In this video I discuss step 3, the struggles I had with it and how I overcame them.

hi guys today I'm going to talk through
step 3 of the 12 steps step 3
is made a decision to turn our will and
our lives over to the care of God as we
understood him right when I heard this I
was like what's my well what's my life
why have I got hand over your will is
your thinking what motivates you your
life is your actions so why do we need
to hand it over if you were anything
like me up to this point your thinking
and actions would have got you into
trouble would've caused you to use what
caused you to drink it would have
basically got you into a really really
painful place so why has my thinking and
my actions getting me into a painful
place why what is wrong with my thinking
basically I was selfish I'm
self-centered I didn't realize this to
start with until I went further through
the steps in my four or five and it kind
of highlighted just how selfish I
actually was I am going to quickly read
you something from the big book of
Alcoholics Anonymous on page 62
selfishness self-centeredness that we
think is the root of our troubles driven
by a hundred forms of fear self delusion
self-seeking and self-pity we step on
the toes of our fellows and they
retaliate sometimes they hurt us
seemingly without provocation but we
invariably find that at some time in the
past we have made decisions based on
self would later placed us in a position
to be hurt so our troubles we think are
basically of our own making they arise
out of ourselves and the alcoholic is an
extreme example of self will run riot
though he usually doesn't think so above
everything we are colleagues or addicts
must be rid of this selfishness
we must or it kills us
so that's why my thinking say I'm in
trouble I run on self-will I want things
I want what I want and I will do what I
want to get it I will use people
I will manipulate people and that is why
I need to turn it over to the care of
God as I understand him what do y'all
think when you've done step 3 before
sorry you've got to step 3 you would
have done step 1 and step 2
you step 1 you admit you're an addict
you're an alcoholic
you know you can't manage your own life
then you've done your step 2 where you
realize no human power can keep you
clean I love my children with all my
heart but they couldn't keep me clean I
love my mom to pieces should be crying
and begging me to stop she couldn't keep
me clean I went to rehab
I have counseling sessions it couldn't
keep me clean so once I realized no
human power could I had to have some
faith that there was a higher power that
could and would it says God could um
would if so relieve me of this your
higher power might be the big man in the
sky it might be nature it might be the
universe it might be the fellowship to
start with and that's okay well you'll
probably find is as you go through the
steps your spirituality grows and it
will change but for sure if you want to
use the fellowship for now that's okay
right so that's why I'm handing my
Willem my life over my thinking and my
actions let's say again made a decision
right okay
so I've made a decision what I did I did
my step three and months and months
later I was still in a painful place and
I was still drinking and I couldn't
understand I was like I handed it over I
did my set free I hand it over
what didn't think can realize is we made
a decision we didn't do it just say I've
got a brochure here
some cars and I'm looking through and I
see a car and I love it and I want it
and I make a decision that I'm gonna
have that car does that mean that that
car is parked in my driveway no I've
only made the decision I now need to put
in extra steps I need to put in the
action I might need to check my finances
I might need to find a car dealership
that sells that car I might need to test
drive that car I might need to go and
sell my old car so I need to do these
other things before I get it if I made a
decision and I had it I would be making
decisions every day I'd decided I'll
have that mansion I'll decide I'll have
a swimming pool in my house I will
decide this I'll decide that and I would
just have it but it doesn't work like
making a decision is right we this is
our goal this is what we want and then
we take steps to get there this is what
step three is we are just making a
decision we don't need to know how how
to do it or when it will happen we know
making a decision to do step three in
step three you're deciding to do steps
four to twelve by going through steps
forward to twelve that is how you do it
I struggled for a long time again I was
kind of like but it's still my head it's
my body like you can't just give my
brain to someone else to do my thinking
how does it work how and I'm like little
things I'd be going to buy a pair of
jeans and I'd be thinking is this my
will I'm getting these what does God
really really want me to have these
jeans or if I went out for something to
am I am i running himself will weight
gain it out three or just God want me to
go to out to this restaurant three and I
couldn't get it I read a blog online
that someone had written actually and it
was really good and they were
having exactly the same thoughts that I
was having and they said they'd ask
their sponsor and their sponsor said
imagine you are driving a bus and God as
you understand him is your co-pilot
co-driver so you're driving but whenever
you get to a turnin will have to do just
check-in am i doing it right and that
kind of made it easier because it made
me realize yeah I am doing it still is
me I'm kind of checking on myself how do
I do that I don't need to know that out
step 3 I don't need to know how I'm just
making the decision to do it how comes
up in steps 4 to 12 and that's how I do
it and that's when I do it and that's
when it will happen that is when I will
have my will over though I will be done
not my will would be done so um yeah I
think I covered everything there guys
but always feel free to message me if
you've got any questions all right take
care guys bye
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4 thoughts on “Step 3 of the 12 Steps

  1. Hi Shehrina amazing video, and explained really well. Yeah when we do step 3 we get God conscience and we know when things don’t sit right, that’s why we work our step 3 on a daily basis, turning our will over to the care of God as we understand him, by trying to always do the right thing by ourselves and by others and that’s Gods will.
    Thank you so much

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