Us borderlines suffer with extreme moods and intense emotions. One part of recovery is learning ways we can regulate our emotions – food is an important part of this!

hi guys today I'm gonna talk about food
and how it affects our mood because with
borderline we have intense emotions we
know that really really intense emotions
and in order to get recovery we need to
learn to regulate them and one way of
doing that is looking at our diet and
because our diet is actually really
really important but it often gets
overlooked and there are a number of
reasons for that looking back I know
when I was using a lot of drugs or
drinking I would go days without eating
and they're not have a binge day or just
eat loads and then I'd use again and go
days without eating and it was actually
when I went into rehab that we had three
set meals a day and there was always
fruit to pick up and I started to
understand that it's important we have
these set meals whether it's three
bigger meals or five smaller meals one
it's great for routine but two this is
what our body needs not just what our
body needs what our mind needs when I am
feeling particularly No I will scoff
loads of chocolate sometimes I'm surely
lazy you can relate but other times when
I'm feeling low I just roni so I can go
one way or the other
um also with borderline and our intense
emotions if I had had a breakup I would
just not eat it would affect my hunger
levels my appetite so I actually I could
go either way
sometimes I just would not eat and
sometimes I would sit at home watching
films like Bridget Jones's Diary and
scoffing loads RS junk food basically
and but actually this this is not gonna
help a mood having a lord intake of
sugar it gives us a peak but then we
have a drop and our mood will drop and
the same with carbs depending lo GRI
high GI like I have no idea what near
this was but basically carbs like white
bread will give us a peak and then we
drop we have a slump whereas things like
wholemeal rice wholemeal pasta and they
give a steady release of energy so you
don't get that high in the low it's just
steady and this is this is what we need
because like I said we have really
intense emotions and it's so important
that we do try to regulate them
obviously just doing what we eat is not
going to just solve all our problems but
but it will help and have a look at what
your diet is like do you skip breakfast
do you find you have breakfast at like
12 o'clock in the day I am saying this
like I'm an expert I often miss
breakfast but I also recognize it does
affect my mood and my diet is not 100%
healthy I try but then I have times
where I just want to eat everything in
sight and have a little binge
so my diets not definitely not perfect
but like I said I can notice by my mood
what my diet is like
because often if I'm having a few days
where I'm just filling up I then can
look at my diary anything actually
you've been skipping meals you just had
a pack of crisps for lunch you would
have a chocolate bar for doing up
aha but it's kind of like the chicken
and the egg and what came first
was it the mood came first and affected
my eating or did they eating go first
and it affected my mood but it doesn't
actually matter it's the fact that I can
notice that I can get back on top of it
so I can start having regular meals so
I'm getting my energy given out
throughout the day rather than because
when energy is doing this my mind is
doing this and it's really really not
and I hate how I feel after I have just
eaten junk food all day I will feel
really lethargic can't be bothered just
I have no energy and physically I have
no energy and mentally I have no energy
and when I feel like that that will get
me down that will start making me feel
not something weird and I've got to do
something about it so like I said have a
look at your diet this week just have a
look see how much sugar are you having
how much soul to you having what kind of
carbs are you eating are you eating lots
of fruit are you drinking lots of water
because sometimes I can be like really
really healthy am i eating but there are
in glugging and bottles of coca-cola and
that that's not going to help me because
sugar is also addictive and you don't
want to sugar addiction because it is
not healthy and I know the thing with me
I know I get up I come down like this
it's on me in the morning and the first
thing I do is I make my curse elf a cup
of strong coffee
which wakes me up but it also suppresses
my appetite
and so that's possibly why I then don't
have breakfast but I have been making an
effort this week when I come down while
my kettle is boiling for my coffee I eat
a banana so I feel like I'm having
something help sleep well done well done
me I say yeah I cannot completely preach
to you guys because I do need to
practice what I preach a bit but but
just become aware to start with just
become aware and see our you see females
don't fit you know don't fit
are you eating really later than die are
you having a cup of coffee right before
bed because if you're having even tea or
coffee before bed hello that SCAF inning
that's going to affect your sleep if
your sleep is affected that will affect
your mood and so it's kind of look at
your whole diet what you drink alcohol
if you drink a lot of alcohol that so
much sugar um beer that will make you
feel bloated
um and obviously alcohol taking the
sugar and the blue cygnus out of it
that's gonna affect your mood anyway so
yeah guys have think this week have a
look at your diet and think okay where
am I going wrong and where am I going
right because it's good to focus on home
I like it really well there pat on the
back and reward yourself not by having a
big fat chocolate bar but yet reward
yourself when you do do things right
because we need to take back control of
our emotions they control our lives and
they don't make us feel so good
this is one way we can start learning
how to regulate them like I said it's
not me anything we can do but it's
certainly an important part of it so I
will leave that there
I love you MA bye guys
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