In this video I show you how I was taught Mindfullness back when I did DBT and how it helps me.

hi guys today I'm doing my first DBT
class I don't think I can even call it
that really because I did
DBT which is dialectical behavioral
therapy and six seven years ago
and I did it for two years so it ended
six seven years ago so I did it longer
it ended two years a little up you know
I mean anyway so it's been a long while
and all my notes that I wrote are
possibly in the loft or Attic at my
ex-husband's house so don't have them so
all I kind of have is what's in here I'm
and I'm trying to remember it and trying
to recap on how I learned here but it's
just all a jumble so I'm gonna do I can
I'm not qualified in this area I have
not been trained to teach DBT so I
cannot teach DBT um but I've done it and
I can show you the skills that I learned
and that helped me I'm hoping the videos
I do after this are better because I'm
going to start reading up and trying to
recap a bit more and but I've been very
aware that I've left it quite a long
time and I said I'm going to do it I
want Donnie and I don't wanna be full of
so I want to do one and I'm gonna
do mindfulness I was gonna starting to
stress tolerance and I possibly do one
after this but today I'm going to do
mindfulness now I had no idea what
mindfulness was it's basically how do
you describe it being mindful is keeping
stuff in the present being aware of
what's going around you on here in here
and now so you're not dwelling on the
past I'm thinking all this happening
that happened and you're not worrying
about the future you're keeping it here
now in the classes I said oh what can I
a box and we would have an object it
could be a stone it could be a picture a
photograph a stick in a thin and we'd
all sit there and basically your sin
silence and you would observe what
you're holding so right I will talk you
through it I am holding this my son got
this yesterday at Book Fair so right
you're not allowed to be judgmental so I
can't say oh I don't like green Oh God
read I can't judge it's just looking and
observing so you'd feel so in my head
right I'll talk you to what's going on
my head okay I've got box it's hard
feels cool against my skin you can smell
it doesn't smell up anything I can just
smell my perfume you can taste it I'm
going to taste it but you can write if
it's an ice cube and you taste that
obviously it's cold it's wet so you
basically do this for a few minutes
you're focusing completely on it's got
sharp edge noise feels rough when I do
that makes that noise when I do that
thanks Pat and we try to do that and you
use your five senses I was looking at it
now what you'll find is whatever object
you have you do it for a minute and then
my mind and I might start thinking I
remember this girl was really hard to
meet once she said some really nasty
things and what you did that's okay that
your mind wanders off that is normal but
it's except you and noticing it not just
forgetting saying
oh my mind just went off there bring it
back to the box you bring it back to the
box feeling feeling feeling I wonder
what I'll have for dinner today
Oh my mind is gonna bring my mind back
feeling my box picture a flower flower
is yellow
it looks like it's got this for anything
oh I really don't like some flowers oh
that's the judgment don't make a
judgment it's just a sunflower oh
there's a shovel oh oh
coupling nuts I'm a nut no I'm not
that's a judgment um and so on and
that's what you do now this is how we
were taught in classes feel it touch it
smell sound taste em but you don't just
have to do like can't read learn like
that and to start with my mind would be
going off on thinking about all kinds of
random but it's just observing my
mind went off I'll bring it back my
mind's gone off for bringing it back my
mind's gone off I'll bring it back and
what you find the more you do it the
less your mind will wonder and the more
you'll be able to keep it in the moment
once you've kind of got that skill you
can then kinda bring it into everyday
life um I often use mindfulness from
doing the dishes so I'm feeling the
dishes I'm feeling the warmth of my hand
I've got burnt under the tarp washing
machine washing looking at the bubbles
and the way it helped me was my mind is
like all day
sometimes when I'm mindful my mind's not
like that because I'm focusing I've got
something to focus on I'm keeping it in
the moment I'm not worrying I'm not
dwelling bla bla bla bla
everything is just as it is go remind
for walk
and just notice feel your body like feet
touching the floor the noises the sounds
of the birds in the tree the green trees
the blue sky the sunshine or the rain
feeling the wet and you not think you
brain just think dripping where
the water of my skin and that's kind of
what being mindful is and it really
helped me learning not to judge and
because I can bring that into my
everyday life very much now if I'm stuck
in the car and I'm like stuck behind an
idiot driver who doesn't know how to
drive who is going so slowly and I've
got to be a at whatever time I
don't think that I think okay there's
traffic going like that is not gonna
help I will just get angry or I'll get
more worked up my emotions will get
heightened instead I just think there's
traffic okay well I'll get there when I
get there
no judgment yeah I can't really think
for else to sell mindfulness if anything
else does come to me I'll do another
video bye guys see you later
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