A routine is so helpful in recovery and can make life easier for us. But how do we do it?

hi guys today I'm gonna do a video and
someone asked me to do with them a
Philip catari catari
17 how did I implement a routine and
what works for me so that's what I'm
gonna do our routine is so important
when we are in recovery
not just the routine in itself but
having a balance in our lives so we
might have some work we might have some
recovery marks in France and me-time
some health and fitness and I've talked
about the importance of balance before
in another video but today I'm going to
focus on the routine and how I
implemented it right to start with I
didn't go from having absolutely no
routine to the perfect routine but all
my days were filled up and I had set
meal times and set times to do
everything it just it didn't happen like
that it was a gradual thing and I
started small basically I started small
so to start with I had a set breakfast
time set lunch time and a set dinner
and that was it because even that to
start with was a struggle odd skip lunch
or do dinner leh and so I actually had
to work on just getting those three
meals a day at a set time when I
achieved that and I was doing that
regularly and it wasn't a problem then I
started adding other things in but again
I did it very slowly so I would then
have a set time I'd wake up and I would
set my alarm the same time every day
weekend's I would allow myself an extra
half our two lion but that was it
because if you have a lovely long lion
in the weekend come the week it's gonna
put your whole like your body clock out
and you have struggle to get up and you
won't feel good so I started doing that
setting my alarm having a set wake-up
time and then I started having a set
bedtime as well I'm making myself go to
bed at a certain time because sleep is
so important our bodies need it to
recover our minds just quiet and I know
like coming into recovery a lot of
people struggle with sleep and getting
to sleep or they find they wake up and
they can't get back to sleep and that's
really really common and so what do you
do about that because I used to struggle
years ago I was on zopiclone
which was a tablet to help me sleep but
eventually I came off that and I was
okay for a bit but over the years there
are times when I do struggle to get to
so what do you do about that basically
is having wine downtime if you're
sitting looking at a computer screen
right before you're going to go to bed
or looking at your phone right before
you're going to go to sleep chances are
you you won't switch off apparently they
have made a light that can interfere
with your sleep but also that you mind's
just taking over especially if you're
like on social media and stuff and your
mind will just be going over and over
and you are gonna struggle so it's kind
of saying right for at least half an
hour before I shut my eyes and go to
sleep I will not go on the computer and
I will not look at my phone or go on
social media other things you can do to
help you warm milk I know it sounds
silly but warm milk a nice warm drink
and nice bath not too hot though because
some people think all have hot baths but
when you get out the drop in temperature
she wake you up so it's having like a
warm bath not a hot bath and just trying
to wind down slowly and relax
for me I like reading before I go to
sleep reading a book and it helps me
just start falling asleep as I'm reading
and but it's finding what works for you
but it's just having that wind down time
where you can just relax before bed if
you are someone who can get sick but
then you get up at 3 o'clock in the
morning and you can't get back to see a
lot of people toss and turn trying to
sleep the best thing is actually just to
get up go out your bedroom maybe have a
cup of tea have a warm drink read a
magazine or something interest for half
hour and then go back and try and get
back to sleep because if you just lie
there toss no for an over again you
won't you would very rarely would I say
someone would fall asleep right so that
is now in our routine we have our wake
up time we have breakfast lunch dinner
and we have a bedtime so we've kind of
that's like the foundation and then you
can build on that and what you put into
your routine might be different to what
I have in mine but I would like I said
try and aim for a balanced different
things over the week not necessarily in
a day you're not gonna have I'm gonna
meet my friends go to the gym and go to
work do some recovery all in one day
kind of look at it on a weekly thing and
so one day it might be this is the day I
go for coffee with a friend we'll go
around a friend's house we'll go
shopping with a friend or just whatever
but kind of socializing on another day
it might be the day that you do some
health and fitness it doesn't have to be
you're good for
it could be you just go for a nice walk
somewhere and just shut off your mind
you go walk in the country walk along
the beach whatever you like and another
day might be a day where you really
focus on your recovery you might be
going to a DBT class or you might be
doing it like self-help at home but
putting aside time to do that
um so each day what you want cross the
board across the week you want a little
bit of all different things like I said
start off slowly
don't try and give yourself a hundred
and one things to do that are just
impossible to do because then you fail
your self-esteem takes a knock because
you didn't do it and you wind up
actually feeling worse than if you
haven't done it so what let me think of
the balance right you got health and
fitness you've got social me time
finances now this could be you could
have a set time each week because I know
for me I was a nightmare with my
I just wanted to shop I did not know how
to save and it's saying right one day a
week I'm going to set aside even if it's
just half an hour to have a look through
my bank statements or do stuff it
doesn't even just have to be finances it
could be like bills or that you know the
jobs that we just don't want to do
sometimes it's filling out forms or just
those horrid jobs that we would rather
just put the paper it down forget they
exist but set aside some time to focus
on that each week like I said 20 minutes
half an hour you don't have to be sat of
a dip but you're gonna feel so much
better after for doing that
Emma obviously if you have work and you
have a job you do have to fit that into
your routine or you have to work your
routine around your job if you have
children you kind of have to work your
routine around your children like I for
example can't plan to go for a swim at
half eight in the morning because I have
the school run to do so it is about
prioritizing and adding things in slowly
very very slowly you're not no rush you
don't have to do it all at once you
could list you could like do this over
months so rather than thinking this time
next week I'm gonna have the perfect
routine my life will be balanced that's
just not realistic so rather focus on in
six months time these are the things I
would like to be doing in my week I set
aside a set day for doing certain chores
in the house certain day for doing all
the bedsheets certain day for cleaning
the bathrooms and so put that in and you
might find it useful to do it on a
computer like you can get Diaries on the
computer you can get an actual paper
diary I actually have the paper great
and I have a calendar where I write
things up and so for me every morning I
can literally go into my kitchen have a
look down see what we're all doing for
the day and another important thing is
don't be so rigid with your routine that
you get yourself all in a flap if
something has to change for example for
me I could have planned to go and see
some friends or I could have planned to
do videos and one of the kids is sick
they're not at school I can't let that
completely like I haven't got
done this week you know I just have to
work around that and realize that
sometimes things change but to the best
of my ability I will try and stick to
this routine but if I can't for whatever
reason I'm not going to beat myself up
about it it's not the end of the world
so that I think kind of covers that
obviously that's probably so much more I
can talk about on it but I can't think
for anything right the second but yeah
just don't be too rigid take it slowly
add a little thing in every now and
again and only when you're sticking to
that basic routine are you ready to add
something else
don't start adding a million one things
when you're just not ready I hope that
helped guys see you later bye
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