In this video I discuss my rock bottom and even though it was the most painful experience ever, it was the best thing that happened to me.

hi the good thing about hitting rock
bottom it's hard because when I think my
rock bottom it was the most painful
experience ever
but once you've hit it you've got
nowhere else to fall you kind of give a
you're at your bottom and you have a
choice you can either fight and try and
crawl your way out of there when you can
just stay when I hit my rock bottom it
was like everything that I've seen
before that I was in denial about it was
like my vision was foggy I didn't see
the truth and all of a sudden I hit this
rock bottom I could see so clearly I
could finally face the facts I could
stop blaming others and take
responsibility and realize fuck I
created this shit it wasn't anyone else
around me it was me it was my own bad
decisions and I got myself in this mess
now before I hit rock bottom
my biggest fear was hitting rock bottom
but now I had hit rock bottom
I had an worst fear and that absolutely
terrified me and that fear it was this
could be it you could stay like this
ever like in his help hell just feeling
like so desperate and so alone and I
think it was that fear that made me for
the first time in my life put my hands
up and say somebody helped me because
like I said I could see clearly and
before I've always thought I could do
things my way I could get back in
control and all of a sudden I was here
and I was like shit my way doesn't work
but maybe maybe someone else is good and
I'll tell you
day I asked for help and someone said
yeah I'll help you the relief I felt
like I had felt before like I was just
in this darkness and now all of a sudden
I could see a glimmer of light I there
was hope for me because I could accept
my way doesn't work maybe someone else's
care for me I think I had to hit rock
bottom because if I hadn't I wouldn't
have asked for help and really it wasn't
inevitable I was always going to reach
rock bottom sometime because if I hadn't
there and I'd still be on that journey
down there but I'm just lucky that I
managed to reach it and get help before
the alcohol and the drugs killed me
because a lot of people aren't that
lucky see later dude
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