Steps 6 and 7 are taken together, thus the video is of them both together. These steps are about becomming willing to have our defects removed. One thing to note is that by doing these steps we are not trying to be perfect – just better than we were!

hi guys today I'm gonna do set six and
seven of the 12 steps the reason I am
doing six and seven together is they're
pretty much taken one seconds after the
other one and steps using six and seven
are done pretty much straight after you
have done step 5
where you have sat down with your
sponsor you've listed everything you've
done the harms the fears and you've
learned about all your defects of
character and so we come to step 6
which is we were entirely ready for God
to remove our defects of character it's
that right all these defects of
character my bad
right so I'm going to go to my big book
of Alcoholics Anonymous and I'm going to
go to at page 75 the last chapter so the
lot in the last paragraph sorry the last
paragraph is immediately after you've
done step 5 and it says returning home
we care a lot we find a place where we
can be quiet
for an hour only an hour so you can have
an hour then you're going to do your 6
and 7 carefully reviewing what we've
it says carefully reading the first five
proposals we ask if we have omitted
anything the first five proposals are
the first five steps so now you're going
to come home you've done you
step 5 and it's a time of reflection
you're going to kind of look back you're
gonna think your defects of character
you're gonna go back through the five
steps from step 1 3 4 5 and think have I
done them each individual one properly
have I admitted I'm powerless am I
willing to change or do I have a higher
power am I willing to hammer will over
have I missed any of my deflects out
and if we go then to page 76 if we can
answer to our satisfaction we then look
at step 6
yes step 6 entirely work we were
entirely ready to have God remove all
these defects a character
now step 6 and 7 in the big Berk
literally two little paragraphs from
there that's it ah I don't know why it
is such a small bit possibly because
Bill Wilson could have written loads
more and more and more but we complicate
the simplest things anyway and actually
it's quite simple and more probably
didn't need to be written so right we
have emphasised willingness as being
indispensable we are now ready to let
God remove from us all the things that
we have admitted are objectionable can
he now take them all everyone if we
still cling to something we will not let
go we ask God to help us be willing so
why would we cling to a defect of our
character by the defects of selfishness
self-centered greedy manipulative of all
these horrid words and so why on earth
would we want to cling to one well I
know for me that most of them I did want
to be rid of but what you won't remember
is it's these defects of character that
got us by they we needed them in our
addiction and they helped us survive
really but they also helped pulled our
addiction and they need they need to be
gone but it's very easy to think like
for example one might be playing a
I might like playing a victim I don't
want to I can get rid of everything else
but I still want to be the victim but
you know this isn't asking you to be
perfect and this is progress not
perfection and it says if we still cling
to it we are scored to help us be
willing it is step six is about
willingness again are we willing if not
help me be willing and so once you've
done that when ready we say something
like this my Creator
I am now willing that you should have
all of me good and bad I pray that you
now remove from me every single defect
of character which stands in the way of
my usefulness to you and my fellows
grant me strength as I go out from here
to do your bidding amen we have been
completed step seven seven is we humbly
asked him him being higher power to
remove our shortcomings shortcomings or
defects of character and that's it that
that is the prayer we have asked him a
higher power can you remove our
shortcomings but just because we have
sat there we've done this prayer we are
willing we've said he's remove them do
not think that all of a sudden this
higher power out there has done but you
are now like an angel you're whiter than
white you're perfect all your defects
are gone go on and carry on exactly as
you are because you have no defects
because unfortunately that doesn't work
those defects aren't there um so if
they're still there
how do we get rid of them well now we're
willing to have them gone we've asked
him to remove them we are aware of them
we have looks at them in step four we
have looked at them in step five and we
want we want them gone we're willing
even the ones that we want to hold on to
we're becoming willing to get rid of
so how do we get it to them well refer
back lost my page why did I sell well it
was Oliver straight after we've done we
have been completed step seven the next
sentence is now we need more action
without which we find that faith without
works is dead
we need more action that's how we're
gonna get rid of them we have to carry
on steps eight nine ten eleven twelve
and by doing this slowly it doesn't
happen straight away you're not just
gonna be local some of them might go
straight away if they do amazing but not
all of them will um it is a process and
is just going through the rest of the
steps being aware of your defects of
character if you are aware just say for
example me you to me and I'm really
really selfish what the best way for me
to stop being selfish is to do opposite
action an opposite action to selfish
selfless do something for someone else
so by doing things for other people I
can't be selfless and selfish same time
and so by doing that and constantly
trying to do the opposite action of that
defect slowly it will remove that defect
until it's gone and I'm not that person
and you can do that with all your
defects whatever it is try and do the
opposite um and like I said before carry
on through the step
because they do work and this is where
you start to see real change could
you've looked at yourself now and now
you're gonna go out and start doing
something about it
so I hope that helped a little bit and I
will probably be back in the next couple
weeks with steps eight and nine because
I'm very where I need to be doing DBT
videos as well for those borderline
personality disorder are over but you
know what like DBT can be used in
addiction as well just like twelve steps
can be used for people with mental
health and so if you're watching this
new an addict or alcoholic don't feel
like you shouldn't watch the DBT videos
because they're for people with mental
health because yeah make some bad guys
mix-and-match by a
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