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hi my lovelies so I'm giving before a
start I'm going to do another proper
video tomorrow because today's video I'm
going to talk about my foot and I know
lose if you've heard about it but I
still get messages from people who
saying I didn't know you had a book out
and I came out in January and obviously
it's because not every subscriber
watches every video so yes I have
apricot this one's a bit battered now
the big book on borderline personality
by Serena Rooney that's me
and so I just wanted to have a quick
talk about it with you like I said I
will do a proper video tomorrow because
this is well the book today and I also
know loads of you have already bought
the book and thank you so much I believe
so far I have 5 reviews on Amazon I
think some are on calm someone code at
but I appreciate it takes a while it is
a really big surprise
like how many 383 plus pages 187 389
pages so it's like near on 400 pages if
you have read enough of it or all of it
and you feel you can leave an honest
with you please do go to Amazon and
leave the review and go to Goodreads and
leave a review and let people know what
you think also in the comments down
below let people know what you think so
those of you that haven't bought it can
read up and find out what it's like
before you go and buy it so that's the
book when I wrote it I wanted it to
appeal obviously to those of us with BPD
and I included skills for each
individual trait so whether it was fear
of abandonment whether it's extreme
anger self-harm and suicidal tendencies
I've got skills for each
individual trait I also really kind of
delved into the science like what's
going on in our brain
if this disorder how does it affect us
how does it affect our behaviour but not
only people with BPD I really wanted to
kind of help family members and loved
ones understand what's going on for us
because like I always say to you they
get to see our awful behaviors but they
don't actually know how we're feeling
they don't know our full process and
sometimes our thought process is just so
freakin crazy it's no wonder that they
don't understand it even if we tried to
tell them that just be like wow so
that's what I did so Amy I have
basically done a chapter for each of the
trades and within each chapter I talk
about what that trait is how it affects
our feelings our thoughts our behaviors
how it affects our family members
what's going on with our brain and
skills that we can put in place today to
help us overcome or at least cope with
that tree now the reason I did the
traits all separately is because not all
of us have every trait
some of you might have five some of you
might have six seven eight and it
doesn't mean all of them are the same so
this way you can look at the ones that
are relevant to you the ones that are
causing you the most problems in your
life that I also did it this way because
I know there are people out there that
have 3/4 of the traits they don't get
diagnosis because you have to have five
but that is still enough to cause them
so many problems in their life and so
with this book they can dive into the
traits that they do have and learn
skills how to cope learn to accept this
disorder by identifying and thinking yes
that is me that's my thought process
that's how I behave
that's how I'm feeling because some of
us I know me it's especially in the
beginning it was really in denial and
couldn't own up to the traits that I had
I thought it was everyone else around me
so I did that I have also did individual
chapters I did bear with me I'm looking
for it aha BPD and say BPD and parenting
because some of you may be parents some
of you might not some of you might be
considering being a parent so I did that
there's BPD and work BPD and Men epd and
women BPD and sex BPD and teenagers and
VPD and other disorders so like bipolar
drug addiction and alcoholism that's
that's kind of all going to be in there
part 5 of the book is called from
surviving to thriving and I look at ways
that we can thrive with this disorder
and there's the power of balance living
life successfully with the PD because do
you know what guys we can live a
successful life I know when you're in
the grips of it you like nah not me
there's no way this sucks but we can we
really really can and part 6 which is
the final part of the book is the family
members loved ones it's called other
perspectives so there is a whole big
section for family members and loved
ones I have questions and answers that I
have been asked over the years that
because I try to incorporate everything
into the book but obviously there's some
very specific questions so they're
included here and then chapter 30 is
called then now and I basically called
on people that knew me when I was in the
grips of it and know me today to write
what was I like then how am I now
because it's very good me telling you
I was but I think it kind of is good to
hear it from other people so you hear it
from my mom she says then and out my
brother my best friend my mental health
team so you have my actual psychologist
has written in there one of my two of my
mental health nurses one who did DBT
with me and they've all written like
just how it was for me then and how it
is now and the reason that is is because
then you're not just hearing it from me
and thinking yeah yeah whatever
it obviously couldn't have been that bad
if you were okay now or if it was that
bad you're not as good as it you say you
are now so I did that so you can
actually hear from professionals that
I've put it in there exactly just how it
was then and how it is now and that is
to give you hope and show you that this
is possible for you too guys I kind of
jumped part three which was recovering
which is really important it talks all
about the recovery process the upside of
having BPD different types of treatment
and I included my own ten steps of
recovery that I believe if you put into
and you take each step at a time you can
recover part one I've gone completely
all over I started on part four or five
but one is the basic so that is if you
have read every book on BPD chances are
you don't need to read the basics but
you might still find it helpful so it is
for the newly diagnosed the personality
and the brain borderline personality
disorder and myths now I know you read
about myths everywhere if you read up on
BPD but like I said some of you might be
newly donation might not and everything
is included in this so part two is the
traits part three is the recovering part
four is BPD and men women sex
rah-rah-rah part five is from surviving
to thriving and
six is other perspectives now I don't
exactly it's same on the back of the
book it says USA 1795 dollars but
obviously if you go on Amazon you'll
probably find it's cheap and that I have
a feeling it's about twelve pounds over
here on Amazon literally I have covered
everything in here for you and I want
this sort book for you to buy it
obviously and read it and think oh my
god I'm gonna literally work from this
and use this as my go to I want you to
open it up and scribble notes in it and
like make local comments and things as
you go through and use it as like a
guide to help you on your way to
not only that do I want you to read it
and think my family has to read this
they will finally get me they will
finally understand me and I do believe
like I worked hard
I've still got I'm sure I showed some of
you guys as I was writing I've literally
got big a three sheets of paper with
writing and I must have 40 50 of them
covered in writing where I planned and
row and cuz my idea at the big book came
from my recovery from drug addiction and
I did the big book of Alcoholics
Anonymous everyone's heard of a a
Alcoholics Anonymous and they have a
book they work from now their book was
written in 40s and I love the way it's
written but it is very dated but I loved
the fact they're one addict or one
alcoholic could help another and so I
always thought one person with BPD can
help another person with BPD and I love
the fact that they had their own special
book that they work from and they get
well from and they recover and I thought
we need that we need this and that's all
why I included steps in hair that I made
myself it's not the same 12 steps of
Alcoholics Anonymous because although
that's wonderful I fell I needed to do a
bit different for those of us with BPD
but that's in here and I want this books
we like go down in timers um this is
what helped and it wasn't written by a
medical professional like I said I have
so much respect for them I'm not saying
that but it was actually written by one
of you guys I am I'm one of you
that's it I'm just normal that's it I'm
exactly the same and some of you might
say well no you're really firing
recovery but it took me a while to get
here if you met me like a few years ago
you'd be like honestly I was I am I'm
just a different person today and that's
what I say to you I'm absolutely no
different from any of you I am the same
I am just a little bit further on in my
recovery and you can be exactly where I
am too and so if you haven't got your
book go and get what I said it is
available I think in all major
bookstores like if you go on there
online I don't think it's necessarily
yet in their stories I'm a first-time
author and they've probably never heard
of me but you can go on Amazon I think
Amazon almost a really good price
someone said is it Target Barnes and
look it up get yourself a copy read it
let me know let me know what you're
thinking of it right put it in the
comments and tell me until the other my
other subscribers what you think of it
leave a review on Amazon I'm going to be
starting to post more things regarding
the book on social media so you guys can
share it for me because I really do want
to get the word out there
I also suppose I have another of Tyria
motive guys and you know what is
zero to do with money because I kind of
said to you before actually authors
especially first-time authors gets so
little like like honestly like for
example the way I tried to explain it to
someone is if the book just costs ten
dollars or ten pound then the people
selling it whether it's Amazon Barnes &
Noble water stones or the big bookstores
they would get like six pound the
publishers would get three and the
author would get one it's like that you
don't get a lot so that is not motive it
never has been motive but if this starts
picking up I'm gonna be able to start
traveling and meeting you guys and doing
talks and that's what I want to do
because I think me being there in person
one I want to hug you all but I don't
want to get up and see you and meet you
and actually tell you face to face
rather than me talking to my phone
recovery is possible
i'ma talk to family members and help
them understand the importance of
sticking by your loved one because I was
very fortunate in fact that I had a
family that did stand by me I know not
everyone is in that situation but that's
why I want to kind of let them know that
it's important they are there for you
and they can understand but also to give
them hope and know that there's things
they can put in place for themselves to
keep them well and keep them safe as
well so I'm going to leave that guys
because I talk for 15 minutes and I've
got three seconds I love you all load
and I'll be back tomorrow
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