guys
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2 thoughts on “Core Mindfulness – DBT

  1. Thank you for making these videos! I’m watching them with my daughter, and they’re helping us learn skills and have tools for times when emotions are heightened. You’ve inspired her to want to make some videos to help kids with these skills. Dave, Toronto.

    • Hi Dave, thank you so much for your lovely comment. That’s amazing that she would want to do that. Once she’s started doing the videos let me know and I’ll subscribe to her channel! I personally believe ALL kids should be taught these skills – the increase in young kids with mental health issues is shocking. If they were taught skills to cope with their emotions early on then perhaps we would see less youngsters suffering. I wish you both all the best. Lots of Love Shehrina xxx

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