I discuss my experience around this step.

hi my lovelies I have a little guest
hi I've just tried to do this video with
her sat in her little chair and she made
so much noise so much noise
happy Thursday I'm gonna do step video
today I'm doing set 1000 steps I have my
big book about colics and anonymous here
but a little Lottie keeps trying to grab
hold on
that is mummys book that is managed book
right so what is step 10 continue to
take personal inventory oh and when we
were wrong promptly admitted it so step
10 comes up on page 84 of the big book
half way down it says this thought
brings us to step 10
which suggests we continue to take
personal inventory and continue to set
right any new mistakes as we go along so
we have done the steps 1 to 9 we have
gone through and looked at all harms
we've caused we've looked at where we've
been selfish well we've been dishonest
etc and we've actually gone out in steps
8 and 9 and we've started making those
amends now we are going to continue to
do that in step 10 but as we go along so
hopefully we won't ever have to do that
big long list again because it's not fun
for anyone and we don't have to be done
that so now we're just going to maintain
it and that's why steps 10 to 12 are
known as the maintenance steps why do we
need to maintain it if I jump across to
page 85 you're a wiggler and we go
halfway down it says it is easy to let
up on the spiritual program of action
and rest on our laurels we are headed
for trouble if we do for alcohol is a
subtle foe we are not cured of
alcoholism what we really have
daily reprieve contingent on the
maintenance of our spiritual condition
so it's saying right yeah we need to
continue to do this if not we risk
relapse and relapse
it's where we the twelve steps are a way
of life they're a spiritual way of life
we are going to live our life for the
principles in these steps we do not just
go steps one to twelve and go we've done
them you hey we don't need to do them
anymore that's not the case yeah we do
steps one to nine and then in ten to
twelve we just what is that noise so
let's read let's read page 84 so it says
this is not an overnight matter it
should continue for our lifetime
it's basically what I've just been
saying yeah continue to what for
selfishness dishonesty resentment and
fear it's that step for that's what we
did we we looked for that in step four
when these crop up we ask God to remove
them we discuss immediately and make
amends quickly if we've harmed only one
that's eight and nine so we're basically
just gonna get to in those steps we've
done them before but instead of having
to go in like this long list we're gonna
do them on a daily basis every sponsor
does them differently some will have you
look in the morning do your infantry in
the morning some do morning and evening
some stew evening I started off doing it
in the evening I'd look back over my day
and I would look for the things I've
just said selfishness dishonesty
resentment where if I harmed
and if I had been any of those things I
would then go and make amends to those
people as you go along the more you do
this the things recovery you'll become
more self-aware
you'll recognize things quicker in
yourself so whereas I used to have to
sit in my lovely sari and sit in my room
and do it in the evening nowadays I
recognise them as they pop up so if I
get up in the morning and I'm just in a
bad mood I'm feeling one piece I don't
know what's going on for me I'm a bit
snappy with my partner I tend to
recognize home what is going on for you
why do you even miss me and I look at
myself straightaway and I look and think
have I been fearful have I been
have I been dishonest what and often I
will realize like well you shouldn't
expect your partner like that why did
you do this nice bow and I make those
amends straight away as soon as I notice
them if it is possible I will make
amends I do not then think I'll just
wait till later because if I wait till
later that stuff is still sitting for me
I'm not gonna be feeling good until I
have faced you're so loud until I have
clearly asked and what I've noticed like
on times there used to be times that I'd
be very good at thinking oh I don't want
to do my inventions and I I'm sure
today's been fine but some of those old
behaviors still sneak him back in and
unless I'm there watching looking out
for them and dealing with them as
stamping on them right away they will
start creeping up more and more and more
and eventually I would be really
spiritually unwell and when I'm
spiritually unwell I want to drink I
will turn to
so I'm doing this I live this program
because my life depends on it and that
means not resting on your laurels takes
me seriously doing it every single day
even if you tie it don't think I
understood tomorrow just do it it does
get easier like I said because it gets
to the point you are more self aware
so you notice things much more quickly
as and when they happen so you don't
have to wait at the end of the day but
in the beginning you have to kind of go
through that to become self aware plan
because in the beginning I didn't notice
straightaway if I'd been dishonest if I
was building resentment I might think I
feel a bit like yeah but I wouldn't know
why and it took me to go through my
inventory and do it and really look hard
at myself on a daily basis for it to
start to become natural for me so now I
don't need to say at night with a
worksheet and write out my inventory I
don't I don't need to do that because I
know when I've done something wrong
it's very clear to me and I do make
amends for it straightaway
I don't let resentments build I deal
with it the thing with a resentment it's
something I've done a video on
resentments and it's we re filled
something and every time we refill it it
grows it bit but it grows a bit bigger
and a bit bigger and a bit bigger and I
can't afford to have those resentments
because they make me really ill so I
deal with them as soon as I notice them
if someone has done something that I
think let it speed me off basically I
will straight away thinking well why did
that happen what's my part do I have a
part in it
and I deal with it oh you were so grumpy
oh you were so grumpy one thing I will
point out
it's not all about I'm sorry I'm sorry
I'm sorry step 10 is not just about that
we also look what did we do right today
and that is so important we don't just
look for all those horrible traits that
we don't want we can look at where was I
kind today where was I fearless today
where was I honest today and we look at
the good that we do and this is really
really important because the more we
focus on these nice things the more they
do grow and it builds our self-esteem
and we feel so much better like
spiritually well and for me oh I I find
it so important to focus on the
it's not alone what have I done wrong
today yeah we have to look at that but
we need to look at the good that we do
as well and give ourselves credit for
that and focus on that as well and when
you do that the good things grow no I'm
gonna stop the video now you were so
grumpy and you've got your antibiotics
down here I'm gonna stop it guys but
they pepper all right can not bye guys
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