In this video I talk about my time in Rehab.

hi I'm going to talk about rehab um lots
of people have got clean without going
to rehab but I know for me it was the
only option I had to go through them and
because I couldn't get clean where I was
just couldn't I needed to be picked up
taking out the situation put somewhere
safe um and it gave me a few coping
skills I mean before I went in I wasn't
looking after myself it wasn't eating
properly using all the time drinking all
the time no routine so I gone into rehab
and I was given a therapist who I work
did one-to-one work with which is good I
had thing called T DS which if anyone
knows their therapeutic duties cleaning
basically all making breakfast sweeping
cleaning the dishes and I used to think
there was such a pain in the arse did
not see why I should do them but now I
seem kind of why they're important
because it is taking pride in where you
live and keeping it tidy and which is a
big part of my life today not OCD
cleaning but cleaning and making sure
the houses they were born presentable um
the routine as well strict routine were
up at a certain time we have down like
what we were doing exactly what time
there was lunch breakfast lunch dinner
or same time every day you were expected
to be sat at the table on time and ready
and and in secondary because I went on I
did six weeks in primary treatment and
then I went on to a sec
which I do things you definitely
definitely need it's not many people can
just do primary because you think you're
fixed you go back and you're not and so
it was really important i did thats a
country and second i found even stricter
than primary actually and i went to a
place in bournemouth run by lovely lady
rayne and who told me some real home
truths about myself which I didn't like
at the time um because she kind of
knocked me off my high horse but I think
I needed that well I did need that um
only allowed phone said times we had to
go out and threes and now I know it's
all could you keep each other safe and
they say it's not called crossing it's
called saving lives um which I didn't
get at the time I feel people with
glasses but now I can see why those
rules are in place and I'm in quinton
house I mean the only clothes this year
actually after 30 years which is so sad
um they're not getting the funding
unfortunately but the amount lives that
they've saved over the years going
through there and yet cuz Lorraine pop
no bullshit basically from anyone and
you either love it or hate it well I
hated it but was the best thing that and
you can have lessons like we have
lessons in both primary and in secondary
and on different things like
codependency and addiction and the brain
um yet just so we could learn a bit
valediction the physical side of it as
well as the mental side there and we
also had like a key worker working with
and who would go through the first three
steps one two and three and that's what
we were kind of introduced to the 12
steps but we only learn first three in
primary really we only did the first
then then completed number two and three
in the last week in secondary it was a
lot more thorough also in secondary they
were we were supposed to do three
meetings week and and again strict
strict routine and you anoint expected
to be late in the same or absent from
anything and the title was loaded
bullshit the time they again it was
until I left I thought ah that's why
they wanted us to keep the daily diary
and that's why we had to do planning
once a week um because without those
things you're pretty fucked it's a
dangerous place to be if you don't plan
your week when you're new in recovery
and you've got all that spare time to go
off a plan yeah you could be fucked
basically bar in treatment I just saw
those things of them trying to control
me so I'll soak up your own ass really
it's a real shame that they're cutting
funding for these treatment centers and
they look your new look at all their
lives they've saved over the years and
and people aren't going to be as lucky
as I was unfortunately lovely was
extremely lucky not in just I went to
the best place I believe i did is the
best place I've Devon true and
okay yeah that I actually want to do
treatment and this people out there that
won't get to so there will be people
dying because of up i'm going to leave a
dar laughs a
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