5 thoughts on “Distress Tolerance – DBT Skill- Self-Soothing

  1. Fabulous video again Shehrina. We are really seeing your personality shine through which is beautiful xxx?

  2. Dear Shehrina,
    Thank you so much for this incredible website which I have been visiting ever since I heard your Mum on LBC. Have watched so many of your videos. Your honesty is so refreshing and helpful. My daughter, now 31, has been suffering with bulimia for 16 years but thanks to you I realized now that in fact she suffers with border line personality and that the bulimia is only her coping mechanism. It sounds like DBT is the best approach. Should she find a therapist (can you recommend one?) I am sure if she followed your self soothing videos, it would help but is that enough in your view or does she need the support of a therapist.
    Any advice would be truly appreciated. Thank you for making so many people feel better and well done to you for your achievement.

    • Thank you so much for your message. It must be so hard as a parent seeing your daughter suffer like that. I am sure my Mum can relate totally! If she is under a mental health team then I would ask them about what courses run in your area. DBT is amazing but not done everywhere in the UK. Its huge in America and should be over here! There is a course called STEPPS (Systematic Training for Emotional Predictability and Problem Solving) which is also good. I used to do a Womens Group that I loved as I met lots of other women going through exactly what I was. If she is not yet under a mental Health team then you need to be referred by a GP. My Mum used to go to all my appointments with me and pushed and pushed until I got in to the system! I think the videos may help but a therapist would be ideal as well. I believe in medication, Therapy, Self Help, Courses. If you combine them they work amazingly but on their own not so much. I hope your daughter finds recovery soon. Lots of Love to you all xxxxx

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