In this video I discuss alcohol and heroin detox. I must add that detox alone is not an effective addiction treatment. BUT – it’s a vital first step. If someone is not clean, chances are treating them for addiction will not be effective.

hi my love Liz today I'm going to do a
quick video on detox now this video
isn't really for addicts or our
colleagues because chances are they
already know what they need to know
about detox it's more for family members
to help them understand right so detox
basically is getting on that shit out
your body I'll start with our cold detox
alcohol detox is the most dangerous
detox in the fact that can kill I know
people that have told me they'd wanted
to detox from alcohol and the family
members were hiding the alcohol trying
to just get them to stop they're so
dangerous because it can kill depending
how much alcohol they have sometimes
they can do a detox from home under the
guide of love doctor other times they
will need to go into a detox center
where they watch 24 7 some of the
symptoms of the detox are rapid heart
rate heart seizure convulsions high
blood pressure other drugs is likely to
kill as alcohol detox are the
benzodiazepines right so another detox
were a drug for people detox medically
from is heroin heroin detox will not
kill you the symptoms of heroin detox
include chills pain sweating and
vomiting diarrhea to name a few like
it's not a pretty detox at all so if you
can't die from it why do they detox and
basically it's such a painful
uncomfortable detox chances are the
person's going to want to end the
suffering the way they do that is use
again so if every time they try to detox
they relapse they're not going to get
anywhere so they need a ver help
medically I'm sure anyone watching this
that as detox from heroin thinks you
don't even know the half because I
really i haven't kinda just said just
how awful it is for them but yeah that's
why they are detox medically to try and
alleviate some of the symptoms make it
slow easier so they stand a better
chance of getting clean and staying
clean and then hopefully they can help
them be treated effectively with an
addiction treatment um drugs like
cocaine ecstasy marijuana and crystal
meth etc and lots of other recreational
drugs they're fine to go cold turkey
then you do not need a medical detox for
them okay they might be uncomfortable
what yeah you'll be fine
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